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  1. Yes please!! A 1/72 scale version with interesting foreign users decals too, would be very welcome by me, there goes my modelling budget again if it happens! Please, Please.
  2. Ooooh YES!! I want one of these beauties now... But, I will have to wait a few months.
  3. A beautifully built model with interesting decals too! Your pictures persuaded me to join to BM so that I could leave you positive and appreciative comment on BM - I also Wish my models turned out like yours, thank you for sharing your work and model with us!
  4. I am delighted about this future release and have registered my interested at S&M Models for the foreign users boxing, maybe now I will be able to purchase off ebay a couple of Matchbox 1/72 Provosts so that I can use up the other decals in the box??!!
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