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  1. Rafdec

    Airfix 2020

    I would like to see the following RAF aircraft in 1/72 scale:- DH Hornet 1/3. DH Venom FB.1/4. Avro Anson C.19. Avro Lincoln. DH Vampire NF. 10. Gloster Javelin ( Any Mark ). Blackburn Beverley. BAC Jaguar GR. 1/3. Bristol Blenheim V. Bristol Belvedere. BAC Canberra B.2 etc. Fairey Battle. HP Halifax B. 111/VII. Hawker Hart family. Hawker Tempest V/VI/11. NA Harvard. Vickers Valetta. Vickers Varsity. Westland Whirlwind helicopter. Westland Wessex. Just a few to consider for the future?
  2. Hi there./ Any news of the Gloster Meteor NF. 11 - 14 kits yet. Many thanks, Steve
  3. Rafdec

    Airfix 2020

    Not a lot of interest for me this time only the BUCCANEER and maybe another Bulldog! Talking to someone on the Stand at Telford was told Helicopters did not sell when asked about doing a Whirlwind! Steve
  4. Not much in the way of interest for me except the BUCCANEER. Still waiting for the Venom. Speaking to one person on the Airfix stand at Telford requesting a Whirlwind helicopter, he said helicopters don`t sell! Steve
  5. Looked on the "Cold War Shield" website today and it says it is now ready and available. Price £75 including P & P. Good news.
  6. Rafdec

    Airfix 2019

    How about ;- Westland Whirlwind Helicopter ( All Marks ). Westland Wessex HAS.1 / HC.2. Bristol Belvedere.
  7. Rafdec

    Airfix 2019

    My wish list for 2019 in 1/72nd scale are:- Vickers Valetta DH Venom (All marks ) Avro Lincoln G. Meteor NF.11 - 14 G. Javelin ( All marks ) S. Spitfire FR.XVIII Avro Anson ( Late marks ) DH. Chipmunk NA. Sabre ( RAF Slatted wing ) Westland Whirlwind helicopter ( All marks ) Hawker Hurricane IIc Hawker Tempest (All marks ) F-84 Thunderstreak F-80 / T-33 Shooting Star Blackburn Beverley. BAC Canberra B.2 etc. Westland Wessex HAS. I Only a few to keep them busy. Steve.
  8. My choices, all in 1/72nd scale:- Venom / Sea Venom Anson C.19 Meteor NF. 11 - 14 Valetta Twin Pioneer Whirlwind Helicopter ( All Marks ) Javelin family Lightning Trainer versions Hornet Canberra Wessex HAS.1 / HC.2 Beverley Varsity Steve.
  9. Excellent build. I have 5 of these kits ( both types ). My Dad worked on these c. 1954-56 with 5 Sqdn at Wunstorf, Germany.
  10. Alleycat models list Vampire NF.10 and Early Vampire T.11 on their sneak preview to do recently.
  11. Hi Chris, This is one of the best models of this type that I have seen, nice paint job. I feel that the undercarriage is the only thing that lets these kits down. Hope Airfix decides to cover the Night-fighter versions shortly. Best wishes Steve.
  12. I would like to see in 1/72 scale:- Beverley Valetta Meteor NF versions Chipmunk Twin Pioneer Lincoln Venom ( All versions ) Whirlwind HAR 1 / 10 Prentice Spitfire XVIII Not too many to ask for!
  13. Saw the built up model at Telford. Looked quite nice with the engraved detail. Will wait for a WIP or write up in one of the magazines before parting with the cash. Far cheaper than the Magna kit if it is accurate? Hope to see someone do some nice complete aftermarket decals for it with MEAF / NEAF titling.
  14. Nice pair of Beaus, looks superb with the invasion stripes on. I think it`s an excellent kit and what with next years markings/update release should be a winner.
  15. My list, all 1/72 scale. DH Venom family DH Chipmunk AW Meteor NF. 11 - 14 NA Sabre F-86D DH Vampire NF.10 Vickers Valetta Vickers Varsity BAC Canberra B.2/6 HP Hastings Avro Anson C.19 SA Twin Pioneer Westland Whirlwind Helicopter family Bristol Beaufort Short Sunderland V AW Argosy Blackburn Beverley BAC Lightning T.4/5
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