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  1. Just what we need, another Phantom! Instead of addressing long neglected subjects like the BF109!
  2. We could use a new tool kit! Kinetics, Kittyhawk, Hobbyboss?
  3. I would say, releasing this kit, at this time, is bad timing.
  4. I guess WWII subjects sell better than modern military aircraft.
  5. B.sin

    ICM 2021

    Well Homebee, nice to see you agree with me. I have sent them emails with my suggestions! Maybe if more folks did the same, we might see them one day!
  6. How about a Yak-141/41 Freestyle in 1/48th scale!
  7. B.sin

    ICM 2021

    I would like to see them do a Su-15 in 1/48th scale!
  8. Looks like a nice little kit, another win for ClearProp! Beautiful box art to boot!
  9. Looks great so far! I like the that the inner wing panels are one piece with the upper fuselage! The way the lower fuselage looks, looks like they will have the main wheel wells set up like the revel1/32nd scale kit! Nice and deep, but most likely more detail. Looking forward to seeing more, and fondling the kits plastic in my hands!
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