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  1. Lovely job I must say, The Meteor is currently on my bench. It is a testament to your ability that you found the kit a doddle, not my favorite build - but at the painting stage I found it a mojo killer - so that may 'colour' my opinion so to speak. A non- RAF Hunter is down the road somewhere also !! Well done, great work - a real credit to you
  2. Absolutely wonderful work. I would be scared of the paint job
  3. I think the subject is of real interest - slightly envious of the fact you got there first. I think defunct subjects are of real historic interest
  4. Absolutely love the cammo, the subject, the plane and the model - fabulous
  5. Lovely splash of colour - I know my collection needs something like this - great work
  6. lovely work, unusual subject - love the decals
  7. Wonderful work - fantastic subject, great paint work. A perfect Hurri !!
  8. Congrats - lovely work but I think the rigging would give me a breakdown
  9. Great job. It would have been interesting had Austria or Nigeria bought them 2nd hand as offered in 1986
  10. Nice job - great and unusual subject choice - nice change from usual silver liveries
  11. Amazing detail for such a scale - great collection you have developed there
  12. Excellent- particularly impressed by the external fuel tank
  13. One of my favorite aircraft, wonderful work. Great paint scheme and wonderful attention to detail, top notch weathering Out of the park mate
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