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  1. Love the little matchbox kits..did you do the diarama that comes with the matchbox armour kits? They made the model stand out from the rest. has revell reissued all of them or just a few? Ps...very nice build..and it does look cute..lol!!
  2. Thanks! Will test it on a scrap bit first!
  3. I'd seen a video which used a wash using lighter fluid and enamel paint. One question Would this work on a humbrol gloss coat. Or burn through it...and destroying the finish? Just need to know as I don't want to destroy me tamiya 1/48 spitfire..as me Mrs will kill me! Lol!
  4. For sale. Several model kits in various scales...plus one airbrush with compressor. And various paints and modeling tools....if someone can do this after this time, I'm giving up modelling. Only kidding! Would love to something like this...just don't have the space. Only kidding....love it!
  5. The only thing missing front your collection is the bulldog...432. Sadly a kit which is sadly not covered by ANY mainstream kit manufacturer. Very nice kits. Wish I could do as well....
  6. Managed to finish this kit. Which was my very first resin kit.....loved it! And the only kit I've done which is accurate as I tend to build aircraft with weird colours like me me262 which I did in black...looks nice! Lol! And a 72nd scale tigershark which I painted red with decals from a ww2 fighter...I'll try to get some pics up of the 432....
  7. 432 gets my vote as well....none of the main manufacturers do this vehicle....which is a shame....managed to get the accurate armour version....which is 90 quid!!!!!!!
  8. Why won't the main kit producers make a afv 432 model kit....the only ones I can find are by accurate armour....but they are 90 quid?....well beyond my price range.....
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