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  1. can't believe is missed this one. I can only echo what others have already said really - a stunning piece of work. You seem to have a knack of breathing life into your subjects. .... and i also love your water (so english channel)
  2. lovely work and a great looking workshop !!
  3. A bit more progress. I was going to do the hull plating next but "Louis E" helpfully pointed out that there is in fact an off centre opening under the forecastle whereas mine was blocked off. Most of the detail in there will be hidden by the forward gun platform but it will add some interest so out came the saw and power tools. I then started thinking about the hull plating, as i said before the plans do not include a shell expansion so i had a choice of either ignoring the plating or adding something that will at least look plausible. I really wanted to try plating so went for the latter option using alternate strips of 0.25mm and 0.1mm plasticard (this latter is called pla-paper and is made by Tamiya). Before i could start the plating though i needed to mark out the strips which is no easy matter since the lines do not run parallel to the keel. In the end i measured and marked key points for each line then "joined the dots". I then worked plate by plate making pairs of each plate and putting these in position on each side to ensure symmetry (or at least minimize asymmetry). The next job was the bilge keels that are also tricky because of the curved surface they have to sit on. In the end i used a profiling tool to give me the correct shape. Any that is done and some other external hull detailing has been added, this is the current state of play. I need to do a few bits of tidying on the plating but i am keen to get some paint onto it to see if it looks ok or too pronounced. Before i can do that however i need to get the forecastle on which means detailing and painting the cut away section beneath it which means deciding on a deck colour. Corticene seems to have been used widely for non slip decking from WW1 onwards but at some point semtex (no relation to the explosive) seems to have come in. Whereas the former consisted of sheets of non slip matting held in place by brass strips (a mid brown in colour), the latter was painted or trowelled on the decks and could be green, blue, grey and possibly other colours. I have no idea what is appropriate here and am inclined to go for a green semtex but i'd be interested to hear if anyone has any views on this.....
  4. I blame you for all this ! If I hadn't seen your lovely drifter i'd probably never have started this project at all.
  5. Never say never, all it takes is a one ship that catches your eye and you might find yourself trading sails for props !
  6. I'm not 100% sure but i would imagine that sharing info / pictures etc on the subject of round table minesweepers wouldn't breach any forum rules. Hopefully if it does someone will let us know !! I'd be very interested to see any pictures that you've managed to uncover on the forecastle. Mine is blocked off at the moment as you say but what you see is actually just the back of one of the cross sections, i was planning on adding a fascia to this down the line so it shouldn't be too difficult to open this up. All the best Brett
  7. Thanks !! I felt exactly the same as you when i started my previous (first ever) scratch project. I'd say if its something you want to do give it a try you might be surprised - slow and steady wins the day. The sense of satisfaction is huge when that shape starts coming together.
  8. Thankyou so much for the information. I've been looking at the plans and comparing them to photos of both the real thing and the mountfleet kit and like you in many cases this creates more questions than it answers. The problem i keep coming back to is that the plans provide a top-down and side on view but for many of the details this doesn't really help you work out what the actual shape is (this situation is aggravated by my general lack of nautical knowledge). I'm even struggling to work out things like whether the funnel has a circular or more ovoid cross section. It sounds as if you are much further ahead with your build than I am but it would be useful to compare notes going forward. Many thanks again for taking the time to comment on this thread and good luck with your build !!
  9. That doesn't bode well for my attic full of airplane kits (10 x 84 litre boxes at last count !!!) I actually sandwiched the brass between 2 thinner pieces of plastic card and then filleted this onto the spine in one of the gaps between the cross sections. As for glue i use Loctite 60 second all purpose which i find a really good all rounder.
  10. From what I've read these were all based in home waters so it will be Home Fleet grey i think.
  11. The book is a single volume covering both world wars, the plans are at the back of the book and cover a selection of vessels from WW1 and WW2.
