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  1. Greetings, All is well, however, I had a few situations in regards to the MMC Spark Plugs and the Cylinder Head. First, I tried to drill out the molded in spark plugs so I could use the MMC plugs, it sort of looked ok, but not to the level that I am trying to build, so, I found a cylinder head replacement from a business in Germany. I painted the molded in spark plugs. Second, I installed the rocker type arms and springs on top of the head. The strength of the springs caused the whole assembly to develop a significant list. I had to take apart all of the rocker arms etc. of
  2. Ron, Thank you for taking the time to leave me a message. I agree with what you wrote. I Am dedicated to make this build to be as remarkable as possible, I am enjoying this model, and I love seeing it happen. Luckily, Marvin had a Distributor Cap, saving me the angst of having to manufacture one, I even made my plans for creating one. I also feel fortunate to own this Pocher RR, and that I am able to purchase the MMC aftermarket parts. On a different note, I won four auctions on Ebay for: 1937 Packard Coupe (Entex), 1937 Packard Formal Sedan (Entex), 1930’s Du
  3. A Here are the MMC Spark Plugs. They are wonderfully detailed, they were painted an off white, but it does not look it. What do you think.
  4. Codger or other savvy Builders, On and off I have been looking for the spark plugs that accompanied the Sedanca in the box or the bags, with no luck. Further, I did purchase MMC’s spark plugs, they are very detailed, I like them. Today I discovered that the Sedanca plugs are molded on the engine. QUESTION...is it worthwhile to drill out the Pocher blob spark plugs, and replace them with the MMC ones? Secondly, would you do this surgery if you had this option. I am just wondering. Thanks!
  5. Good news... Marvin from MMC has a distributor cap from a junket Sedanca, which he will send to me. Good now I do not have to make one. I can now let me dog back in the house, kidding.
  6. Hello All, No, I have not packed up the Sedanca and put it on a shelf, in a fit of frustration. I am committed to this incredible model, and will Never, EVER quit! Famous last words... What I have been doing is reading through many of the threads on this site. For the reason that I have learned a lot of building ideas which I am incorporating in my build. There is incredible model building on this site, I might say better than anywhere else on the Web. Secondly, advice has been offered about my approach to this build, I am grateful for this advice. Should I bu
  7. Welcome to my Thread, C - I am painting the engine gaskets copper per your suggestion. It appears that there are other colors. I can’t make out what you did, please share. I thought of putting a light wash of Vallejo brown to tone down the copper. Did you paint all of the chrome like parts for the transmission and brakes black? I am doing painting tomorrow and would like to get them all painted. As always, thank you for your advice and sage council.
  8. Greetings, Codger, thank you for the gasket colour, I’ve already painted them. I got the suggested lines from Koo’s dvd, I installed all but two of them, I think. When I finish “Engine II” according to the dvd, I think I will skip to the ‘Wire Wheels’, since that was recommended by you and Wayne, but, I am not so sure why, could it be that builders falter and quit when tackling them? This build is a lot of highly detailed work, certainly more than I thought.
  9. I just purchased this model on EBay, after seeing what you have done so far. Your building skills are exceptional, I would to see more of this build and your excellent work.
  10. Your build is absolutely amazing, your attention to the details is awe inspiring. The Mercedes build is totally stunning as well. Fantastic!
  11. Words escape me, being new to this Forum, I had no earthly idea that this kind of modeling occurs, or for that matter, is even possible. This build truly belongs in a museum, you have no peers! Brava, Brava, Brava!
  12. I read your entire thread, even took notes. This is an super outstanding build, a build that I would love to be able to do. I am looking to seeing more of your incredible work, Bravo!
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