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  1. I don't mind the repetitiveness that much. Sometimes it's cathartic.
  2. Stef, I use a circle template from Hasegawa to mask the wheel off. I paint the rubber rims first then hold them behind the template and spray the wheel colour. The template is made from a thicker sheet if stainless so holds up well and is easy to clean off when needed. The circle diameters on it increase by 0.5mm so easy enough to find the correct size.
  3. Thanks Daryl! Funny thing is, the Corsair is my favourite prop plane. I've built two of the Tamiya kits of that one and have a few more to get to. The Spitfire has turned into my "recharge the batteries" build. I know where I need to watch out and what to use AM for and can plug away at it without worry. Carl
  4. I got the rubber black painted and then the dunkelgelb. On the lower hull, I put in two of the rear bulkhead panels. I read in a build review that the reviewer had some issues getting the rear engine deck into place so I'm hoping this helps.
  5. Back to the Jagdpanther, I've been working on the road wheels. I've got them all removed from the sprue and started the cleanup of mould lines and sprue nubs.
  6. They are. They're really nice kits and highly addictive. I've done 9 so far.
  7. Thanks! I used Vallejo washes randomly mixed and applied to get the tonal variations. It worked out better than I'd hoped.
  8. Sounds like me and Tamiya Spitfire kits. Although I doubt I'll try to build 4 at once ever again.
  9. Thanks folks! Here's a couple pics of the railcar. It went together well with the only issue that it's moulded from ABS plastic so the cement didn't always hold. A few parts had to be re-glued to get them to stay put. Carl
  10. Here's another pic of the other hull parts with the moulded on zimmerit. So assembly starts with the lower hull. That went together without any issues. I then added the suspension arms and used their jig to make sure they're level. While that was setting, I started on the tracks. They're link and length with individual track teeth. Thankfully the teeth are grouped together on runs that match the layout of the track links while still on the sprues. One sprue done, another to go. That's it for now as it's time to out the kids to bed. Carl
  11. Hi folks, I'm late to the party but thought I'd give this kit a go. I built the railcar earlier this year as something different. Not having built rolling stock before, I guess it turned out ok. I set the Jagdpanther aside but saw this GB mentioned so I thought I'd break it out. The require contents pic: I'm planning to do an OOB build so the moulded on zimmerit helps in that regard. Carl
  12. I'd like to join in with a Jagdpanther. I know I'm a few days late. Just means I'll have to catch up. Carl
  13. Hobbyeasy has it at $344 CAD plus shipping from Hong Kong. https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/il3h1h32zrmgqzejzhdi.html The Trumpeter kit I've found in Canada anywhere from $95 to $149 CAD and free shipping.
  14. I'm on the fence at the moment. The Trumpeter is 1/4 of the price I've found for the Meng one. I haven't heard of what the issues are with the Trumpeter kit. I know there are some but don't know what it is or how bad they are? Carl
  15. I took a look in the recent book Blitz Bombers by Eddie Creek and on page 126 it has photos of a shot down Ar234 (F1+MT) in winter camo. The winter camo is sprayed on and overlaps most of the aircraft's markings. I would imagine then that service markings would have been painted over. One thing they note is that the upper wing was not covered in the winter camo. Hope that helps. Carl
  16. Thanks for the info. You're right about the rack. I tried and couldn't get them to fit. Might have to get creative. Also HLJ got the book in and the price was $20 CAD. I've got it on the way to me.
  17. Really nice progress there Rob. The cab looks amazing. Carl
  18. Tamiya is reissuing the 1/24 kit with some new additions to the kit in the form of seat belts and PE grilles. It's supposed to come before the end of the year. Carl
  19. Thanks guys. I started applying the decals. These are an AM set I found on eBay. They come as a solid sheet so you have to cut them out individually. It's not that hard as everything is a straight line. I wasn't sure how they would work. In hind sight, I should have cut them into smaller sections to make it more manageable. The lower hull is a single piece. The decal itself was very durable which was great news. In fact, it stretched as opposed to tearing when I moved it into place. I'm going to cut the upper one into smaller sections and make it easier for me.
  20. I remember building this when it first came out. I had a hard time with keeping the body from collapsing and the joint between the two body halves kept splitting. I wasn't brave enough to cut open the legs like you've done. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. There's a new IP ED-209 coming out next year. Not as big mind you. Carl
  21. Thanks! I used Gunze weathering wash with a micro brush and wiped it off as I went. Bandai plastic is known to crumble if you drench it in enamel thinner so I wanted to make sure it didn't stay on long or puddle.
  22. Catching up on your X-Wing and it's coming along nicely. Bandai and Wave make a tool for prying apart press fit kits. It looks like a wide flat screwdriver tip. They're about $5 CAD from many of the Japanese online shops. I have the Wave one as it a bit cheaper. Carl
  23. Thanks Thom and Andy! The detail that popped out after the wash was a bit unreal. I've got the upper hull together now. Here's a close up of the details.
  24. Turning my attention to the cab, I started by painting the floor in a wood tone. This was then oversprayed with paint and like the trailer, given a light sanding to replicate some wear. I then started on the assembly. The seat frames are very thin and I was concerned about snapping them. With the driver's seat and shifter in place. I thinned down the edges of the seatbacks a bit to make them more in scale. I was at my LHS the other day and they were unboxing a shipment of Thunder kits so I'm going to consider grabbing another one as they seem to hard to find at the moment.
  25. I got the other set of tracks for the Grant done so it sits level now. I guess I'll be starting on the turret shortly. Back to the Scammell, I added the racks to the bottom of the trailer as well as the jack mounts. I started on the top coat of paint for the trailer. First thing I did was a coat of silver. I used Tru Color Metallic Silver for this as it's a very durable paint. Then it was a coat of the sand yellow. This was finally followed by some blue black and OD for the camo scheme. I'm following the paint guide in the instructions. As it is, there's enough paint colour errors in my build that I'm considering doing another one down the road and trying to get it a bit more accurate. Finally, I took some fine sanding sticks and gave the paint a light rubdown to represent the wear on the deck from loading and unloading.
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