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  1. About the gloss... The MRR were painted high gloss, but it did not seem to last much, due to the sea air salt content, probably. In all the photos I have seen, some sheen is apparent up close in some of them, in most photos the paint is dull, satin at best in some areas. At a distance you can see the hole aircraft, at least for me, a gloss paint should be represented in satin, and a satin paint in a almost matt satin finish. Anything matt needs extra coats of matt, so it will not reflect any light. Therefore, this dirty Vulcan was given a matt coat for all those hours flying over the North Atlantic.
  2. Thanks for all your comments! The kit was not rescribed, the raised detail that comes with it is great, and should be preserved. The tail pipes were made from some 8mm led holder parts I've had for years: The kit (mis)represents the B.1 pipes, I needed them to at least resemble the B.2. I guess a bit more sanding would have made them look better. It is white underneath. I concluded from what I could see in many photos that the MRR Vulcans had a transition both from white to light grey underneath and the blue white red insignia to the blue red insignia, still in white underneath then to pale grey underneath. Anyway, I was really tired to look at the box and think about the day I would tackle this kit. Done!
  3. Hello, I just finished my latest build, XH558 in her MRR role days. Its a kit with a few issues, but you can get a nice model out of it. Hope you like it.
  4. Thank you so much for your comments and for sharing the enthusiasm about the Tigercat!
  5. Thanks! It's a great addition to any collection. Highly recommended.
  6. Hi, thanks for considering my build as inspiring! The Tigercat is a beautiful airplane, and this kit turns out a good representation of it. Regards.
  7. Thanks for your comments. Still finding my way back to the hobby...
  8. Hello, here is my finished Tigercat, part of a GB with 4 finished kits that actually posed for a family photo!
  9. Hello Oliver, thanks for your comment. I used Vallejo Air Aluminium, and acrylic wax for the finishing layer. Regards.
  10. Hello, this is a model I finished last year around october. Hasegawa rebox, nice kit and good decals, tried not to overdo the weathering.
  11. Hello, here is my recently finished Heller Mirage IIIC, 1:48 scale. An old kit, with tricky thick decals that only Tamiya extra thin glue was able to set. Regards.
  12. Hello, I just got back to the hobby too, 18 years hiatus. Back in the eighties and nineties there was near to zero information available on any subject you would want build, save for the odd copy of FSM magazine or a few aviation books with poor quality photos. Since coming back to the hobby, I try to gather the most information about the plane I am building, both from photos of the real thing (where colors may vary from exposure saturation etc) and from built models. This allows me to decide which color feels right, and also some mistakes can be avoided. Congratulations on your build, I would not spend time correcting it, as it can get frustrating really fast. Keep it as it is, it will remind you of the nice time spent building it, and also of the need to do some previous research before starting a new build. Regards.
  13. Nice builds, portraying uncommon colors and markings, well done!
  14. What Josip said, if you could turn out a 1:72 kit like this, shift to 1:48 and you will feel less limitations. 1:32 would be even better. Congratulations on your build!
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