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  1. Would care to expand a bit on the 'legal' implications of building your own? I read some about the welding, how about the other stuff? Seems you have to do some rather extensive bookkeeping regarding certification. Is it like : certified parts assemble into a certified sub- assembly, assembles into a certified aircraft?
  2. Exceptional story, with quite a few question marks. Mig kill: didn't happen Hudner home visit: didn't happen First time Jesse's wife met Hudner was when he got the MoH. Apparently the actual friend was the guy that crashed his Corsair (Mohring?) Just started reading the book, to get more background, but I get the feeling the 'friendship' was never much more than professional and has been inflated for the book/movie.
  3. Are Comet wheels the same? They look really similar....
  4. And the Takom kits have just been reissued.
  5. I meant the 1:1scale ones. Kitmakers sometimes have trouble deciding what scale stuff is....
  6. This even comes with the matching seat! https://www.scalemates.com/kits/eduard-49648-spitfire-prxix-interior-sa--214346
  7. No aircraft that used Scimitar parts that's been kitted? Other option would be tubing(styrene or brass)
  8. AFV modeller might have some stuff too, though they do mostly interior stuff.
  9. Good thing about the sidewall inserts is, that if you remove the rear wall of the insert, you're just that little bit closer to a 'scale' cockpit. (Looking less cramped because of ca 80mm cockpit walls)
  10. You're not seriously trying to match paint to a photo? You can make it look near black to near white if you want. The first picture looks a bit over exposed, washing out colours making everything look paler.
  11. Any restrictions on the material? I have a LOAD of pics scrounged from all over the internet. How does BM deal with copyright? Publish until requested to take down, or source must be known/agreed?
  12. Does anybody know if French decals for the CSM model exist? Would prefer to do the mfg country, as opposed to russian, serbian or other countries. Scalemates is a bust, and a general Google shows up reasonably simple schemes. So if all fails, I can mask roundels.
  13. Wot 'e sed! Also, if you've tried printing, it's a very finicky business, with a lot of trial and error getting your printer dialed in. (Even then it can vary due to print size, volume, etc) Resins are very temperature sensitive, toxic (even water washable ones)
  14. Maybe someone (Meng?)will drop a bomb and announce WnW reboxes....
  15. wait WHAT? THAT Achim Engels! Thank you for your pdf's, they are invaluable. now I'm trying to convince some friends we need to visit you!
  16. Been reading up on these. Read that after the war it was discovered that the upper wing provided too much lift compared the the others, will that be corrected? (If true...)
  17. I found it on the website. There is a headline on the bottom of the page. The actual info is even lower in the page footer.
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