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  1. That is just superb Stix. As always. And I absolutely love the oversized 32 Sqn codes (just wish they were still available aftermarket!). Lovely build, excellent photography.
  2. SUPERB! I have to ask (the stupid question); how is it fixed on the stand? I'm assuming, because there wasn't a monster sized hole in the underside of your Spitfire, you must be using magnets?!
  3. What they said. Lovely build. Quality finish. And a flipping fantastic pilot. You need to do more aircraft, sir!!
  4. That is simply GORGEOUS. And difficult to believe it's 1/72 (I had to keep checking!).
  5. Just gorgeous. I've always wanted a model of K5054 and would rather not go down the resin route if I can avoid it. So, deep breath, I've bookmarked your WIP and fully intend to copy it shamelessly. Love it!
  6. Fabulous builds, beautifully painted and weathered. I particularly like that you have one A and one B scheme; it just adds to the interest. Were there any issues at all or did they just fall together?! The only thing I can see (and only because you've included the Hurricane in your last picture) is that, as reported, the Eduard roundel yellow looks a little lemony. Nothing you can do OOB though!
  7. Really like them both (well put together, beautifully painted and superb exhausts!) and they look great 'in flight'. Not seeing anything glaring at the wing roots. At all. My only thought was whether they needed a slightly more matt finish overall. That said, lovely builds!
  8. That is just LOVELY. Finish and, especially, the weathering are first class. And I'm not seeing any Kristal Kleer smudges. Particularly liked the spinning prop; just made me grin ('cos I know how that feels!!).
  9. I'm not going to mention the RED CROWBAR...........................................................................................oh! That apart, it's a pretty tasty finish for a 'brush painting experiment'. Why are you not going to repeat it; I think you should. It's an awful lot better than any of my efforts. And if the build was tricky (how did you deal with the gear legs?!), it certainly doesn't look like you struggled with it. As for aerial wires, I'm still not convinced they're absolutely necessary, even in 1/48 (and DEFINITELY not in 1/72).
  10. What they all said. Bl**dy brilliant. Brings back so many memories. Mine was painted overall gloss silver (obviously!) and I recall doing the wing chevrons in a peculiar, homemade purple mix; God knows why! But happy days...
  11. Exactly that; I did wonder whether it would work. Just imagine, a whole table of models finished in various shades of grey. I'd love to see it (sorry, straying off topic a bit!).
  12. Crikey. That's really lovely. What makes it special, for me, is that the simplicity of the scheme and absence of insignia really highlight the quality of the build, finish and weathering. There's no room to hide; no room for making a bit of a mess of it and covering it up (like I always do). And you've nailed it!
  13. Just LOVE the b/w photos. And the figures just add to that 'it could be real' feel. Lovely, tidy builds enhanced by some clever photography.
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