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  1. I wish they would cover the Yak-141 Freestyle! In 1/48th scale of course.
  2. How are the Modelsvit kit? I see they have nice details, but how is the fit? Are they still considered short run kit's?
  3. I'll go for a Yak-41 Freestyle 1/48th scale! Short run would be better than nothing.
  4. Their are some reviews on YouTube. One is by Phil Flory, he likes the kit, more then the Meng. There's another quick build video that shows the model finished at the end. Looks good, so far. Fit of the part seemed to be very good also, maybe not Tamiya fit, but very good. Brad
  5. They'll never make, what I want! Then again, nobody will ever make what I want!
  6. Such a tragedy! Condolences to the families.
  7. B.sin


    On the F-35B, behind the lift fan door, there's a second split door that opens when the plane is taking off and landing. When open, it exposed the drive shaft that runs from the engine to the lift fan. Can anyone tell me why it is there, why is it necessary to expose the lift fan shaft? Is it an auxiliary intake, necessary for more air to be sucked into the engine for it to function properly? Brad
  8. Italeri is making the F-35B in 1/48th scale. Let's see how they approached the RAM panels. I'm not going to hold my breath that they don't come out looking like armored plating, but you never know!
  9. Now, it will be another month, before we see the actual plastic. Just saying.
  10. I certainly hope Sukhoi redoes the nose on this aircraft!
  11. Who will be the first, to give us an injection molded kit of this jet?
  12. I suspect they won't release the F-35B in 1/48th scale until the end of the year.
  13. I hope they didn't mess up their new F-18E!
  14. Well, as a boy, I would have loved kits like this! Was really into zeppelin's and things of that nature back then, but their wasn't much available! Definitely something different!
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