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  1. Really nice work, love the diorama, really sets it off well
  2. Who? Googled them, doesn't come back with any hits?
  3. Yes indeed, did it take much time to build?
  4. That looks supurb! It's been great to see this build progress, and of course to get some great new reading material. I'm thoroughly enjoying reading 'The Hardest Day'
  5. Absolutely lovely! I was going to do mine wheels down but looking at yours, may opt for a stand
  6. A ruddy Chinook at around 23:00 which has been over every night this week so far, and it's damn loud!
  7. For me, in 1/72 P47 Metal wing Hurricane Mk1 JU88 JU52 Spitfire IXe
  8. I was tempted myself, having also built the Airfix kit however long ago, but was unable to resist the Beaufighter
  9. I wonder what percentage of people buying model kits are kids these days. I'd say it's a lot less than it used to be, but I'd love to see some stats out of curiosity
  10. Indeed, with so little detail who knows what it will be, or when it will appear Airfix may well have their 'Luftwaffe Resuply Set' out before then
  11. No pictures or much detail, but apparently a company called Roden are going to release one: http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ROD730
  12. I believe it's the Opel Blitz kfz. 385 'Tankwagen'
  13. Funny! Had I not purchased that on eBay, I'd have dug out my copy of Fighter Boys and started re-reading it. Seeing all these BoB group builds has also put me in BoB mode, having also recently purchased a Corgi AA Blenheim IVF, which is one reason I'm following your builds with such interest
  14. So you'd definitely recommend attaching the forward parts of each fuselage to the rear section early on in the build? Also, after you mentioning it in both your Blenheim build threads, this was waiting for me at work this morning Looking forward to reading it!
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