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  1. Starting to save my money already. I am very happy about this news too.
  2. Yes, yes and yes !! Thank you for this very welcome news.
  3. What a fantastic model, wish mine turned out like this More please, regards Colin.
  4. Quite agree with you. I can't see why you shouldn't get your Polish Air Force markings for the RWD-8 you want either.
  5. That's a very interesting comment Sir ! My preferred interest is for the 'every other air force' markings. But, I hope for you that IBG will do a marking for your choice of air force. Regards Colin.
  6. Hi Botan, Yes, that's what I was thinking, we shall have to wait and see. Regards Colin.
  7. Interesting ! That's at least 3 of these kits sold to me, I am glad IBG Models have chosen to offer us a Hungarian and Romanian boxing as well. I am very interested in comparing the IBG kits to the Mastercraft ones I have in my stash.
  8. Thank you for the information Sir ! I do have 2 on advanced order with Hannant's here in the U.K., so, will have to be patient and wait for them to come into stock. Good luck with your build and I hope to see it on here soon.
  9. Thanks Jan, I will have to patient and wait for it to come into stock at Hannants. It's a shame work gets in the way of our hobby Good luck with the exam. Best regards Colin.
  10. Hello Jan, Where to you buy it from please ? I am very envious that you have one and I do not. I look forward to seeing your build. Regards Colin.
  11. Really like this, as said above made me smile too and think of a recent Dr Who episode where Spitfires were able to fly in space, love it. More please Sir !! Regards Colin.
  12. Yes, a fantastic build and finish, If I was a customer of yours I would be very happy to receive it. Regards Colin.
  13. Yes, lovely built up classic Matchbox kit from my childhood years, your build looks fine Sir ! Regards Colin.
  14. Just fantastic ! It's great to see a Heller kit built up, I am a great fan of Heller kits and regularly buy the black boxed ones, more please !! Regards Colin.
  15. All I wish to add is that I was extremely happy to receive the Revell Shackleton as a gift from my sister last Christmas, to me it looks a great kit and I am slowly building it up in between other kits. For me also I am always happy to read about and build kits I have seen on this forum. So come on everybody enjoy the build, it's great times for us modelers !!
  16. The Seahawk will be done soon. Currently doing battle erm building a Mistercraft 1/72 Aero L-29 Delfin in ? colours which I shall reveal on posting. And am liking your Hawker Hunter as well.
  17. That would be a very good idea and the route I would go down, good luck for that. Regards Colin.
  18. Fantastic build Sir ! and it's great to see a fellow 'hairy stick' painter too. I would be interested in seeing how you get on with your airbrush, good luck for that Sir. Best regards Colin.
  19. Very nice model and build, I always lookout for your builds and view them with interest, more please Sir ! PS: You beat me to it, in my pending pile I have an Airfix 1/72 Seahawk and Model Art decal sheet with Indian roundels on. I look forward to your next build with interest. Regards Colin.
  20. Lovely build Sir ! It's great to see the Heller kits being built and not kept in the stash. More please ! Regards Colin.
  21. A beautiful aircraft and a wonderful build How I like to see AModel kits built, their not difficult, just need a bit more TLC and some experience using model filler and sanding (I know from experience and have built a couple of AModel kits), although their newer kits do seem to be getting better. Keep your fantastic builds coming Sir !
  22. This is a fantastic build and a fabulous display I am currently building this kit and hope mine turns out as good as this, I am normally an aircraft modeller by choice, but, this kit was gifted to me by my nephew so will complete it eventually, it's a very detailed kit. Thank you for sharing your work.
  23. Good luck and best wishes for your first kit venture Sir ! And I look forward to more releases from you. Best regards Colin.
  24. Have just seen this, the model is fantastic ! I like the paint scheme, the panel lines detailing and the stenciling, just brilliant. More please Sir ! Best regards Colin.
  25. Lovely build Sir ! Don't worry about the lack of rigging on your bi-planes, the models still look first class, personally I have given up trying to rig my bi-plane models as I have damaged the paintwork on one or two because of trying to rig them. Best regards Colin.
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