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  1. Haha I thought it was such a good way of displaying it, I had to try! Thanks for your comment mate
  2. Hello all so i have finally got around to taking a few photos of the KT on its base! Sorry it took a while!
  3. Many thanks for your comment Kev, very much appreciated. It's a great kit, really enjoyed building it. Definitely recommend it, go grab it! I'll try and get some pictures of it on the base soon, i must admit i intended to but completely forgot!
  4. Appreciate that mate thank you I'll do just that
  5. Sounds like a good plan mate, thank you. I'll give it a clean and Polish when I get a chance
  6. It does add something to it I must admit. I'm trying with the idea of painting the base white instead of plain wood but can't decide lol
  7. Thanks very much for the comment I was a bit concerned about the camo initially. It's not mounted on a block of wood, I'll try get a photo of that soon.
  8. Thanks Mike, I fancied minimal weathering this time round! Lol
  9. So here is my (pretty much) finished Takom King Tiger! Bought for me for Christmas and I've enjoyed every minute of the build. It was built out of order sort of and the idea was taken from a video I watched on YouTube so I cannot take the credit for the idea on how to display this. Paints used were Ammo by Mig King Tiger set and Tamiya. Primer was ultimate black Primer. All I need to do now is get a wooden base for the thing and maybe add some steel to the track cleats. I've done minimal weathering on this and finished it as a clean build. Thoughts welcome!
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