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  1. Well done, indeed! A very attractive scheme on a well built model. Is there a work in progress? I,m curious as to what you used to make that attractive Tarmac base. Please explain.
  2. The Monogram Typhoon was my first model built as an adult, 38 years ago. I still maintain the kit is an excellent base to make a very presentable model, as you have proven here. We'll done, indeed!
  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing this lovely model. We'll done, indeed.
  4. I should learn how to read. I've got the wrong Typhoon. Sorry
  5. The Hawker Typhoon 2 volume monograph #94-95 (AJ Press) by Leszek Moczulski is very useful.
  6. Well, this one just never moved, and now it's a DNF. Still sitting there, waiting on the shelf. After the Christmas holiday my fire for it just never came back. I won't give up, though. Sooner or later, and I'll post her elsewhere at that time.
  7. Excellent photo's you have there. Such a build will prove very worthwhile to look into, an I do hope you find quality time to move forward with it. I know that's not always possible with a young family.
  8. Great start! I'm very interested in looking in on this build as you progress. I just got the Airfix Vb for Christmas, and a great deal of it's parts are common to this kit. Already, I'll being looking for the Vallejo metal the next time I travel to the city. Looks good so far!
  9. Thanks. They are really very good. I was thinking they were those painted figures you can get for the train hobby. Goes to show how much I know about figures.
  10. Perhaps you can excuse my lack of figure knowledge, as I'm very unfamiliar with this genre. Did you paint these? and what manufacturer and scale? Thanks
  11. Now, that is an extremely attractive model in Lilliput scale. Well done!!
  12. As is already said, outstanding weathering job. Looks to be a museum quality build.
  13. Brilliant paint work. An extremely attractive F-5.
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