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  1. Who will be the first, to give us an injection molded kit of this jet?
  2. I suspect they won't release the F-35B in 1/48th scale until the end of the year.
  3. I hope they didn't mess up their new F-18E!
  4. Well, as a boy, I would have loved kits like this! Was really into zeppelin's and things of that nature back then, but their wasn't much available! Definitely something different!
  5. Are they still in business?
  6. Very sad! I wish Mr.Song, and the people at Kittyhawk, the very best!!!
  7. Perhaps after they sell off the inventory they have, they'll start up again? Or is that just wishful thinking? Brad
  8. That would be me! I hope this is the case!
  9. This is not good! First WNW, now Kittyhawk! Who's next?
  10. Forgive my ignorance, but could somebody please explain to me what this twist in the fuselage is on the Mi-24 helicopter?
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