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  1. I mean that July 42 is too early for ANA system.
  2. Too early for an ANA number? That colour looks too dark, I think.
  3. Hi all. I just saw this video of USS Ranger launching P-40 planes to North Africa. Any clue what the upper colour is? Bottom I would say is Neutral Grey. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtjeJynhFtw Thanks. Milo.
  4. Thanks to all for your answers. I think that may be tropical camo, the Dark Earth more dark due to the orthocromatic film. The serial may be L6823 indeed, if you enlarge the image, a 6 can be barely seen. Is the udersurface black?
  5. Hi all. I found this pic that shows a Blenheim I in North Africa (the web says that is a Mk IV, but it is wrong): https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/view/1513311 Any idea how is painted? Thanks. Milo.
  6. I know, Mike. What I want to know is if the observer had a device for aiming the bombs from the back cockpit, or he had to crawl under the turret to get to the bomb aiming position like in USN planes.
  7. Sorry, my question was not clear. I meant the rear internal cockpit, no that behind the pilot. In USN palnes, the bomb aimer post was in that "internal" cockpit. How did the observer in the greenhouse cockpit aim the bombs?
  8. If the rear cockpit was vacant, who aimed the bombs through the bomb bay?
  9. I have seen colour pics (Me-109 E) that show landing gear painted in the same colour as the undersurfaces.
  10. Milo Burgh

    KI61 questions

    Vallejo 978 Dark Yellow is very similar to FS33440. Another useful colours would be 880 Khaki Grey or 988 Khahi brown.
  11. It looks like a web that takes snapshots of blogs. The entries are from Nick's blog indeed.
  12. May be he is dealing with the Photobucket mess.
  13. In the first minutes: Emilio.
  14. An hypothetical Judy profile for Midway here (bottom of the page): http://japanese-aviation.forumeiros.com/t17-45-midway-islands-battle-june-4-1942
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