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  1. 3 hours ago, Bullbasket said:

    As an aside, if you wanted to do a search on here for something specific, be aware, that like a lot of sites, the search engine isn't wonderful. When you do a search it throws up a lot of things unconnected to what you're looking for. The best way to find something on BM, is to do a Google search, and be specific, and at the end, type the word Britmodeller. I've found that that works everytime.



    Even better:

    'searchterm' site:britmodeller.com 

    This tells Google to only search britmodeller.com 

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  2. Hi Bill 

    Fellow auti (and ADHD) here, and boy is scale modelling good (and bad) for us.

    I tend to get hung up on details known, or worse unknown  which will stop me progressing.

    A classic case of 'he's started, but will he finish.....)

    With a few models under your belt, you seem to be ready to progres.

    The missing lynx forum is a major forum source, with extreme experts.




    With the kits you already have, start with google, enter the type and search for pics.

    Once you find one you like, start asking around.

    With the unit, you can google that and find something like a unit history or timeline.

    From there you keep drilling down until you find a story that speaks to you.

    Don't be discouraged if nothing can be found, there is more we dont know, than we know.

    Most importantly   don't be like me, don't get lost in the details.

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  3. 3 hours ago, SharkOwl said:

    No news for now.

    However, here are some things to think about :


    The arrival on the market of a brand new F-35A from Tamiya at 1/48 scale will certainly lead Kinetic

    to remove this subject from its list of future projects.


    The massive sales to be expected of the new family of F-16 Kinetic at 1/48 will certainly allow them

    to finance their future projects.


    Personally I believe that three projects are currently prioritized at Kinetic beyond their new 1/48 F-16 family :


    A complete family of 1/48 Mirage F-1 ;


    A 1/48 Fiat G-91 Gina ;


    And to follow the superb Kinetic 1/48 Leonardo M-346 Master :


    A 1/48 Leonardo T-345A HET ;


    The T-345A is the future aircraft that will equip the Italian demonstration team ‘’Pattuglia Acrobatica Nazionale

    Frecce Tricolore”, plus, marketed by Leonardo Canada as the ''Tutor II'', the Canadian RCAF ‘’Nato Flying Training

    Canada’’ military academy and the RCAF Snowbirds demonstration team.




    Lots of hail Mary's in there.....

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  4. On 9/27/2022 at 7:44 AM, Doom3r said:

    I just saw the GWH facebook page with the announcement of this kit... It looks like they are having only decal option for the airshow bird from about a 10 years ago (#57 with the trident on the back) :facepalm: So to portray a "normal" MiG-29 either different masks/decals required or at least pixelated camo needs to be painted instead of trident... What a bummer b/c looks like kits are just hitting US and I was preparing to get one... Now trying to figure out what to do with that...



    Added to this, I read (on here?) each of the 'digital' camo schemes is said to be unique......😳

  5. Getty images, we all know them.

    If one uses a screenshotting program, like say Greenshot and one opens the image and then maximises the image (button upper right corner).

    One can use the screenshotying program to screenshot a pretty high res image. Works even better on a 4K screen.

  6. Ok, I have downloaded a extremely large bunch of what looks like blueprints for the Mustang (unsure what type)

    two folders called P-51_blue 1 and _blue 2.

    In these are folders marked A-Z.

    the header page is: "Index of drawings on microfilm", date is 1945, so I'm assuming it's for the -D.

    is there something similar for the Allison Mustangs?


  7. 10 hours ago, ColFord said:

    As per the long running Allison Engine Mustang thread in the WWII Aircraft sub-forum here, given 99.9% of the time the main inner gear doors of the Allison engine Mustangs were up and locked when the aircraft was on the ground, there is not much to see through the remaining parts of the opening.  Only time when they would be down on the ground is if they had been manually unlocked by ground crew and pulled open so they could do required maintenance in the gear wells.  I think the relevant Erection and Maintenance Manual might have better and more useable photos/information, I will check what I've got.


    Looking for the layout of the leading edge beam(?) and the transition to the engine bulkhead.

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