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  1. ShaneS

    Help - expert speakers needed

    We have speakers for other topics, but unfortunately, two haven't been able to confirm. I thought I'd ask here as I'm sure there are loads of experts here on these subjects!
  2. Hi all, I need some help. We're running a Gundam convention in York next month and we could do with some more speakers/panellists to do a presentation on a couple of topics, specifically customisation and working with resin. We'd ask you to do a 30-45 minute stint on stage, and take questions from the audience. If you could help, drop me a PM. TIA, S.
  3. Can I interest you in a Star Destroyer or two to go with it?
  4. We've got the new Bandai 1/12 Clone Trooper in stock, although quantities are very limited, and also the X-Wing Vehicle Model! Plus, Kylo Ren and A-Wings are in stock now as well, and Ma.K. Pak Krote and late production type Gladiator! As we paid for these before the referendum vote, we got some pretty good prices on them too! All in the usual place: http://japan-cool.co.uk/NEW
  5. ShaneS

    A few questions.

    Dazz, sorry for the very late reply. We can certainly have a look for, although it will be a while before our next trip, as I only get back 2 weeks ago! Just drop me an email with what you want, and I can get our agent to search for it.
  6. Yes, it comes with a laser turret.
  7. Maybe the flat figure is what's left of Arvel Crynyd after his encounter with the SSD's bridge?
  8. We're waiting on a few more SW kits to arrive at our supplier before we get them shipped. Should be here towards the end of next week.
  9. Our A-Wings will be with us in a week or so, but in the meantime, we have the 1/72 TIE Interceptor up for pre-order! Estimated release date is August 26th, and should work out to around £27-£28. Unfortunately, no pictures yet. http://japan-cool.co.uk/epages/950003803.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/950003803/Products/BANPRE_TIEINTER
  10. Bandai have no way of knowing how well they're really selling outside of Japan. All they'll be able to find out is the number of kits sold within Japan, because no one "officially" sells them overseas anymore, they have no figures to feed back to them. I'm sure they suspect their kits are selling, but I know they saw a massive drop when the kits were prohibited for sale outside Japan. Believe me, it's not the overall numbers that are important, it's the numbers in each individual market that interests them - that's why Gundam kits aren't officially licensed outside of Japan.
  11. I have a suspicion, which is not based on anything concrete, that Bandai may be delaying the release of larger and more expensive models until they are able to sell their kits overseas again. The development process for something the size of a scaled up ISD would just be too expensive for them to make their money back in Japan alone, where smaller kits are more popular due to limited size and space.
  12. ShaneS

    MCM Comic Con London

    We do Birmingham, London, Manchester and Liverpool (so far). This time around, we'll have a prize draw to win a Perfect Grade Zaku II!
  13. Hmm, interesting. All the previous models have been released on the last Friday of the month, this one is a week early.
  14. ShaneS

    MCM Comic Con London

    If anyone is heading to MCM Comic Con at the Excel centre next weekend, we'll be there on stand 3941, on the side of the PopAsia stage and round the corner from the Japan Centre. Looking forward to seeing you if you're going!
  15. ShaneS

    lets hope it's good

    How about a show about an average squad of redshirts on a starship? With a new cast every week.