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  1. Yes, another one for me and I just bought the Techmod decal set for the Rumanian decals, will use them anyway. Excellent news.
  2. Personally I will be buying a couple of the PZL 37 Los in foreign service, so no problem for me, but, I know what you mean J-W.
  3. Fantastic news Homebee. I am very happy to read this post, another kit coming my way
  4. A fantastic built and wonderful weathering you have achieved a I am also pleased to see Matchbox kits built up and finished to a good standard like here. More please Sir !
  5. That's excellent news, I am looking forward to this one as well. Thanks for the news Homebee.
  6. You see what I mean Homebee ? I will have to buy this boxing as well, looks very pretty in the white/red/blue French colours. Regards Colin.
  7. Hi Jerszy, I would be very pleased to see a 1/72 Caproni 101 as well as the other variants. Best regards Colin.
  8. I have been wondering what was happening to this model and thank you to Homebee for the update. I am very interested in this aircraft and it's variants hopefully coming to fruition.
  9. A lovely built model and beautifully brush painted to, the historical photos are very much of interest to, well done Sir !
  10. Hi Jerszy ! Just fantastic and interesting builds as always, you do so spoil us with your wonderful built models, I do like the Martin B-10 very much, I have a couple in the stash to build but, have always been afraid to attempt it, but, I think I will, and thank you for your inspiration as always. Would you happen to have a 1/72 Curtiss H-75 Hawk in NEI colours to ? Best regards Colin.
  11. Great build Paul I do like to see Heller kits built up, more please Sir !
  12. Thank you for the information and link much appreciated, I will be sending an order later.
  13. Agreed with all the other comments posted above. I am very happy to see Heller still around and I shall be buying some of their re-releases even though I have various boxing's in my stash, I have always had a penchant for their black framed boxes. I am hoping that Hannant's will stock the above listed kits ?
  14. Hello, Yes, I can see your model, it's beautifully painted and finished. The work with the panel lines is very good. Hoping we can expect a series of aircraft models from your homeland ? Best regards and welcome, Colin.
  15. A beautiful model and very interesting to, I like to see AModel kits built up as well I have made a couple of them and thoroughly enjoyed their build. More please ! Regards Colin.
  16. Hi John, Thanks for the information, I will get on and build mine too. Regards Colin.
  17. Lovely built models and yes please may we see some more of them, BUT, if possible in a new thread rather than hijack another members post please ? I hope that's the right procedure ? Thanks Colin.
  18. Good news ! I am pleased to see this one coming to the modelling shelves at last, guessing we might get more than one boxing of it ? Thanks for the update Homebee. Regards Colin.
  19. Thank you for the information, interesting ! Best regards Colin.
  20. Just superb ! I really like these and the Huey with the home made Swedish decals really stands out More please, Regards Colin.
  21. A lovely built and finished kit of a vintage Heller kit, how I like to see them built up and the builds enjoyed Thanks for sharing your build. Regards Colin.
  22. A lovely build and finished kit to add to your collection, despite your problems encountered, the chosen decals and different canopy certainly make it more appealing I to have the AZ 1/72 Chipmunks in my collection and was hoping for a quick build with them.
  23. The GC scheme looks fantastic on your model Can I tempt you to build a 1/72 Hercules and Spartan in the GC scheme as well ? Hope so. Regards Colin.
  24. Very exotic marked and lovely built model, my congratulations to you ! Now I will have to buy one to sit alongside my Ugandan 1/72 Aero L-29 Delfin. Regards Colin.
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