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  1. Thank you, gents! As said before, the draken was a wonderfully aircraft, still a beauty and i hope i made her prode! Building time was about 3 months, the kit is lovely and i enjoyed every minute spending on it! Cheers, Oliver.
  2. Good morning, well, after a "little" break (house building, lost mojo.....) i´ll get back - here´s my latest model Saab Draken J35 XD in danish service Eduard Kit Eduard RBF tags Coastal display case Tamiya Colors i hope you folks like it, happy i´m back at the modelling bench! Cheers, Oliver
  3. Brilliant Airacobra, my fried! Thanks for sharing, Jan! Oliver
  4. Thank you, gentleman! I´m hang on it, closed the fuselage yesterday and will show you some pics in the next days! Overall, the kit is well designed and is fun to build, good job Special Hobby (btw, i just bought their new kit IAR-81C Rumanian Defender in 1/32 ) Oliver
  5. Thanks, invidia! Build it, will not disappoint you Oliver
  6. Hi Jan, thanks! Absolut, build the beast, its an awesome kit! Regards, Oliver.
  7. Hi Chris, only one pylon for Blue 16! Oliver
  8. Thank you very much, bianfuxia! Here is an update with 2 pics from the MiG with Coastal Kits display "Admiral Kusnezow" Cheers, Oliver.
  9. A beautiful gift you have there! Let me know when your mig is finished, will wait for her! All the best, cheers Thanks!
  10. Thank you gentlemen! May I ask what this is? Oliver
  11. Absolutely gorgeous, well done amico Oliver
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