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  1. Just BRILLIANT! Superb modelling and a real 'Wow!' paint job...
  2. Newbie(kinda)

    Aifix Spitfire Mk1a. 1/72

    Lovely finish. What paints did you use and, if you don't mind my asking, why did you choose that spinner colour? Great little kit...I bagged 3 and will be doing the last of those in pink (if for no other reason than it will amuse the children!).
  3. ...sorry STix I meant 'what ONE MAN can do with a hairy stick'. It's late...!
  4. I confess I felt the Dark Earth looked far too light but that may just be the way it photographed. And may be it didn't need the wash. Here are some (admittedly pretty rubbish) pictures of the same kit I made on coming back to hobby a couple of years ago: All that brush applied humbrol enamel certainly disguises the panel lines, a bit. As for a 1/48 Spit Mk1 I'd say you'd be better off going for the new(ish) Airfix. The Tamiya is an easier build and Airifx chose a none to clever way of engineering the gear legs... ...but, shape, options OOB and value wise, I'd put my own money down on the Airfix kit (which, in fact, I have!) Plenty of excellent reviews on here and this one: is just perfect for your purposes (not to mention an excellent read AND a superb example of what mine can do with a hairy stick!). I wouldn't presume to know enough about 109s (real or plastic) to recommend either. But someone will be along in a minute to point you in the right direction, I'm sure.
  5. And impressed you had the nerve (I mean, skills) to cut open the door and canopy in this scale. Scared me just to think about it! Well done...
  6. You're right, the panel lines on an otherwise lovely little kit, are a bit on the heavy side. But you can't do much about that (although it's not a problem I have to worry about when slapping 6 or 7 coats on with a hairy stick!). May I ask what paints/colours you used?
  7. Newbie(kinda)

    1/32 Spitfire Mk.II

    Beautiful finish. Love the optional position canopy and door! Should the wing 'walk outboard' lines go over or under the wing roundel, I thought under but am never quite sure?
  8. Fantastic finish on a super little kit; the faded splinter is simply awesome. What did you use for the aerial wire (I bottled it when I did mine and left it off!)? Should the main wheel hubs be a semi-gloss black or are earlier 109s different? Either way, top modelling. Can't wait to see what you've done with the Spit!
  9. That really is lovely. BUT...I want to see the Spitfire (never mind some old 109!!).
  10. Yeah, you're right. Rubbish build. If only my BEST efforts were that good !!!
  11. That is one FAT aeroplane! What I really like (overall quality of construction and finish aside), is the way you've got the fuselage stars to snuggle around the fin fillet; mine would have been more wrinkled that my teenage son's shoes (and cracked at the sharp change of direction)! What did you use?
  12. Whoa...are you saying the Chinese used a reverse engineered Soviet B29 to make an AWACS? I love it. Superb model, thanks for sharing...I'm off to Google now!!
  13. Newbie(kinda)


    EVERYONE knows the ultimate mojo restorer is a Spitfire. That said, cracking build. Lovely finish and realistically 'dirtied up'. I love slogan covered VVS aircraft...just wish I knew what the writing meant?!
  14. Newbie(kinda)

    Spitfire Mk. Vb, Airfix 1/72

    My first ever Spitfire kit too (don't even think I knew back then there were such things as Polish Squadrons!). What I REALLY like about the rebuild is the very obvious improvement in technique; the finish, of course, but PARTICULARLY the basic construction...you know the seam I mean!. Well done.
  15. Superb build and finish on a wonderful (and, sadly, often underrated) aircraft. Agree about the wheels...