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  1. Spectacular! All the effort was completely worth it Rich, it's looking ubertastic!
  2. Thanks for the warning, I'll wait for the DVD then.
  3. Very typical for Berlin are also the two tone brick buildings from that time. We still have a few of those around. The primary school I went to had a similar fassade as the one you built and there are quite a few similar ones left. For instance, this is what the police station looks like in the district I grew up:
  4. It's beautiful! Great weathering and those slightly darker stains on the grey areas rock!
  5. Ah, what beautiful shape you got going there! This looks great already.
  6. As for the hex pattern Fallout hobbies carries vinyl stencils for that. http://www.fallouthobbies.com/stencils/ Also saw a video on youtube about hex camo that was quite explanatory and interesting. Just search for hex camo on youtube and I bet you'll find it.
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