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  1. @vytautas The color i use was Bright Sliver (Mr Color- Lacquare). I think you are right about the primer. I used Surface 500 for all model. Next time i will use Surface 1500 (có độ nhám thấp hơn nhiều so với Surface 500) for the metallic color. Thanks for advices!
  2. Thank you! I don't understand that. why my bright sliver color turns like this after a while of painting. maybe I should replace it with metal parts.
  3. Hi guys Today I present to you a rather old Skif kit, which I have kept for more than 10 years. I finished it within 5 days. On the other hand. I recorded the painting and weathering process with the video below, thanks for watching and have a good day
  4. @Geo1966 Thanks ! It's took me about 1 month to finish them
  5. Dear @spruecutter96 For a long time after that, we was difficult to confirm which was the first tank to ram the main gate. Until 1995, based on the documentary photo of France journalist, ms Francoise Demulder, the tank number 390 (commanded by Lieutenant Vu Dang Toan) has been recognised. photo by journalist Francoise Demulder
  6. April 30, 1975, the event that ended the Vietnam War when the Vietnam People's Army and the South Vietnamese Liberation Army entered the city of Saigon, the President of the Republic of Vietnam Duong Van Minh and his cabinet made the first declaration. unconditional surrender Government of the Provisional Revolutionary Republic of South Vietnam.Ending the bloody conflict that has divided the Vietnamese people for 20 years. In the video below, I recreate the famous image when the first two tanks of the South Vietnamese Liberation Army entered the last stronghold of the US Backed of Saigon. Thanks for Watching !!!!!
  7. Thank you ! and yes It is. 1/35 not 1/48
  8. Hi everyone i've just finish this helicopter. The kit was very fit and detail, Especially the interior (It's a pity that it was all covered up) Thanks for watching !
  9. Wow. i can't belive that your Shilka is 1/100 scale. Thé detail and the weathering is very good. Especially the tracks!
  10. Thank you ! The pain i use was Mr Color product. - The upper Hull color is C308 + C305 (3:1) - The Deck is Orange and preshad by Flat Red.
  11. Thank You ! all of you ! Dear @APA . Yes it is ! the slogans is hand painted. But it was not too difficuft as you think. With this white weater pen as picture below. The hand paint will be very easy.
  12. Dear Phil . It's mean : " Either fly low or high will not escape (Die) " and : " Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom" Thank you!
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