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  1. Hi. Yes I am afraid so. We need to send the kits out and prove the fact before we can claim the preorder monies. This is why we have all invested heavily in the kit - blood tears sweat and emotion not to mention the financial aspect of it. I think Sio will be ok with me telling you had to buy another injection machine. This has been in for a couple of weeks now and they are all working 24 hours a day. I'll see if Sio will post a couple of pics of the machines. I know he gets a kick out of that. So do the people in the factory - yes we have women too
  2. Hiya, Thank you. Had my kidney operation yesterday so better today. Still tired. Hannants won't be getting the extra weapons sets but they will be getting them in their order. Depends on what they do with them. I will guess that they will sell them. The price for them is due to be pretty low so these can be purcahsed for extra. If you want them of course. Hi, Yes in fact we have. Not going to do it though as our distributors are very good now and when we have finished the Tomcat will be sure to announce some new ones we are talking to now. Thank you kindly. Thanks Marc. My arm is sore from all the cannulas etc but at least we're alive haha.
  3. Sincere Hobby will be getting the Tomcats and the weapons sets, don't worry at all. Hannants is the UK distributor for AMK and has been for a number of years. They did not preorder though but this is not an issue. The thing with indigogo is that it is escrow type deal so we don't get the cash until the kit is released. Once the kit is sent out then we apply to have the cash released to us. Don't gorget that we are all very OCD about the kits we produce so we are making sure it is right. Yes, we do have access to experts so we hope this will be the definitive kit of the type. Our experts are located in various places but art museums (we do not rely on museum pieces as they often change). Please bear with us whilst we get the kit we and you want.
  4. I am here. Mike sent us an email earlier. In hospital again but this will not affect the kit as I am in the UK anyway. The Tomcat is coming. Decals are fnished and we are almost ready. For those that are worried about hemispheres and whatnot, summer means summer in the northern hemisphere so don't worry. We are all excited to release the kit.
  5. Sacrificial lamb weapons at the top of the stack hahahaha Thank you Julien.
  6. In the interest of openness, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adult-onset_Still's_disease I wonder who would be as honest about their lives?
  7. If noting else we always strive to be 100% customer focussed. Customer focussed and customer value driven. I am UK based as most of you will now know. So we are learning the ropes still. OK, we don't get it right all the time but we will try to communicate it when we can. The complication is that I have AOSD so my illness dictates my life and the business. In good faith, here is my personal email so you can talk to me in hospital too..... martin@amkhobby.com - if I am really ill then . it may take some days before I can reply so bear with me please. Just send me a mail to say HI or ask me questions. All is cool. Happy to answer what I can.
  8. OK ask me any question you like and you will get an honest answer - good or bad. Hannnants have ordered the Tomcat and they have already got the newer Kfir kit, since November.
  9. Three boxes of 1/48 FULL detail L-39 coming. If you have seen our Fouga Magister kit think L-39
  10. OK. We will see. God I hate it when someone says that - sounds just like dad when I was about 6
  11. We will do them all (A / B / D) because other manufacturers still left shed loads off their releases. Compressed nose gear, hold back bar, slide molded weapons, open AND closed wing options (closed will be an extra wing set so you don’t have to close the panels up and use putty), correct oversweep for wings, yadayadayada.
  12. Well, not at the present time because we are concentrating on the Tomcat of course. Who knows after that?
  13. I have complained about the printing. Looks like the printer squeezed these past our QA. I’ll find out what the report is and get back to you. This is not what we would like at all. The one thing we outsource and get let down....
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