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  1. i cant choose..... So to qualify the build a vote of 8 or more will pass the vote and make the winner. We also have a new list to choose form: 72nd scale, Sea King HH60 Chinook, Spec Ops Merlin Concord Ardvark EF Hawk T1 Hawk T2 Typhoon T2 Tornado IDS Avro Shack All of the V bombers DH Sea Vixen DH Sea Venom. 48th scale, Spitfire Mk 16 (ICM) BF109 (ICM) Spit Mk 5 Meteor Gnat Tornado GR1-4 Tornado F3 Tornado IDS MiG25 F15 F16 F14 DH Sea Vixen 8 votes gets the win, any ties then i will pick and independent to choose,
  2. Well i love your build i think ts fantastic and a credit to your talent, I do have this kit...it comes with the Launch pad facility from the Revell kit. I measured up the dimensions and i would need one hell of an area to display the shuttle and the launch tower. It has crossed my mind a few times to sell the kit and let someone else have the joy of a fantastic build and display, I just dont know about letting her go, price would need to be right and I also think the buyer has to be right aswell. I say this because the kit is rare, its a difficult build ( built 2 before) and it takes up alot of time and patience. A newbie may have the nack to build a good spitfire or hawk but this kit is for the big boys.
  3. He certainly does have the clearence and pay grade on a level above most, he does have the fame within Air Inteligence (my role) for being a very eagle eyed chap. A humble gentleman, a good friend and a credit to the UK Aerospace Industry.
  4. May I ask what paint and technique you use todo the canopy, ive always wanted todo the F16 canopy iin its distinctive glaze.Thank you in advance. jamie.
  5. I recieved two kits both being AB212 from mistercraft. Both kits had a two piece round element and this "ball" sat in a "U" shaped cradle. The ball once built had a view finder moulded on to it. When i figure out how to upload pictures then I will add them to this post. The RAE and QinetiQ are very close to my hear and I am glad to see the Seakings getting thier moment of glory. The work and dedication i have seen so far in this few picrures are outstanding.
  6. Loooks fantastic, I have the honour of knowing the great Nevell Beckett who helped design the Bucc while he was at Blackburn and then he whent on to work heavily on the EAP and latterly the Typhoon. It was with his guidance and input that made me a great lover of the bucc and how such an aircraft can stir up the imagination of many a boy and grown man. What i like most about your build is the fact you didnt bin it, because id you had you wouldnt have a damn fine example of her to show to us all. Brava that man and Ilook forward to seeing your next project.
  7. Well chaps so far its between the SaturnV and the Concorde..... the final decsion will be made at 8pm this Friday.....so please keep them comming or even suggest one that isnt in the list and if I have it and it gets enough votes then its a winner. Thank you all....I look forward to the end result.
  8. You are spot on SeaKing is one of my most enjoyable kits and helicopters, in my stash i do have four of them 2 RAFRescue and 2 RMJunglies also have a German SAR version from the new release Revell SAR double kit, if anyone would like the boat let me know- comes complete with an already plumed in drive shaft for the brass prop and the markings and drawings of the bow thruster that was going to be placed into it by a chap who sadly died of Cancer this year.
  9. I have been on BM for many years, I have loved the work that so many of you have done.....That is why i trust my fellow modellers to make a choice for me. In my stash I have the Revell 48th GR4 and F3, also the Luftwaffe Test and Evaluation bird. I also have a good old Gloster Gladiator, the old Revell Blackwidow and the ever perfect Spitfire Mk5 all in 48th. I have Helicopters, Props, Jets, I even have a bllod long 72nd Concorde and a 72nd Saturn V. So my friends I ask as a humble model makers what aircraft shall I build, if one in the list doesnt sound good then suggest one mmodel and if ihave it then Ishall do it. I need a challenge, I need your inspiration boys and girls....... Thank you in adavance...... 913-274 Inspector, Special Branch, Moulded Plastics Division.
  10. Loving the idea, can I just ask where you got the crew from and how much they cost. Have been searching for some for a while and you maybe my last hope of finding them before insanity sets in lol
  11. I have one of these in my stash. Looking forward to working on it now that I have seen this. Keep the blog updated I want too see more. Great work !! Jamie.
  12. Wonderful build, of one of my all time favorite aircraft. Looking forward too seeing more of the build. Jamie.
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