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  1. Lovely build of a super little model. (Tip. Use a sharp blade and remove the red decal in the roundel over the last cartridge ejector chute!).
  2. Lovely builds. But with that backstory? A wonderful tribute to those (far too) young men. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Lovely Hurricane and super collection in that last photo; which, I think, proves the point precisely. Because, to my eye, the Dark Earths and Dark Greens ALL look ever so slightly different! And that, I suspect, is all about angle, lighting, distance and position. Are you pleased with them? I think you should be. And that's what it's all about. If I were being picky, the standout thing for me on VK*A is the gun patches which, I think, should be one large rectangle covering all four ports on each wing (rather than 4 individual squares). But I'm sure some real Hurricane experts will put me right any time soon!
  4. I've said it before. I'll say it now. And, without doubt, I'll still be saying it again this time next year; I just LOVE your Dad's stuff, even if the particular subjects (usually those with holes at the back) aren't my thing. The quality of his builds is inspiring (and bl**dy scary!). The photography isn't bad either. Keep them coming and a Happy New Year to you both!
  5. Tracks and water...meh! The Mossies are SUPERB! Thanks for sharing.
  6. I'm a Spit man, so OBVIOUSLY I love your Mk.1. But, BUT, BUT that VC10. I was born in 1960 and built that kit (the Airfix original) as a kid. I didn't paint it (suspect I was too young and my parents probably didn't want me ruining their dining table) but I did put on those BOAC transfers. It was the most GORGEOUS airliner ever. And still is...
  7. LOVELY builds. I'm not really interested in transports and Dakotas are, well, just so tedious...BUT your C47 looks superb with that nose art. And, OMAG, the P40. Not only is it beautifully built and finished; it actually LOOKS LIKE a P40! I'll get my coat...
  8. I'm really not into jets, especially not two-seaters. But those are FABULOUS. Lovely builds, superb schemes...the F1B is stunning!
  9. The railway. Absolutely the railway. If you do nothing else in 2020; pleeeease!!
  10. Yep spotted the Spit too! Renault Fuego, God I thought they were sooo sexy! Love them all...but the T80; what a beast! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Yeah, totally rubbish builds; I wouldn't be happy either, especially not with that Defiant and the Mustang. Are you KIDDING?!?! What a fab collection (although I suspect you might be right about the Norwegian roundels). Did I mention how gorgeous the Hunter is too. . .
  12. A quiet year? Good God, man! How many do you knock out when you're feeling perky?! Superb collection but especially like the wacky camo on the 85 Sqn Hurri. Here's to better health next year (and an even bigger 2020 Yearbook)!
  13. LOVE them; especially the Mustangs (superb dropping drops!), Hurris and Spits. The sense of movement is just F A B U L O U S ! And I'll ask the newbie question; an F4 Phantom II with swing wings. WHAT?!!
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