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  1. Dead-eyes ! At this scale they're too big to ignore but still so small. I tried a couple of approaches but in the end found something that seems to work without being ridiculously time consuming. I made a loop of fishing line and positioned this between to tacks on a piece of wood. Some blu-tak at each end then enabled me to adjust the distance between the 2 lines. I then used a leather punch to make lots of 1.5mm discs out of thin plasti-card painted black. These were then glued to the lines so that each of the 2 lines sat near the edge of the discs. Once dry these could be then cut into pairs. Each piece is then glued to a rat-line and another disc glued on the front - hopefully the diagram below explains it a bit better. Paint or Mr Surfacer flooded into the gaps will finish them off. Its not perfect but creates a reasonable approximation of the 2 blocks with 3 lines between them. I'd be interested to hear how others approach this at this scale.
  2. beautiful in all respects and great photos too !!
  3. That is utterly mindblowing !! I can't even begin to imagine how you could do that in such a small scale I can see you also posted this on the ww1aircraftmodels site and lots of people are mentioning a WIP thread somewhere which i can't seem to find. Could you post a link to this please, i'm sure that lots of people who missed this first time around would like to see it now.
  4. I think they both look great.... And as others have already said the colour looks just right.
  5. A slight detour to make the case now that a lot of the smaller details are being added.... So far i've been dusting the decks with a soft brush but that would be tricky once the rigging etc start going on. Cornwall models supply the framing wood which has 3mm grooves on 2 adjacent faces and i ordered the polycarbonate sheets from acrylicsheetscuttosize.co.uk ! Anyway now i can get on with the ship again..... Forgot to that mention that Cornwall Models also supply the brass corners, their site says that each pack contains a pair of these but i actually contains a pair of the brass sheets each of which contains 2 corners so 1 pack will get you 4 corners (i now have 4 spare so maybe i will have to do that Aquitania next after all !)
  6. Looks good so far. Always amazed me the WnW didn't do one of these or a 504 - instead we got a Gotha G.1 !!!
  7. A truly revolting aircraft but a very nicely done model.
  8. Beautiful job - like everyone else i think the camo is superbly done !!
  9. I've got the Woodman book, got the encona, grey matter questionable - what could go wrong?
  10. Got to finish the Servia first (still a couple of months of work there). Thanks for the advice, so you think this would be too tricky for a newbie?
  11. That is superb, I'm working up to trying a similar scratch build so i'll save some encona bottle tops !
  12. if you're using Flickr i think you can right click on the photo and paste a link to your picture into the clipboard, If you then paste this into your thread it will embed the photo so people don't have to actually go into Flickr to see them.
  13. That is absolutely stunning. Looking forward to their FF33 release even more now !!
  14. That would be magnificent if it was a kit - the fact it is scratchbuilt makes it even better. Superb work.
  15. That is beautiful. The paintwork looks like its been by airbrush and you've obviously done a lot of extra work on it. Did you use the kit canopy, it looks really clear and thin, i always imagined the kit on to be quite thick.
  16. Looks great, I’ll certainly be buying one. WW1 in 1/32 is an area that is sadly neglected particularly since WnW shut up shop. Roden and CSM are the only players really apart from a couple of Special Hobby offerings so anything new in this area is a reason for cheer. Also looking forward to the Lukgraph FF33 which is due out soonish although being resin its not cheap.
  17. I've now completed the basic masts The main sections were made from wooden dowel tapered slightly with a lot of sanding. The upper sections were made from sanded bamboo knitting needles - these were a bit of a revelation, they come in many different thicknesses and the sand really well. Being bamboo it is also very strong along its axis (they are also quite cheap). The details were made from plastic card, brass wire and tape. Brush painted with Vallejo 837 (sand light), which has a subtle pink hue so hopefully not too far off the "salmon buff" standard referred to on the plans. There is still a little cleaning up to do and some details to paint but once that is done it will be time for some rat lines which i'm dreading !
  18. That is fantastic, and yes i like the seascape too ! So much detail i can well believe it took so long to complete. Well done !! It must be huge i hope you have it under glass it would be a nightmare to dust !
  19. Another great build - well done. I have to say that i just love the way you paint and weather your models, they look so realistic !
  20. That looks great ! Well done. [think i'll go for the Roden kit when i eventually get around to doing one though]
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