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  1. That is really lovely (I was going to say 'cute' because that was my first thought!). I don't generally like folded aircraft (planes should have wings, for heaven's sake!) but (a) it just really works and (b) your finish is superb. I've never used Stynylrez but this is not the first time I've read less than stellar comments about it (it's on my 'don't even bother trying it' list) and I'm always impressed with just how good simple tape belts look; I really must summon up the courage to have a go myself (and save a fortune on brass/fabric/steel aftermarket stuff!)...
  2. Oh wow, that is subtle. But definitely there. Lovely, LOVELY finish. And seems to be stuck together quite well too
  3. Pflippin' heck, pfanbloomingtastic. Struggling with the whole 'they're 1/72' thing; super modelling, SUPERB rigging... ...but, hang on, that Bristol sitting just above the E IV. I need to see that close up; soooo gorgeous!!
  4. Don't do jets. At all. But F15s are just the most awesome looking aircraft (I've seen them blasting up and down the English Channel from time to time). And your model just encapsulates all that power, aggression and ruthless beauty. Oh and the fit and finish aren't bad either! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Should have gone with that scheme operationally; LOVE IT!
  6. That is just (I was going to say 'superb' but what I actually feel is) HUMBLING. Right, off to start a new hobby...
  7. I know absolutely nothing about this kit (to be honest, I rarely give Revell a second glance) but that looks lovely. Superb finish and, as others have said, THAT stand (I'll be checking the WIP right after I finish this post!). Is there some horrid fit issue going on at the tail end, or is the dihedral I think I see not really there?! If it really is a sow's ear of a kit, you've managed to produce the silk purse...
  8. Good grief, has it really been 2 years and 4 months; have I been following this build for that long (I can still remember the very first post and thinking 'I'm watching this one')?!! And now she's done. What a beauty. A very special build in EVERY way. I'm just in awe, really. B E A U T I F U L and thank you for sharing the journey...
  9. Just GORGEOUS! Lovely build; superb finish and weathering (although the upper camo does look a little soft)...not that I could do any better.
  10. So much wrong with that kit. So much right with what you've done with it. Excellent!
  11. Gordon Bennet, that's lovely! And so advanced looking. Why on earth did anyone think that sticking another wing on top would improve things?!
  12. WHAT?!! That is just SUPERB. I genuinely thought the first picture was the real aircraft. If you'd only posted it in greyscale
  13. L U V E R L Y. I know this kit has been criticised BUT it looks like a Hurricane and, for me, that's what matters. Excellent build and finish. And pretty neat photography too...
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