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  1. It's always the little things that get me; yes it's nicely built, very well painted and superbly weathered. But the exhaust staining took it from 'good' to 'great' for me. Just love it!
  2. VERY nice. And your brushwork is pretty blooming good too! What paints did you use, if you don't mind my (as a fellow brush painter) asking?!
  3. Coming at you from all different angles on that stand...SUPER impressive. I love it!
  4. Oh, RUINED by those invasion stripes! What I noticed was the quality of the build, the crispness of the finish and the lovely pink. Half a drop may seriously have been just not quite enough. Very nice indeed.
  5. Wonderful. I remember the MkIX fondly. I must have built 2 or 3. And the stand decals; just takes me right back. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Always a pleasure seeing your aircraft builds Stix; ESPECIALLY when it's a Spitfire. Superb build, finish and weathering; I genuinely thought it was 1/48! Heading straight to the WIP (can't believe I missed it)...
  7. Up to now I've just followed this build open mouthed. In awe. But WOW she looks. Just WOW. Airfix need to be following and tooling her up in 1/48th (in time for Christmas)!
  8. I looks, just...weird. But in a really good way. Love the stars and the spinner and the weathering and the white fin and rudder. Excellent!
  9. FIRST attempt with an airbrush??! Crikey, I'm too scared to even contemplate spraying paint about. That is a very nice Spitfire. I'd be chuffed if it was mine; hope you are!
  10. I've come late to this (the request not the site). But done. I love this place. Well worth every penny!
  11. Now you know, it'll gnaw away at you every time you look at her! And Uschi? In this scale she'd be almost invisible; I'd be tempted to leave her off...
  12. Lovely builds, all three; especially like the black and white undersides and the weird Munich Crisis wing roundels! Oddly, I've found, in real life, I don't notice the heavy handed panel lines quite so much. But maybe I just slather on more coats of paint than you! One small point, I have a suspicion the Mk Is aerial mast is on upside down.
  13. Lovely build and finish. Really nice pilot. And a superb save on that dark green almost disaster!
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