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  1. Hi Julian, they're not *bad* at all! The standard of painting is fantastic like the rest of the kit. It would be such a shame to lose the colour that figures add. It would be easy to remove the W-SS decals, give them all black unis and revert to Heer Panzertruppe. Chris
  2. Hi Julian just been catching up with your amazing build. As the attention to detail is so spot on with the vehicle I wanted to say your figures uniforms are slightly wrong. The original figues portray Army Panzer troops. You have modded these into Waffen-SS figures using the other insignia but there are a number of errors : Tank commander cap insignia is still Army Eagle insignia should be on left sleeve for W-SS, not right breast (you have the correct W-SS pattern eagle though) Totenkopf divison troops usually had skull collar patches not SS runes Cuff title is too low These are the main issues that anyone is likely to spot. On a more subtle point, the army and SS Panzer uniforms are slightly different in cut, but only a uniform nerd would spot that! Also I have not seen any examples of SPG or Artillery crew wearing black jackets with field grey trousers, but almost anything is possible, esp late in the war. I am away from home at the moment, but can dig up some pictures to show you what I mean if you like. Chris
  3. Outstanding work. I have one in a similar state to how you started. Now you're inspiring me to do the same! I wish someone would bring out a First Order Star Destroyer...
  4. Nice job of weathering the black scheme, always tricky! In fact Poe and BB-8 do fly a blue/white T-70 in the film - it's the ship they try to escape Jakku in at the start of the film.
  5. Thanks! I got the Bandai kit on EBay from a reliable Chinese seller called goodjoy. Stuff comes quickly and shipping is free or inexpensive. I got the Brienne figure from Forbidden Planet.
  6. The Star Wars Bandai fest continues! This time it's their 1/12 Captain Phasma figure. Another superb kit that goes together without a hitch. Handling the chromed plastic is quite tricky as you can't fix mistakes like with other kits, but thankfully as the kit is well engineered there weren't any disasters! The only painting I did was a coat of matt varnish on the undersuit to bring the shine down and the small black areas on her armour. I also added restrained amounts of panel wash to bring out the details of her armour and tinted the rifle light gold using gloss varnish with a touch of trans yellow as the kit one is silver. The only let-down in my view is her cape. The kit has two choices; a three piece styrene one or very thin but stiff material neither of which look good. In the end I borrowed the cape from the Hasbro Black Series figure which which although plastic actually looks like the real thing! To further customise her, I adapted the head from Gwen Christie's Game Of Thrones Brienne of Tarth figure (just a bit of a re-touch to her make-up to make her look less medieval and more Star Wars). Photographing her was also tricky due to the shiny armour reflecting everything! I think I have a better solution but it needs some work. So anyway, here she is, comments welcome
  7. The bases are really cool, much better than what comes with the kits. I noticed you have tinted the FO TIE transparencies red. The Bandai box shows it that way on the box art, but no other reference I have seen does. Did you have any other source for it?
  8. Star Wars started the idea of 'The Used Future' all those years ago. Before that, pretty much all SciFi was Star Trek shiny. Your R5 is done in the finest tradition of that. Excellent work
  9. Further to Wayne's answer, the cockpit has space and locating recesses at the back for the gunner and controls. The SF Bandai TIE has another sprue with the pieces. Looking at it though, it's hard to see how either crew could eject through the hatch without losing one or more appendages!
  10. Doh! I knew there was something I missed... thanks, post edited!
  11. So here is the first of my Bandai Star Wars kits. I'm very impressed with the kit engineering, especially at this scale. You could put it together without glue, it's that accurate. The colour moulding also means you could avoid painting too, but this time (unlike the Revell kits I did) I have given it a full paint job. Main colour was Tamiya Nato Black with Aeromaster Light Mod Eagle Grey for the fins. Rest was panel washing with Tamiya Panel Line and silver dry brushing followed by a coat of semi-gloss varnish. I've also got the SF version plus T-70 waiting as well as a pair of OT TIEs and Vader's TIE advanced for a Black Squadron diorama Comments welcome as always.
  12. Very nice shading. I actually rather like to see a more factory fresh finish. After all the T-65s were new once! It is easy to over-weather, especially at this scale.
  13. Good work for a first go at weathering. It sure looks like one that's been around since the Clone Wars and has got a real battering!
  14. Surely on Hoth the crew need better protection suits? Get's mighty drafty in those AT-ST cockpits you know
  15. Here as promised is the companion T-70 kit to the FO SF TIE I did at Christmas. Just to remind you, the challenge here was to see what I could do with just panel wash and dry-brushing, keeping the rest of the original kit paint scheme. I left out the BB-8 astromech because the ship is Snap Wexley's which should have an R5 unit. The kit is pretty good for a snap-fix one and I think it captures the sleek look well.
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