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  1. Does anybody know if French decals for the CSM model exist?

    Would prefer to do the mfg country, as opposed to russian, serbian or other countries.

    Scalemates is a bust, and a general Google shows up reasonably simple schemes.

    So if all fails, I can mask roundels.

  2. On 1/26/2023 at 10:50 AM, Giorgio N said:


    Tricky one... personally I've always been skeptical of the idea of thousands of modellers printing their own models from files purchased from a manufacturer. Sure there's an ever increasing number of enthusiasts dealing with 3d-printing, as testified by the great stuff we see on this same forum (and I know, I should give it a try myself...) but I don't know how large such a number will become. 3d-printing afterall is not a downloadfile-import-print-assemble job, as again shown by the work  shown here.

    I also wonder how well would something like that fit the business model of a company: sure they will have made their own CAD model of the object, something that requires time and hence money. Sure the file should be sold for a relatively small sum compared to the finished object, but would this sum make sense ? And how can a manufacturer avoid the free distribution of the files after someone bought them ? We'd likely see files from various manufacturers offered for free on websites hosted in countries where copyright is not really respected...

    It's one of those situations where the answer really lies with the financial viability more than else. Personally if it were my own company I'd keep producing sets while keeping all files to myself, but it's just a feeling based on how things work now...

    Wot 'e sed!

    Also, if you've tried printing, it's a very finicky business, with a lot of trial and error getting your printer dialed in. (Even then it can vary due to print size, volume, etc)

    Resins are very temperature sensitive, toxic (even water washable ones)

  3. On 12/17/2022 at 7:16 AM, Achim Engels said:

    Although I have never even bought any, I do have a nice collection of these fine models. I got themall as a gift by Peter Jackson himself, while I built full size aircraft for TVALs collection. Funny story altogether.


    Unfortunately I only have this image of some of them at hand right now.



    wait WHAT?

    THAT Achim Engels!

    Thank you for your pdf's, they are invaluable.

    now I'm trying to convince some friends we need to visit you!

  4. 9 hours ago, europapete said:

    Thanks Paul. Everybody, I had a notice today from Hatton's Model Railways to the same effect. They are using DHL and a couple of others to ship international. My experience with DHL is VERY GOOD!  I use them quite often for parts shipping to my shop and for hobby stuff from Europe. Quick, on time, and accurate tracking has been my experience. 

    BZN, Yes, they should put that out there on the website.

    I found it on the website.

    There is a headline on the bottom of the page.

    The actual info is even lower in the page footer.

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