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  1. 6 hours ago, Alan R said:

    Love the idea of the SD1!

    However, I'm not sure of the nose profile. It looks a bit 'blunt' to my eye.




    Agreed, it looks very blunt!




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  2. Have been able to get my hands on a Mono/Dragon release of this kit.

    It is tiny!

    Thinking of finding the cheapest Miniart T-34 I can find to transplant the interior bits (following all relevant literature of course!)

    I have some AM stuff (obligatory Aber sets, resin radio's, ammo etc)

    Any hints/tips/pitfalls?

  3. If you believe David Byrden, all current T1 kits are nigh unbuildable/inaccurate...🤣

    But RFM would get my vote, if only for the interior (get the hoses set!)

    Oh and for encyclopedic knowledge on T1 here us David's site: tiger.info


  4. 1 hour ago, Nigel Bunker said:

    'A Ukrainian fighter pilot dubbed the "Ghost of Kyiv" was killed in action after it was claimed he downed more than 40 invading Russian aircraft.

    Major Stepan Tarabalka died when his Mig-29 was shot down fighting "overwhelming" numbers of enemies on March 13.'


    LBC website, 30 April 2022

    Already been denied by Ukraine.

    Yes he died,  no he did not have 40 kills.

    They even categorically state that the 'Ghost' is a representation of all UA pilots.

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  5. Apparently the Brownings mounted on a Sho't Cal used fabric belts due to fears of jamming the turret mechanism. 

    Anybody make these in 1/35?

    Gaspatch do a WW1 set, but it doesn't look right.

    Now I'm thinking of using a linked belt and painting it whitish. 

  6. Use a punch and die set.

    Punch out some sandpaper.

    Stick discs to something suitable

    Create pattern on unpainted plastic

    Paint appropriately 


    No idea if it works, just made it up, but that's what I'd try...

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