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  1. Vague plans to partner my widely inaccurate Airfix Suffolk with a correct Norfolk for the Denmark Straits- but what were the colours? The only decent Admiralty pattern photos are 1943 and just the starboard. But I don't think she was just Home Fleet Grey - an image on WW2 cruisers seems to show a splinter pattern on the superstructure and funnels (maybe to make her look like a C, D or E class). Are there any sources?





  2. They are superb decals. I've applied their naval hex over matt very light grey (Humbrol 147), they come out slightly darker but no silvering and a nice fabric 'look'. My plan is to finally apply a Future varnish with a drop or two of light grey to mute down the contrast and create scale effect. I haven't tried anything more complex than that though, and I might ruin it.


    I have found such decals very difficult to trim around the edges of wings, especially complex curves. For me, a scalpel blade run along the edge slips too easily - any tips appreciated.

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  3. 41 minutes ago, ArnoldAmbrose said:

    Gidday, and thanks. I can add some flash, sink holes and an over-thickness gun barrel if you like. 😁 But seriously, thank you both for your comments. Regards, Jeff.


    Yeah, its a shame Airfix never did some sort of 1/600 convoy set with a Liberty ship, a Flower and a U-Boat. I'd have bought it! But yours is much better.

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  4. On 28/01/2023 at 09:49, Paul Thompson said:

    More generally, they are excellent decals backed by meticulous research- may look pricey but IMO worth every penny.




    I agree, working with them on an Albatros W4 right now and very impressed. Follow the instructions carefully - note there are clear decals (the surface must be painted white, dont try to get clever! - or sheets with a white base.

    They are looking superb so far, with a varnished fabric appearance rather than the usual decal sheen. Of course I will find a way of ruining it all.

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  5. 9 hours ago, Steve D said:

    I expect the dog boat to follow that, so check back mid-year.  I've not seen that book, will get myself a copy, always nice to feature an actual vessel rather than just a type






    Gunboat 658 is a classic - IIRC correctly Reynolds was only 19 when he joined her, he was CO in two years.

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  6. 53 minutes ago, Noel Smith said:

    I wish that they would re tool the Vasa in 1/100th scale in light of how well researched the ship is now compared to when Airfix first issued their Vasa (Wasa) kit back in the 70's I think.

    It would make for a beautiful colourful bigger display model where Airfix could really take advantage of simulating the large number of intricate figure carvings on the ship.

    What would I like to see as a new model? Perhaps a Mary Rose in a bigger scale , HMS Warrior or perhaps an accurate CSS Alabama.


    All these would be wonderful to see, but we wont get any new tool ships from Airfix apart from the occasional 1/350 modern RN, the sales aren't there. Maybe, just maybe, the far east might do some classic sailing ships.

  7. I'm building this kit in this scheme right now,. The tricky bit was matching the decal red - after many tries I settled on Mr Color 79.


    To do the stripe I've edged the tail surfaces with paint using Torbjorn's approach, then I'm going to use the kit decals for the actual edge. Any gaps will be red, so no problem.


    My current headache is the control horns - were they left in the original metal primer or painted green?

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