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  1. A fantastic build, painting and finish, thank you for sharing your work.
  2. What an obscure aircraft and right up my street ! How I wish our Czech friends would produce a kit of this aircraft, maybe we could persuade them to make one for us ? Jerzy, their is a paper model of one on the fiddlers green website, but, have never seen a plastic or resin kit of this aircraft, if I did it would be in my stash more probably built up, regards Colin.
  3. Another lovely build Jerzy, you are spoiling us on here and I have no complaint about seeing your wonderful models on here again, and it's another trimotor regards Colin.
  4. Lovely build again Jerzy, I really like this one. You could always buy the expensive Valom 1/72 Kit in Spanish colours, which is in my stash, however, I think the FROG version looks the part.
  5. Nicely built up Sir ! Despite your problems during the build, my congratulations to you and thank you for sharing your work.
  6. Quite agree you don't see many Stuka's , it certainly looks the part, very menacing and formidable aircraft. My congratulations Sir !
  7. I really like this model, particularly the camouflage and the fact it's a bi-plane of sorts and I understand the problems you can encounter building them. Very well done Sir!
  8. That's okay Marko. This kit as stated just needs a little bit of tender loving care and patience, this is no Tamagawa quality kit, but, for me that's part of the challenge.
  9. Quite agree ! My Kora kit is getting near the finishing line, I will post on here soon.
  10. Hi Jerzy, Fantastic builds again, you really do spoil us with your wonderful models. I really like the Loire 46, a beautiful (in my eyes) looking aircraft. Regards Colin.
  11. This is the boxing of this kit that I am now building, it's building up just fine and should look great when finished. Certainly one for the more experienced modeller.
  12. I am currently building the 1/72 curtiss wright SNC-1 Falcon, kora kit number KPM-72042. Thoroughly enjoying the build and it is building up nicely. Plastic is soft and easy to work with. I do recommend a good quality razor saw and blade to cope with the injector pins to which the plastic parts are attached to. Be patient with this kit and you should enjoy the build as much as I am.
  13. Lovely pair of trainers, I'll have to add and Indian air force Texan to my collection now ! Looking forward to your next builds, regards Colin.
  14. Hi Jerzy, I got my copy of ebay at quite a good price, I'll look it up, I recall I was the only bidder. I was quite interested to read that the Matchbox came from the year 1972 ! The decals look okay, but, will scan them for sure (just in case) and prepare them before use using Mircoscale liquid decal film. Regards Colin.
  15. Yes please Jerzy ! Regards Colin.
  16. Why not, LF Models will is quite approachable will be happy to advise you.
  17. YES, YES AND YES Please and any idea when it will be available, sorry for my enthusiasm but, this is much wanted aircraft for me, regards Colin. YES, YES and YES ! Thank you for the news Botan. I am sooooo happy about this and apologies for my enthusiasm, regards Colin.
  18. Thank you for your advice Jerzy, I will have ago at this. Thank you for your kind comment and interest. Regards Colin.
  19. Thank you Jerzy, I look forward very much to seeing your posts. I am very happy that you are re-posting them on here for us to enjoy!
  20. This is lovely. I like the build and finish of it and I know exactly what you mean when you open a box from Mistercraft. However, they are build-able and the decals use-able as well. Thanks for sharing!
  21. Hi Jerzy, Yes, I have the Matchbox repacked one, I think it could be released when Revell Germany had an interest in them ? I will dig the box out of my stash and post it here (If I can). I bought it because it has FAB - Brazil decals with it. Regards Colin.
  22. Thank you for your kind comment and posts - It's one of my favourite built aircraft in my collection, regards Colin.
  23. Hi Jerzy, I will and thank you for the photo of a different number to yours. Regards Colin. PS: I have posted my Beech c-45 Expediator pic for your interest.
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