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  1. Just GORGEOUS! Lovely build; superb finish and weathering (although the upper camo does look a little soft)...not that I could do any better.
  2. So much wrong with that kit. So much right with what you've done with it. Excellent!
  3. Gordon Bennet, that's lovely! And so advanced looking. Why on earth did anyone think that sticking another wing on top would improve things?!
  4. WHAT?!! That is just SUPERB. I genuinely thought the first picture was the real aircraft. If you'd only posted it in greyscale
  5. L U V E R L Y. I know this kit has been criticised BUT it looks like a Hurricane and, for me, that's what matters. Excellent build and finish. And pretty neat photography too...
  6. Simply stunning! Excellent decals with some unusual schemes. But the research is something else. There is, though, one really serious issue... ...I'm going to have to buy a lot more MkI Spitfires!
  7. I really like Turkish Spits (don't know why but it could be the red rudder!). And yours is a lovely example!
  8. Super builds. The Tamiya MkI looks like a cracker of a kit. I'm sorely tempted...
  9. Absolute BEAST! And especially like the last pic. Super modelling, as always. I'm still struggling to understand how Airfix missed the gunsight; what were they thinking?!
  10. LOVELY! 1/72 you say? Yeah, right (even though I know it is)! Well done...
  11. Just gorgeous. I looked at (or rather, drooled over) the pictures first THEN read your post. Yep, the fin flash! Spotted it immediately but only because I was looking for an error. Otherwise, oddly enough, it's not obvious, especially in the B&W photo. Whatever, it's a lovely build!
  12. That's a great display. Of the most recent 2, I'm with K5054 for that paint job (not to mention the decal rescue. I binned a pink PR1G that I was really pleased with last summer for exactly that problem, at that stage in the build). Did you WIP the others (because if so, I'm checking them out next!)?
  13. What they all said. And absolutely tops marks with that pen; hugely impressive chrome finish. Love it.
  14. That is lovely. She's certainly not the prettiest of planes (especially when you consider what came before and after) but by the end of your build thread I was finding her strangely compelling! I'm delighted you stuck at it and got her done. She looks great. Well done and thank you for sharing.
  15. Superb! The finish on both is just excellent; I can't choose between the super glossy Speed with the masked cheats and numbers and the ever so subtle 'what colour is that exactly?!' K5054. Can't wait to see what you're going to do with the chromed prop. Actually, I really can't wait to see them side by side in 'Ready for Inspection'. But take your time, this is a great thread..
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