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  1. On 3/16/2019 at 4:46 AM, Kevin Callahan said:

    Anyone know what medium the canopy is in? I know the kit is injected, but can't find a photo of the bits in the box. The LF/Kora site says "cast canopy" but that may be a translation artifact. Cast resin? Plastic? Vac? Anyone have the kit yet? Of course I'm interested in the civilian markings (big surprise). 

    When I made one of their other recent nice kits, the canopy was as a vacuum formed piece.

  2. On 5/5/2018 at 7:10 PM, Spitfire31 said:

    Interesting and good looking machine – thanks for educating me of its existence!


    Kind regards,



    Hi Joachim,


    I had fun researching this one on the internet and watching the videos as well.

    Looks like I have set a benchmark for my future and regular builds !!


    Best regards


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  3. Hi all and many thanks for your kind comments and likes much appreciated !

    Any help with applying the tiny brass parts would be most welcome, please.

    On 5/5/2018 at 5:40 PM, Head in the clouds. said:

    Nice to see one, a first for me on this forum.

    That's a first for me as well, thank you for your comment.

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  4. Below is my completed 1/72 Avis RFB Fantrainer 400 in The Royal Thai Air Force colours.

    I thoroughly enjoyed building this kit, yes, it's a short run kit, but, with patience and plenty of dry runs, trimming and very little filling you can achieve a good result.

    This aircraft is a real tail sitter and you need to be creative as to where you put the required ballast, I use a product called RIPMAX and white glue to fix it in.

    Comments welcome !

    1/72 RFB Fantrainer 400 in The Royal Thai Air Force1/72 RFB Fantrainer 400 in The Royal Thai Air Force

    Here is the etched brass fret included in the kit, I was unable to use the small aerials as they were way beyond my modelling skill and patience, any advice gratefully received on how to use them please, thank you.

    1/72 Brass etched set from Avis RFB Fantrainer 400


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  5. 2 hours ago, CaracalModels said:

    The options on the first Caracal sheet (there will be 2) are:


    -DH 104 Dove  "G-ALFU", Civil Aviation Flying Unit, UK

    -DH 104 Dove  "G-AREA", Hawker Siddeley Aviation, UK

    -DH 104 Devon VP959, Royal Aircraft Establishment ("Raspberry Ripple" scheme)

    -DH 104 Devon XA879, Royal Air Force

    -DH 104 Devon XJ348, Royal Navy

    -DH 104 Devon XK895, Royal Navy



    I am very pleased to see your decal sheets coming for this kit, on the second sheet will there be options for Devon/Dove in foreign service please ?


    Best regards


  6. Hi Pat,


    I forgot to mention regarding the red and yellow vichy stripes, you can get a couple of Print Scale decal sheets for the Heller 1/72 Moraine Saulnier MS406 and Dewoitine D.520 that as the red portions available as a decal, so much easier than hand painting the stripes, or my way would be to paint just the yellow portions and chicken out from painting the red stripes...


    I have decided to build a couple of Texans, then do the Potez twins.


    Best regards


  7. 17 hours ago, JOCKNEY said:

    Thanks Colin


    Currently looking at the following Heller kits in the stash;


    Potez 540, 631

    Amiot 143

    Leo 451

    Bloch 174, MB210


    I fancy doing the next one in Vichy colours, which will be a good excuse to find out about more about where these aircraft saw service during that period. However the stripes look terrifying, I have this vision of the colours merging to a Orange mess !


    Actually I have forgotten about the smaller aircraft looking at the list above;


    Bloch 152 

    Dewoitine 520

    Moraine Saulnier MS406 

    Caudron Renault 714

    Curtis Hawk 75


    Are you planning on building any yourself ?


    There is a great Group Build coming up this year Mediterranean Theatre of Operations (MTO) which will offer the ideal opportunity to build these.


    cheers Pat





    Hi Pat,


    Thanks for taking the trouble to reply to me !


    Yes, of course, we have similar interests in choice of kits to build.  I am currently finishing off an Avis 1/72 RFB Fantrainer 400 in Thai AF colours and it's been a joy to build, look out for RFI post soon.  I am currently on sick leave so, have much time to enjoy model making and buses are my other hobby.  I am currently looking thru my stash of kits and am drawn to my Heller kits, particularly the 1/72 Texans and the Potez 631 and Potez 63-11.  I will also check out the GB mentioned.


    All the best


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  8. 10 hours ago, kapam said:

    Just a quick note about stretching sprue.

    Once you have softened the plastic over a candle flame (it will take practice to decide when it is soft enough) take it away from the flame, before you start to pull the ends apart.  I don't think anyone has mentioned that.  In my experience, if you try to stretch it while keeping it over the flame it will break.

    With practice I have been able to roughly tune the thickness of the stretched sprue, depending on how much time you wait between taking the sprue away from the heat and starting to stretch it.  If you do it in quick time the sprue will be vey thin, whereas it can be slightly thicker if you let it cool a little before stretching.  For sure, it takes a little practice and experimentation, but it is a most useful technique to learn.

    Good evening Kapam,


    Many thanks for your post and additional information it's much appreciated and I didn't seem to get the notification that you had commented on my request.

    I realize that from your response that's where I have been going wrong, in not removing the softened plastic away from the heat.  As seen above I now have plenty of time to practice the art due to an unexpected event today and to build many more models from my collection over the coming months.  So, hopefully I will be an expert in rigging soon...


    Best regards

    From Colin.


  9. 21 hours ago, Emily-Emma silverscreen said:

    ....and I found this way to make my antenna wires  and bi-plane rigging.I use ez line nowadays.it is not really cheap ,but you get over thirtyy meters....o wait ,300 feet-. you can buy it via ebay or look with google for the cheapest shop [I bought my latest in denmark! postage was very reasonable]. if you have a train on the attic,you can use it for making fences ,telephone wires and everything else your phantasy might come up with. it is very easy to work with ,in a matter of seconds you have an antenna wire [rigging a bi-plane ,not to mention rigging a ship [it is beautifull on ships!but than it is not easy.on ships I mean .look for an example with google!] will take considerably more time,but the the results can be great .it doesn't break and drooping is gone forever! the man in the clip tells  quite a long story I think ,but will make things very clear https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGYk68t6iFI    maybe better to start with this clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8nymuYSMms

    Good evening,


    Many thanks for the additional advice and youtube link which I have watched, most interesting !  I think that at the moment I will have to 'stick' :) with the stretched sprue due to unexpected circumstances, also I will be posting many finished models over the coming months because of it.

    The model shop in Denmark you bought from is very reasonable and gives a good service, his decals are very good assuming it's the same one I know.


    Best regards


    P.S: Apologies for delay in replying as I am sure I didn't get the notification of your post.

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