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  1. Excellent ! I know that if I live long enough all the aircraft I want to see in plastic and in 1/72 will be produced.
  2. Hi Jerzy, Well that's excellent news if the Hungarian WM 21 Solyom will be available to, I know they have an earlier resin kit available, but, I shall wait for the plastic edition. I will be placing and order for some of the new releases of the Fokker CV and Romeo to, it's just deciding which ones to buy !!
  3. Mikormir are certainly coming up with the goodies for us modellers which is much appreciated.
  4. Good evening Patrice, I will look out for that post. I too agree that the dark earth colour should be chocolate. - But. it's always dangerous to quote colours and we should perhaps be checking our references just in case. Lifecolor paints I have tried their Finish colours set and have the French ones to use, but, I missed buying the chocolate one, d'oh !! Best regards Colin.
  5. I will be buying one of these, hoping the red stripes on the top wings and fuselage will be provided as a mask. Pleased that LF Models are releasing more variants of the Fokker CV.
  6. Good afternoon Patrice, No problem at all, and I would like to see your completed kit in French colors on here as I would be interested to see how the camouflage turns out for you - The part that scares me as I am no good at producing camouflage with a brush. Is the old Heller kit of the Curtiss Hawk 75 a good kit to have in the stash as well ? Best regards Colin.
  7. I am well impressed with this model It's great to see the kits from yesteryear being built and finished to a high standard, thank you for sharing your work !
  8. I really like this build, it's fantastic to see what can be achieved with an older Airfix model, my congratulations to you Sir !
  9. Good morning all, thank you for your kind comments much appreciated ! Look out for my next post, I have a penchant for the more unusual aircraft. invidia - Glad my finished kit inspired you to google this interesting hydroplane.
  10. Good afternoon all, Hope you like my take on the 1/72 AModel Shavrov Sh-2 Hydroplane in Finland. AModel kits are good fun but you need a lot of patience... Kit required all parts to be removed from the runners with a razor saw, much reshaping and sanding (using wet n dry paper), and model filler smoothed flat using wet n dry paper - Preferably wet to cut down the dust debris. I used the new range of Lifecolor acrylic paints covering colors used by Finland - Brush painted as always. The big surprise for me was the decals they worked really well and even submitted my rough handling and application. I thoroughly enjoyed making this model kit and this won't be my last AModel kit for sure ! Comments and advice welcome.
  11. I am looking forward to these kits being released soon and will be buying the Finish and French offerings.
  12. I am pleased to see this aircraft again and I will be buying the boxing that has the Mali Air Force markings, it will make a nice addition to my collection.
  13. Thanks Homebee for the pics, think I will be buying this kit, I find the earlier Hungarian 'roundels' quite appealing.
  14. Hi John, The pics are their ! The model looks great and I like the finish of the Spitfire and unusual choice of decals used. I too am going to try Mr Hobby paints, I get a little bored using Humbrol enamels although their is nothing wrong with them.
  15. Hi Jerzy, Again a lovely collection of some British aircraft you don't see very often built up on here. To me I like the dark earth / dark green and yellow colors, something quite appealing. More please, regards Colin
  16. Hi Jerzy, I look forward to the Indochina one very much, nice and colorful ! I will look on ebay to see if there are any around. I indeed have mine in the stash. Not sure if you are aware but L&M resin kits do a 1/72 Potez XXV and Breguet 19 in Croatian and Yugoslav colours. It's available on ebay via his ebay shop.
  17. Hello Jerzy, You spoil us again with your beautifully crafted models, I can see FRROM-AZUR producing this version perhaps, more please. Regards Colin.
  18. Julien, Thank you for posting the review. Much appreciated. My kit is currently in build. Regards Colin.
  19. Thank you Dave, I will. Yes, I know the one in Rochester and I think I know the one in Dartford, think it's on the High Road, near the Indian Restaurant, I never find the Dartford model shop open. I'll definitely check out the one the Dockyard at Chatham. Thank you for the info. Happy modelling. Colin.
  20. Radleigh, I am pretty sure it was mentioned that Xtradecal would be producing a sheet for this, I do hope so !? Regards Colin.
  21. Ditto, Austrian version first then the Finish one on an Airifix offering in the stash.
  22. Yes indeed from Maidstone. Was interested to know where your local model shop is ? mine is mainly Hannant's online and the web for others.
  23. Good afternoon gentleman and thank you for your kind comments and interest, much appreciated ! Dave - The decals are for Uruguay around 1945. I get my kits from Hannant's or direct from www.lfmodels.com - They stock this range and their own. Martin - Yes, I did and I enjoyed the build. Thank you very much. David - Kora models have produced other boxing's of this kit, for Bolivia, China, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Dutch - NEI and USN x 2 decal versions. RVHP did a resin one and I think there is a vacuum formed one too. Winenut - Thank you, worth looking at You Tube too, a fantastic video of one being flown by Kermit at Fantasy Flight. Next on the workbench is a 1/72 Revell Avro Shackleton AEW.2 this is a long term build, I am starting my next project on Monday, probably something form AZUR-FRROM or Special Hobby. I have plenty of free time at the moment as I am medically retired (Nothing serious) until the end of September at least, so, watch this space. Best regards to all, Colin.
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