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  1. They have just now started shipping the Tomcat. I think it will still be til at least mid next year before we see this kit. I would also love to see it.
  2. I also just purchased this kit. I was not sure which was better, the Stransky (KP) or the Special hobby, so I bought one of each. I like the detail representation on the Special Hobby better. I think the detail representation on the KP kit is a bit heavy handed. But that been said, the SH kit has some gross shape errors, particularly the shape of the vertical fin and rudder. The KP kit is much more accurate in shape. I also have two of the old MPM short run kits for about twenty plus years now. I decided to try to build one of those first since I really enjoy a challenge, and this kit is for sure challenging. It takes a tremendous amount of fitting but I like the delicate detail representation on it. Shape wise the only problems I found was the rudder and fin are just a bit too wide and the upper turtle deck behind the cabin is just a bit too tall. The turtle deck I decided to leave alone but the rudder I fixed because it was very easy. I just cut it to shape using the Stransky kit as a guide and than thinned out the surfaces by sanding down the mating surfaces to thin down the trailing edge. It turned out perfectly. You can follow my build here. https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=129252 It is too inconvenient to post pictures on this website so I do not post my builds here any more. What I think I might do with the Special Hobby kit is to cut the tail off my second MPM kit and graft it to the Special hobby kit. If someone would do a corrected fin-n-rudder for the special hobby kit, it would not be a bad model. The other problem with that kit is the clarity and quality of the clear parts. I have seen better on short run kits. If someone did a replacement vac-form canopy for it, it would be good.
  3. Well, I had a chance to pick up a Special Hobby kit for about $8US and also bought a Stransky (KP) kit. I must say, WHAT A DIFERENCE. The detail on the Stransky kit is a bit heavy for my taste but otherwise the kits are night and day. There are MANY shape problems with the Special Hobby kit which are very well represented on the Stransky kit. The canopy on the Stransky kit is MUCH better than the one on the Special Hobby kit. The Special Hobby canopy is thick and not very clear. Almost primitive by todays standards. The tail shape is completely wrong and is too small. The nose cap shape is also wrong on the S.H. kit. However I like the wing detail representation on the S.H. kit a bit better it is not as heavy handed. All in all I actually like the primitive short run MPM kit better than the S.H. kit for shape accuracy. On the MPM kit the tail is a bit too big but that is very easily fixed because you can always remove much easier than add. I have two of the MPM kits and decided to start with one of those. Because it is so inconvenient to post pictures here on this website, you can follow my build here. https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=129252
  4. I did find some pictures of the sprues for the KP / Stransky kit. The surface detail especially on the fabric wing ribs looks very overdone. Has anyone an opinion? Anyone who has held one in their hands? I decided to start one of my 20 year old MPM short run kits since I found two in my stash. Obviously it is the typical short run of twenty years ago It might be even older than that. The detail on the wings is quite delicate and looks good. The fuselage looks quite spartan but I am not quite sure what detail there actually was. Any kind of panel lines and so forth. Anyone know if there is a way to remove the yellowing from the vac canopy? If there is no way, I might have to use it to make a new plug and vac a new one.
  5. Anyone have an opinion on the comparison between the Special hobby kit and the KP / Stransky kits? I was wondering which is liked better by anyone who has both of these kits. I still have two of the 20YO MPM short run kit in my stash. I have no problems with short run kits. In many instances I like them better than the new "super scale" kits which in some situations I consider overdone in surface detail. The MPM kit has very delicate surface detail which I do like. Obviously, some of the other detail is lacking especially on the interior. I did start one of my MPM kits and was interested in possibly buying something better. So which of the "Newer" kits is the nicer one when it comes to detail. For me, slight fit issues are no issue at all. Myself, I am not a big fan of Special Hobby due to fidelity to scale measurements issues in many of their kits, IE their Spitfires / Seafires. In the case Of KP I know that they can overdue the surface detail sometimes. What do you guys think? Should I just maybe stick to the old HPM short run kit?
  6. I have that book and it is an excellent book. Many good examples. All the marine PBJ aircraft had very simple markings and therefore there have never been any 1/48 decals available in 1/48.
  7. Looking forward to this kit. Plan on building a couple. Also looking forward to the S-4 and S-6 series. As with other Mikro Mir kits, we know that these kits will be very reasonably priced. I already have three on order at ModelsUA.
