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  1. Update Fires of an email to Fernando. He agrees with my assessment and apologised profusely Apparently the model was created by somebody else with CAD knowledge (hard to believe, as there is asymmetry as well). He has vowed to never use them again.
  2. Well spotted!, great minds think alike! Depends on what 'plane though. The one I'm making is the one with cannon fitted that seems to have more 'D' like shrouds.
  3. Tiger1.info has VERY thorough critical reviews of nearly all kits made.
  4. Anybody do something like french curves used in old school drawing? A smaller version adapted for modellers would be useful for increasing radii curves. This is what I'm on about:
  5. well, that's a bit disappointing. been fondling this all day, and something felt off - windscreen looks too upright - front door seam to much to the rear - 'B' pillar too upright - 'C' Pillar too upright - rear quarter window wrong shape (lower line should go up, upper line down) will still give it a go of course! based off this pic: (was taken with a wide angle lens, so a lot of barrel distortion)
  6. It's arrived... think 1/43 kit scaled up. Inside of roof will need thinning to match the bow of the outside. wheel arches the same to prevent that heavy look
  7. Anybody been able to? I see FB posts about new products, but they're not responding to anything....
  8. Could a mod move this to the section that kills my mojo, gives me stress and reminds me of the other gazillion projects I have ?
  9. The 'sticky back plastic' shot...
  10. Found this on the NASA site, apparently one of the prototypes used for fixing the 'intake rumble' another from the same set:
  11. Question for the Mustang experts. Am I right in assuming that the pics of the 'high wing' XP-51B, er all there is? would love to find a rear three-quarter shot and what end the lower cowling had on the wing. found this on here, have the book: this online:
  12. some thing like this..... upper edge of the cut off B intake needs trimming.
  13. Nope, compared the two fuselages the P-51A has the wing mounted higher than the P-51B has ( have not measured, just lined up), so AM got it right. quick compare of the nose cones. taped together , upper edge aligned. Lighter colour is the P-51A
  14. Not really, just a few squares of card needed with correct sized holes. If you want full magazines get some aftermarket 75mm spent shells. Also I do 't remember if Takom includes the tow hitch unique to DEMAG A's. The hitch is on the sprues, just not mentioned in the instructions. (D2, part 13)
  15. Oh, and this Panther is (so far) the only one I have seen with the ammo 'upside down'. Even queried the Wheatcroft collection about it and they showed me the unrestored ammo bin they used as a pattern. This still makes me wonder is Ausf.D's would have this as well. Why would DEMAG have modified this?
  16. Oooohhhh, everything crossed then! Noticed that too even got my hopes up....but the red star scheme is sooooo over the top, I just can't resist!
  17. @bootneck can't find your Landy post, but look at C1 models... https://www.scalemates.com/brands/c1-models--4239 They seem to have a bunch of them planned in 1/24
  18. According to scalemates, Authentic and Uprise made them...around 2014... Will send off an email to Hobbyterra, already sent one to Uprise. Might also ask if @Syhart has plans....
  19. Anywhere that has these Normandie - Niemen decals in 1/48 in stock.....bit late to the party as usual....
  20. Will they do a Fury? Seen the Airfix in box....nah....
  21. Or a vinyl cutter to make masks...
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