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  1. All of mine will be some form of G-12 (CS-99) or the Avia S/CS-199 Jumo powered one with the He-111H engine, spinner and cut down paddle blade prop. Every one of these will be a conversion of one sort or another. There will not be any wartime 109s
  2. Since I have no issues doing the fixes on these, I would be happy to take these parts off your hands if they are not wonted. I will be building some CS/S-199 aircraft I could use them for.
  3. Since I am fixing the flaws of the base kit first than I am OK. Yes the bumps are there on the wing root. I did not notice them before. On the new moldings they are not bumps but turned into "bulges". much larger but more subtle. There must be something there below them and must have had a variety of bulges. Since I am building a "one of" post war aircraft than this is not an issue unless I can see something in the available photos. You can see my fixes in the links provided previously. https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=131002&start=15 This started out as a UM Models kit which has a fuselage which is astronomically more inaccurate than this fuselage ever was, even before the repair.
  4. It is very easy to fix them if you look at the links I provided. It only takes about ten minutes to fix the wings and about 15 minutes to fix the fuselage. You will wind up wit exactly that which comes in the new kits. I did a side by side comparison before and after fix. The links will show you this. I originally bought this on eBay in the 82111x box and discovered that someone swapped the parts for the old ones. After I wanted to return this, the guy told me to keep the kits and gave me a full refund. I had no issues to do some quick experiments and discovered how easy it was to do the repairs. Just look at the links I provided in the previous posts.
  5. I also discuss the subject of these inaccurate kits here https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=296&t=131285 They still go for too much money on eBay.
  6. You can see how I decided to utilize these kits here. Both fuselages will be used to make a Czech G-12 (SC-99) aircraft numbers EV-7 and EV-8. EV-7 had the tall tail with breach bulges and not much is known about EV-8 but according to this picture it has the short tail and very likely no breach bulges. This is the only known picture of EV-8. There are a bunch of pictures of EV-7
  7. Yes they both types do. take a look at this. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/eduard-r0009-bf-109g--260568. Take a look at the PDF instruction sheet on this page. The rest of the explanation is in my two previous posts by tree breakdown. It looks like the "S" tree was also updated since the PDF file because mine has extra parts that are not shown on the picture in the PDF but still has the wrong long fuselage. The "S" tree I have looks identical to the "T" tree with all those extra parts but has the fuselage halves shown on the "S" tree. What I have looks exactly like this "Royal" kit without all the extra goodies and with the Updated clear parts and not the ones shown in the PDF. https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/5/6/8/260568-13-instructions.pdf
  8. Since I can't post pictures here I cant show you what I have but I have long fuselages with and without breach bulges and over-span wings also with and without bulges. I have determined that ALL corrected wings have the wingtips molded to the upper wing half while the old, over-span wings have the wingtips separate. The length of the leading edge slats on the "I" trees also match the length of the long wings. On the new kit I have those dimensions are both shorter and match the wing with the pre-molded wingtips. The fact that they have been put into another box (28111x overtrees) is pretty much a given. The fact is that there are two distinctively different fuselages and two distinctively different wings is also a fact. Both are oversize in comparison to my new corrected 84143 G-6 kit. And obviously the new G-10 kit. As explained in another thread and on this post https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=131002&start=30 both are very easily fixed.
  9. Fernando; The kits that I have I got for free and they were all in blank Overtree boxes, so I have no idea of their actual orygin. But there are two distinct kits. They are both oversize in fuselage length and wingspan. There are two different wings and two different fuselages. One wing has wheel bulges and one wing has no wheel bulges one fuselage has breach blisters and the other has none. I am aware that all new boxings are with the correct fuselage length and wingspan. When I got these free kits they were in boxes marked 82111x which should be new boxings of the 109G-6 with corrected dimensions. I do have three new kits of the G-10 and one new boxing of the G-6 so I can verify that the two stiles of older kits I have possess the wrong, larger dimensions. But there are two distinctive variants of kits. According to the Scalemates timeline graph, it also seams to indicate that there were more than one distinctive kit and boxing. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/eduard-8268-bf-109g-6--257341 I know that I have two of them. The grey plastic parts (fuselage and wing trees) I have roughly approximate the ones in this kit https://www.scalemates.com/kits/eduard-r0009-bf-109g--260568. The "T" tree looks the same but the "S" tree looks a bit different with more parts on the one I have. The "N" "M" & "K" trees look the same. The clear parts are completely different The "H" & "I" trees also look the same.
