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  1. thanks, gone through most of them. had another more patient look, actually found one that shows the underside of the arm.....was it hollow? http://svsm.org/albums/centurionV/P1740470.jpg
  2. Would anybody happen to have closeups of the arm for the return roller, without the roller mounted? Amusing seem to have simplified it (because of the skirts?) and since I'm running it without them I'd like to add more detail.
  3. Oops, never mentioned that... It's actually a Amusing Hobby Sho't Kal Yom Kippur war.
  4. Apparently everything under the skirts got clogged up with mud from the october rains. I have seen pics with the supports still in place, with mangled twisted supports, or no supports at all. Options, options, options.....
  5. Good job man! Working on the same kit atm. You might want to rethink the 'hot arid desert' part. Most of the pics show cold and miserable tankers and quite some mud on the tanks.
  6. Are there any about in .PDF format? Looking maintenance stuff mostly.
  7. another question, As I'm building mine without the skirts, (or some of them at least, not made my mind up yet) and the period pics show the mounting beams were sometimes removed. I was wondering if the welded on mounting plates would have the bolt holes 'bolted', or left empty? any tankies know what 'best practice' would be?
  8. thought it was quite uncharacteristic of Heller, do they still actually make their own stuff?
  9. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/heller-30321-pzkpfwiii--1397389
  10. It does doesn't it, it is not like the tolerances working with styrene need to be THAT big! (some kits actually click togetther these days) The lathe and mill I have are by Sherline, a US brand, but available in the UK I think under the Denford name and from Mill Hill supplies. Nice simple machines, perfect for small modelling stuff, got mine more than 20 year ago. I have both machines set up on a tool cart 48x76 cm, so I can move it out of the way when not in use. Just be sitting down when you hear about pricing
  11. Thanks for that! cba with paint, but useful info: white 50mm : 1.43 (1.7mm) yellow 125mm : 3.57 (3.95) blue rim width 155mm : 4.43 (4.55mm) blue rim depth 90mm : 2.57 (2.2mm) outside> in : 12mm:0.34 30mm:0.86 15mm:0.43 27mm:0.77 6mm: 0.17 Rim OD 695mm =19.85mm in 1/35 (19.15mm) Rim ID 655mm =18.71mm (18.4mm) Tyre OD 795mm =22.71mm (23mm) so basically a complete remodel of the wheels, but there IS enough meat in the kit parts
  12. Now, do I wait (about a year I guess) for a RAF B, or buy a hopefully available conversion
  13. Oh god no! Not detail pics! Already failing again at keeping it simple....
  14. A semblance yes, but lacking a hook part. (In the process of being manufactured)
  15. Anybody know what the boxes either side of the drivers hatch are? They seem to be electrical, with possibly wires going in/out (where from/to?) They are on the turret as well, fore/aft of the loaders hatch Your help would be appreciated. @Das Abteilung
  16. Anybody know what the rectangular boxes either side of the drivers hatch are? I *think* some sort of junction box, as some have a wire coming out and the other end being closed by some kind of cap. the turret has them too, front and back of the loaders hatch.
  17. The Armour guys would like this too, more food for discussions...
  18. Just thought it a pity nobody makes the mantlet cover with a depressed barrel. Would make a nice up ramp/hull down display
  19. no ambition here, just like using the lathe, so any excuse really....
  20. Nerdy question: Did you file/cut at a right angle to the wall, or straight across the front? @simmerit
  21. How'd you get that fit!? In the process of adapting mine, and have a good 1.5mm of air on either side! I left the riveted strip on the turret, as cutting back further would only enlarge the hole...
  22. put my measurement in red. and the profile is way off: removing the inner rim will get that dia correct and the tire has enough 'meat' to allow for a rim and a reshape. Dare I ask for widths as well?
  23. This is in 'The wind rises' isn't it?
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