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  1. Just the paints I had at hand, COVID has limited the budget fairly severely I found the PE stencils to be fairly easy to use. When I get back on my feet however, a vinyl printer is certainly on the cards
  2. Primer AK 178 Black For the base I used mostly Heilblau RLM 78 from Mig Ammo - Grey was IJN Grey from Tamiya 75 with a drop of Tamiya XF 2 flat white (about 10:1) I would go lighter if I could do it Greens were Mig Ammo RLM 81 and RLM 82 Cammo Green, again, next time I will look at something of a lighter shade - Still getting used to model shade Prop Vallejo Black Green 71.018 Cockpit was Tamiya XF-65 field grey used as a sub for RLM 02 - also used in the wheel wells Blacks XF-85 tyre black Gloss Coat - first sealing Pledge 'Revive it' Floor Gloss Satin coat /Sealing coat Galeria Satin Varnish (Acrylic)
  3. 1/48 Bf 109-E3 Subject Stab III / JG I France, June 1941 Pilot Grupen Adjudant Maj. Reinhard Heydrich (yes, that SOB) Balkankruz and chevron done by airbrush with Microdesign Photoetch stencil from https://www.ebay.ie/str/miracleworldofhobby This was a new departure for me in airbrushing markings as opposed to using decals, It does require some practice. Next time I think I will lay down white, spray in the black and then mask off the markings. I think in my case, the jury is still out on airbrush vs decals, but with a bit of practice it worked out OK and was not overly hard. Kit Eduard Weekend addition 84157 After market decals (Techmod) via trinitymews https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/accurahobbykits. Techmod Decals 48013E With regards the subject, I got a bit of flack on facebook. One person went so far as to say that Heydrich was not part of the 'clean' Luftwaffe I built the model out of historical interest, and perhaps a morbid sense of historical content - he was a reserve Major in the Luftwaffe - flew in the Poland campaign as a turret gunner - flew then in Norway campaign, then in France and against the RAF in a Bf 109. Flew finally in combat in the USSR. I first became aware of it after reading 'Hitler's Hangman: The Life of Heydrich' by Robert Gerwarth. Peer reviewed from University press if memory serves me correctly Incidentally he would fly to his families holiday home and arrived at the Wansee conference in a plane he piloted himself in 1942. I did not post it to engage in a historical debate, I did out of an interest in the hobby and a matter of historical fact. If the model was a WHIFF I would have stated so. And if you use Deluxe Plastic magic cement be careful with oil washes, hit the gloss coat with turpentine before doing a pin wash, and had to re-glue a lot of parts - at least that was my experience.
  4. Wonderful work and an interesting subject matter
  5. I think it might be the age, but some plastic very very brittle - Ejection seat was after market - forget which one it was The tail pitot broke very quickly, so maybe I am a bit ham fisted
  6. Airfix 1/48 Etendard IVP: Slight damage to the wing. Tail pitot tube replaced with syringe. Horrible kit in terms of fit and very brittle plastic - A few years old at this stage.
  7. I actually think someone here has done so in the past !! Not 100% but would not be surprised
  8. Not totally historically accurate but I think a fairly good Kiwi-esque model based on F4U-1A RNZAF Solomons 1945 F4-U 1/48 Tamiya. Sky Models Decals (I found he decal sheet short on a few details) Well known and recommended kit. Got to practice some new techniques. Got some funny looks buying hairspray I wanted the multi tone paint, based on #307, had decals for #77
  9. Outstanding work - where did you get the rivet plan ? Do you still have them ?
  10. Thanks for the info folks - and just when I thought I might be able to make use of it, it seems to be out of production Just my luck
  11. A few years back, I remember I got this green putty - came in a black tube I think, the putty was green, a bit smelly. Came in a tube, so a one part I used it to load weight into the front, and it caused softening / dimpling of the plastic of the kit - that was not a good result - but now on another project I actually fancy that effect. So - I am trying to find out the name of a green putty that made plastic soft
  12. Smashing job, wonderful paint job - would love to get to this standard some day
  13. Very interesting subject, unusual - great work on putting it together - Great job
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