  10. I wish that it was simpler to post pictures here but it is not. So I am providing a link where I am posting a build thread for this project. It started out as a relatively simple conversion of the UM models Bf-109G-14 but because the grossly inaccurate fuselage profile (which I discovered while quite late in the project) it wound up being a kitbash of the UM wing and Eduard fuselage. of the G-6 and other parts from the G-10. Because Eduard gives a plethora of extra parts with their kits, there is no loss of parts of build any complete kit. To give a quick rundown in English, I junked the UM "skinny" fuselage but wanted to salvage the rather nice wing they provide and I have already built and spent a decent amount of time on. The UM wing is actually quite accurate and quite adequate for this project. The Fuselage I decided to use was from the old molding of the Eduard G-6, which was about 2.5mm too long. As we know, the fuselage behind the cockpit is about .6-.75mm too tall. This was advantageous for me because I took the opportunity to shorten the fuselage just in this spot which also happens to be just behind the root of the trailing edge of the wing. This shifted the complete taper forward by this length reduction and therefore reduced the height of the fuselage in that area. Thus making this correction of the model more accurate than the new molding of the more recent kits which were shortened but the height error was not fixed. In the last picture I am showing the exact placing of the cut line which is the furthest forward vertical panel line. After re-gluing I just sanded the area and re-sribed the line. No putty or filler was used. I got my hands on three sets of the old F/G kits for free, therefore this was a total blessing in disguise. In the same kits I got 2 sets of wings in each. These had the wingspan too large by 4mm total therefore there has to be a 2mm removal before installing the tips. All of these modifications are VERY EASY to do. They only take about 15 minutes each and accuracy is achieved. In fact, that is all Eduard did to correct the wings and molded in the wingtips instead of having them as independent parts such as being done in the early kits. In fact, this is a easy and quick way to know if you have one of the early kits or later kits. Besides referring to the graph on Scalemates. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/eduard-82111-bf-109g-6-late-series--945346 . I will link a few pictures of this project on this thread but for all remaining pictures of the build please go here. https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=131002 I can and will, however answer any questions, in English, on this thread, if so desired. I just do not want to write everything twice. I never attempted it but I think that the Google translator can also do that for you on the Modelforum.cz site. So please enjoy and any constructive input is always appreciated. All of my future conversions will most likely use the Zvezda kit as the base model. Up to this point of construction I have about $13.50 invested in this model. (plus postage) $4 for the canopy and <$9.50 for the UM kit. I will however invest a little in the cockpit interior . I will have more invested in paint and decals than in the plastic of this kit. I do wish to mention one last thing. as you can see by the pictures, the fit of the UM wing to the Eduard fuselage is extraordinary. The only place I had to do any cutting was in the lower part of the fuselage behind the trailing edge. I decided to use the complete UM wing and match the fuselage to it instead the other way around, which actually would have been much simpler. You can see all of this in the other website.