  8. I went back a couple of pages and did not see it. Sorry.
  9. On Facebook Mikro Mir has announced their new Supermarine S-5 and has shown the plastic trees. I have since emailed them and they revealed to me that the S-5 and S-6 is also in the works. I am really looking forward to these kits. As much as I want to and am having trouble convincing myself to finish my old Hawk kit, I believe that I will wait for these. They look really good. These will come out in their new "Schneider Trophy" series. I hope they also include some of the Thompson Trophy aircraft. There are a lot of interesting ones there also.
  10. I myself LOVE ICM. Even their "not so good" kits are good kits. I wish they did a new La-7. Their LaGG kits, even though not state of the art and "older" in the sense of kits today and with a few (easy to correct) inaccuracies, are good and pleasurable kits. I have two of their He-111, five Ju-88, four C-45, countless 1/144 kits and 1/35 armour and love every kit. I even have about 15 of their Spit Mk.IX kits, since I find it easy to correct the few inaccuracies and don't mind filling in a few sink holes. BUT, we must all remember that accuracy of subject is only as good as the documentation available. ICM!!!!!!!! La-7 PLEASE!!!!!!!! The irony in all of this is that I don't even like German subject matter and I have so many of the Ju-88 and He-111 kits. The He-111 I plan on making in post war Czech markings and modifications and the Ju-88 kits,,,,,,, well, it is just a beautiful aircraft. I plan on converting one of my -5 to a -1 which should be quite easy, so I can do a BoB early version. Here is the link to the A-26, Unfortunately not one of my desired subject matters. Cant put "Marines" on it. http://www.icm.com.ua/news/626-b-26b-50-invader-korean-war-american-bomber-100.html
  11. Why was this kit discontinued. The Mk.V is still available but tis one is not. I still have some in my stash but want another one. The irony is that the crappy Mk.XII is still to be had but this one is gone. Is Airfix planning on replacing that POS kit?
  12. I am late to this forum but must mirror some of the earlier comments. Why another P-51D? The new Airfix is already much better than the Tamiya (if that was even possible) and the price is right. Here in the us it makes no sense to buy any kit at all from the US marketplace due to the high prices and the high cost of postage. I buy about 33% of my kits and other supplies from Hannants (the other 66% from the Czech republic and the Ukraine) because even with post it is much less expensive than from the US. The funny part is that I still find the old ICM kits of the D more than good enough. They sell for $11 new and are a nice copy of the Tamiya kit with some detail improvements. I might buy an Airfix kit but I doubt I will ever own one of the Eduard Mustangs. I can get 2 weeks of groceries or two tanks of gas for my Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, for the price of the Eduard Mustang. Almost the combined gas and electric monthly bills for my 1900sq/ft house.
  13. How come this kit is no longer available? Is the tooling on loan to Eduard?
  14. I have the tendency to agree with you. Although I do not understand with the choice of some of their subjects. P-51D? we need that like we need another hole in the head. This is what I understand from my sources, Eduard is concentrating their efforts on. That is a choice mirroring the origins of the name "Mustang" From the Spanish word "mustengo" which means "ownerless beast". Which is what I will think of another P-51 on the market. Airfix has very nice kits of both the early Spits and now the P-51D Mustang, so why another one. Even though I feel no ill will towards Eduard, I hope that they fall on their faces with those choices. Unless they decide to do a prototype Spitfire Type 300 "K5054", I will not buy another one. I already have three of each of the new Airfix examples of the Mk.I and Mk.V, which are beautiful and accurate kits. If Eduard chooses to do a new Mk. XII I will definitely buy one but that is the only major type missing in good quality I can think of. Much of the time, I do not understand the choices Eduard and some of the other companies make. The only companies I can honestly say have made decent choices in the last recent years are ICM and Zvezda. The Chinese companies I wont even bring up. They don't even come into the picture. How about a decent F4U-$ or F4U-5 or AU-1 Corsairs which there is no good and accurate kit of? Or a LaGG-3 or a La-7, or a Tempest-II Or a Spiteful or Seafang? Even though I do not much like German stuff, a He-100 or Bv-141. God forbid an accurate MiG-15 or MiG-23BN or 27. I don't think I will continue in the fear of depressing myself even further. There are so many good subjects which have been neglected.
  15. I was told that it will be shown on E-Day which apparently is Sept-28. The irony is, that Eduard is usually quite accurate with their announcements.
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