  12. After completing my scratch SS Servia a few months ago I thought I’d happily return to an aviation subject for my next project but unfortunately the nautical bug seems to have bitten quite hard so it looks like it will be another ship project after all ! Initially I was looking at building an early RN destroyer in 1/72 (HMS Jason caught my eye as did the Acorn and early tribal classes). Being based in SE London the obvious starting point was a trip to the Greenwich archives which I did in May. I could blather on about the visit for ages, suffice to say that unrolling sets of original plans from the late 19th century is a superb experience. Anyway a change in personal circumstances means that for the next year or so I will be based in Exmoor with a reduced workspace so something of that size wasn’t going to be feasible. I then stumbled across the Seaforth title on RN Trawlers and Drifters and finally decided on a Round Table class minesweeper (its on the cover). The book includes many sets of useful plans but they are quite small, Cornwall Models can supply sets of the MMI plans at 1/96th so that settled it. The finished model will be just over 1foot in length so a much better fit in my temporary mini workshop. The plan was to use primarily wood and metal in this project instead of plastic but again because of space and limited tools I opted for plastic. Step #1 was to cut out the hull cross sections and profile from 1.5mm plastic sheet. I don’t own a power fret saw so I opted to create each cross section as 2 halves clamping each pair together so that they can be sanded to be identical in shape. For the prow I made a brass insert to ensure a crisp line and filleted this into the profile. The shear lines in the plans do not extend aft of the propeller so all I had to go on for the shape of the stern section was a plan view and profile. I built the shape up with various addition cross sections that were sanded back until I had a shape that I was happy with. The sections between these were filled with balsa to provide a solid base for the plastic skin. Once this was done I made a simple jig to hold the spine straight whilst the planking is done. My approach on this is to use quite thin plastic sheet (0.5mm) and to then build up the hull from the inside with more plastic and resin. The smoothing process means that the original planking is almost completely sanded away in places. I used some auto filler to get a nice smooth finish and then set about the transom which extends all the way around the sides up to the fore deck. This is quite a fiddly job as it splays out at the stern rather than being vertical. I started by using printer paper taped in place to get a rough shape and then gradually refined this eventually moving to card and ultimately plastic sheet. The shape is too complex to do in a single piece so I made the stern section and then butt jointed the side sections to this. More auto filler, more sanding and this is where it stands currently. The next step will be the hull plating, the plans do not include a shell expansion but there is a set in the book for another class and I’ll use these to create something that is hopefully reasonably credible.
  13. That is a real (little) stunner. I've just started a scratch of Sir Lancelot in 1/96th and I'll be very happy if my effort comes out anywhere near yours in terms of quality !
  14. What a beautiful piece of work. There is always something so poignant about a shipwreck and your model really has that feel for me. Well done !!!
  15. Fantastic result even if it doesn't have a propeller !!!
  16. I think that is one of the best paintjobs i've ever seen !! Brilliant work.
  17. That is such an unusual subject, brilliantly executed I absolutely love it !!
  18. That is looking fantastic, thats a really clever trick you used to get the weld lines sorted, i'm going to make a mental note of that for my next project...
  19. I do hope you finish the Jason. The Medea also looks great, presumably you got those plans from Greenwich too ? If you still have the Medea plans and ever think about selling them please PM me.
  20. I've only just stumbled across this, it looks superb. Having just finished my first scratch project (Servia) i'm now looking for next subject/victim - could i ask where you got the plans for Jason from ? I have a visit to the Greenwich archives scheduled for early May and i was planning on looking at the Acorn class and early Tribal class plans they have but i have to say these Victorian designs are really eye catching. I've also realised that the limited toolset i currently have is not going to cut it going forward so have been looking at lathes/milling as an option but also, since space is limited at the moment, 3d printing/CAD. What software package did you use to design the guns ? Finally just in case you missed it, they've just found the wreck of Jason https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/04/22/lost-sea-century-sunken-first-world-war-gunboat-finally-found/
  21. They're links to a hosting site - if you click on the picture it will take you to the site, then click again and you can zoom in very close. Lovely build !!
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