  11. Boy, I hate to really admit this, Was I WRONG. After more exhaustive studies, I actually completely reversed my decision. I am actually going with the Zvezda kits. This is why. I have found the UM/ ICM Bf-109G/F fuselage very narrow in the vertical outline. BY A LOT. It is more off in the opposite direction than Eduard is. We (I) now know that Eduard is too tall in the vertical fuselage outline but not by much (about .6-.75mm) while UM (for sure) (I think that ICM is the same outline but I do not have one to compare, the two kits look identical in almost all ways and parts). I read that the Tamiya and Zvezda are identical in outline. Also I can use the round wheel wells of the F-4 for my conversion of the S/CS-199. I have the G-10/K blisters from the Hobby Craft and Hasegawa kits for this conversion and can use all the other parts from the fantastic AML update set now that they are redoing the propeller for the actual correct shape. The only thing I will have to do from scratch is the nose which should not be too difficult. Besides having a bunch of the original Hobby Craft S-199 propellers which are not actually very far off from the actual shape. However they are off in diameter and both shape and diameter are not very difficult to fix. Just time involved. From my original conversion I started of the CS-99/C-110.501 (G-12 intermediate variant) https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=131002 , I savaged the wing from the UM kit and mated it to a Eduard G-6 fuselage. The extra .75mm do not bother me for two reasons. 1) it is les wrong than the UM/ICM being 1mm too low, and 2) since I am using Eduard overtrees which cost me nothing ($0) and are of the initial molding which the fuselage was 2mm too long, and wingspan 4mm in span too great. I have four sets of these. I shortened the fuselage right behind the cockpit which shifted the taper forward and made the inaccuracy to less than .4mm. Besides the aft deck being cut down even more to accommodate the two-seat canopy from Jay's Model Kits, the inaccuracy is imperceivable. What bothered me the most about the UM/ICM kit was the nose. It was just WAY to skinny from the profile. It just looks strange and was too difficult to match to the canopy which was based on the Hasegawa kit. This kit just did not have the distinctive downward slope of the 109 but was almost flat like the Spitfire. I have since put all my UM kits on eBay and ordered the Zveza kits. The Zvezda kits are almost the same price as the UM kits. Only $1 more. The only fault I can find is the wingspan problem and for that I can graft either the remaining UM kit wings onto it (which I still have two of from the kits I can't sell) or the Eduard wings which I also have plenty of. The UM wing grafts beautifully onto the Eduard fuselage with very little effort. The wing to fuselage joint is virtually exact. So in short, the go-to kit for all my conversions will be the Zvezda kit. The conversions I am doing will be the, 1) G-12 early (Avia C-110 ( aircraft, black EV-8) with the short tail and no breach blisters)), 2) G-12 intermediate (Avia C-110/ CS-99 (aircraft, black EV-7) with tall tail and breach blisters, and finally, 3) two CS-199 based on the S-199, one with the original G-12 canopy and one with the late sliding canopy from Falcon. I am skipping the late G-12 based on the G-10 fuselage. My first project, as indicated by the hyperlink above, is using the shortened early Eduard G-6 fuselage with the UM wing. All the remaining conversions will be based on the Zvezda fuselages. I don't know what wings I will be using yet, Eduard, UM, or Zvezda. UM is nice wing, Eduard wing must be shortened by 2mm at each tip but easy to do. Zvezda on the other hand must be lengthened by 1mm which is much more difficult to do. Or maybe just leave the span 2mm too small.
  12. Just ordered three more from ModelsUA plus some other kits to equal out the 2kG for the optimum postage of $21. I always try to make my optimum weight of 2kG for shipping.
  13. You must not be one of his established customers. My price is $23.25. The shipping from the Ukraine and from the UK is also almost the same. Right now I have 6 more kits awaiting order in my shopping cart including the He-111H-20, which is a very large box and very heavy and the shipping will be $21. It also only takes a couple days more to get it from the Ukraine as it takes from the UK. The UK takes 10-12 days and the Ukraine 15-18 days to the US. He even gets kits for me that are not in his store, I just ask him and he gets them for me. That includes UM, Zvezda, ICM, Etc. All the Ukrainian and Russian made kits. The accessories are also very inexpensive. I have never gotten any special pricing from Hannants except the same stuff available to 100% of the rest of the public. You just have to establish yourself as a customer with Ivan. It's kind of funny because when I click on the link you provided, I instantly get my price of $23.25
  14. I like Hannants also and buy from them quite a bit but am not willing to pay 61% more for the kit. I have the three coming from ModelsUA, $23 each. I need to save money somewhere.
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