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  1. Michael51, Pete Brothers Hurricane 1, P2921 GZ - L, appears on the " Kits at War " 1/72 scale sheet No. K7 / 9. Best wishes, Steve.
  2. Rafdec

    Tsetse Mosquito

    Hello Luka, The info. you are looking for, for this Mosquito is LR347 " T " as shown in the book, Camouflage and Markings, RAF Fighter Command 1936 - 1945. Steve.
  3. Hi Tony, Your model is superb. Clear nostalgia, better schemes then compared to todays types. Yes I agree with you on the standards of the forces today. They got rid of many of the servicemen a few years ago, now they can`t recruit them and have lowered the standards ( i.e. Beards in the RAF and accepting head tattoo`s plus gay pride stalls at some shows ). Utter disgrace. Not enough people to do the jobs but can find time to decorate the aircraft with their Anniversary markings, all very good when flying in a war-zone. As you say it`s all too PC now, even the Recruitin
  4. Blackbird Models also do two-stage engines for the Tamiya kit.
  5. Hi there, Does anybody know what the actual green colour was as used on No. 36 Sqdn, RAF, Sqdn. code No`s. i.e "36". Green with White edging, same style as Shackletons. Could it have been Insignia Green? Many thanks. Steve Webster. RAFDEC.
  6. Hello Chris, I believe they were white. Steve.
  7. Hello Tony, Yes, I`ve read that book too. It`s a very good read. Your Valetta is coming on brilliantly, I want one of these kits and want to do one from RAF Fayid. Hope someone does some aftermarket decals for this a/c. Hopefully Xtradecal or Air Graphics. Best Wishes, Steve.
  8. Hello, Iain, I`m afraid you are mistaken about the a/c being taken at Tangmere. The WW1 hangers were bombed during the War and replaced by " T type " ones post-war. These in the photo are Pre-War ones. Steve.
  9. So far I have about 21 (Revell, Xtrakit, MPM and Special Hobby ) of all the Marks. Still need a few more Night Fighter versions when they are available. I find the only problem, to me anyway, is the undercarriage being a bit fiddley. The legs in the new NF. versions much better. Steve.
  10. Can`t wait for this kit to do a MEAF one.
  11. I believe I took this scheme from a side view in Aviation News Warpaint. Steve
  12. Dakota KN452 appears on the "Model Alliance" sheet MA-72210 in the markings ( overall Dark Sea Grey with White top fuselage decking ) of Coastal Command Communications Flight, RAF Gibraltar, 1956. Steve.
  13. I would like to see the following RAF aircraft in 1/72 scale:- DH Hornet 1/3. DH Venom FB.1/4. Avro Anson C.19. Avro Lincoln. DH Vampire NF. 10. Gloster Javelin ( Any Mark ). Blackburn Beverley. BAC Jaguar GR. 1/3. Bristol Blenheim V. Bristol Belvedere. BAC Canberra B.2 etc. Fairey Battle. HP Halifax B. 111/VII. Hawker Hart family. Hawker Tempest V/VI/11. NA Harvard. Vickers Valetta. Vickers Varsity. Westland Whirlwind helicopter. Westland Wessex. Just a few to consider for t
  14. Hi there./ Any news of the Gloster Meteor NF. 11 - 14 kits yet. Many thanks, Steve
  15. Not a lot of interest for me this time only the BUCCANEER and maybe another Bulldog! Talking to someone on the Stand at Telford was told Helicopters did not sell when asked about doing a Whirlwind! Steve
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