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  1. Thanks for the info @Flintstone! Very appreciative. Yes, mine is the Pirelli version. I'm planning to do mine as a road car rather than a racer. I'm not sure how usable the decals are but if you want them, they're yours.
  2. Digging through my spares box, I found some wheels and seats that I might use. Here's a mockup with the kit wheels. I found these leftover from a binned 934 and thought they might look good on the Stratos. If I use them, I'll repaint the centres in gold. I'd also need to section the front rim and reduce its width as it's a bit too wide for the tire currently. Another possiblity is rims and tires from an NSX but I think they're a bit too bland, not to mention modern. @Codger, I also found the Countach rim I tried to modify years ago. It's not as bad as I remember but useless since I only have the one.
  3. Happy new year folks. I took a bit of a break from building over the Christmas break but I am back at it. Not that means there's been a lot of progress or anything. Anyways, I continued on the front chassis and installed the suspension bulkheads. At this point I finally took a look at how the windshield fits. The good news is it fits fairly decently. The bad news is it looks like there's some something had bonded itself to the inside of the windshield. You can just make out three black spots near the middle. It got worse though as they have melted into the plastic for want of a better description. So there were three sizable pits in the plastic. I'm in the midst of trying to sand them out as best as I can. It sort of looks like there's some frost on the windshield. I've been taking my time polishing it back to clear. It may be for naught as the outs are still in it. I guess I'll find out soon enough. Meantime, I finished getting the firewall pin marks filled in. I also worked on the gap at the bottom where it meets the chassis. I used strip styrene to fill the gap in. I also fitted the rear window frame to the chassis. I used the body shell and firewall to make sure the alignment was good.
  4. I've used some PE style razer saws. They come in different thicknesses and shapes. You'd probably just need a quick pass or two and be done. Here's one made by Tamiya with a rounded profile that isn't as likely to get caught on things. Carl
  5. I got the few decals applied today. I'm glad they switched from the stickers they used in earlier releases. Next to the Super Star Destroyer I finished earlier this year. Nice to have one more build finished before the end of the year. Carl
  6. I used a mix of semi-gloss black, mica blue and light gunmetal for the main colour. The paint was Tamiya lacquer so that it would dry quickly and I could keep working. The biggest challenge was masking off the fee smaller details. The insides of the Wave Motion Gun apertures, a small flash on the hull and B turret were pretty much it. Those were done in orange. I put a coat of yellow into the bridge windows and wiped the excess off. I then continued with the hull assembly. The main thruster was done in gunmetal. Here she is with assembly all finished. I need to decide if I do a panel wash or not. It might be overpowering in this scale. Carl
  7. Well, I cleaned up my work space a bit and found this in the mess behind my work bench. I decided to do it as a quick build. Bandai's Mecha Colle series are some great kits for the size and money. This is the most recent one that I've picked up. There's not a lot of sprues and the kit is a press fit. I do tend to use cement though for a better join. The instructions are printed on the inside of the box top. Fortunately this one came with decals instead of stickers like some of the earlier kits come with. The main hull is split lengthwise. I removed all the small parts and cleaned up all their sprue joins.
  8. These just arrived courtesy of our postwoman: Now I've got something to keep my Firefox Mig-31 company.
  9. So the front of the chassis is a bunch of parts. Some of the fit is a bit vague as Codger noted. Doing a dry run, I taped it all together to check the overall fit. It's not bad but there's going to be some shimming and filling needed. I decided to start with the sides as they seemed to have the most positive fit to the chassis. The firewall is covered in ejector pin marks so I've started filling those in.
  10. Might have to ask you for more details on them when I get around to the Countach.
  11. My dad had the same car. An '86 Cutlass Ciera. Except it only said that on the passenger side. The driver's side said Ciera Cutlass. And just to make sure, it had Oldsmobile on the trunk in three spots. Both corners of the trunk lid and across the reverse light stripe (which was the only place it was supposed to be). Gotta love that mid,-80s GM build quality. After my dad drove my '88 Civic, he never bought another American car. Carl
  12. I saw your build and it came fantastic. I tries to make my own version of your wheels at the time by grinding off the lips around the holes but made a complete mess of it. I do have the Tamiya Carrera GT to even things out a bit down the road.
  13. Thanks Codger! I've got the Countach in the stash and built one probably 25-30 years ago so it's definitely not the most perfect in terms of fit. I have been doing test fits and dry runs as I go. The front suspension is an interesting breakdown to say the least. I haven't tried the windshield yet. Could make for some fun times.
  14. I've stalled out on the Scammell so decided to work on something different. I started this a few years ago and figured it would be the ideal choice to fit that bill. Anyways, this is the old Doyusha Lancia Stratos in 1/12. I'm not sure what happened when I last looked at the kit, but some parts were a bit of a mess and covered in some art of residue. I started with the engine and had to clean up the engine block and some of the join lines. It's still not perfect but much better than it was before. For the cylinder heads, I've used Tru-color paint which I'll be using for the body as well. Here's the centre section with a start on the paint colour. The rims came in red so I've done them in titanium gold. I'm still undecided and may use rims from a 934. More to come as I get it done. Carl
  15. I picked this up on sale a couple weeks ago. It was from a shop about 40km from my place so I took advantage of their free shipping offer. Well, it ended up going approximately 3600 km to get to me thanks to a slight mix up with the post office. They thought Toronto was near Halifax. Anyways, it arrived safe and sound so ultimately I can't complain. For $120 CAD, I can't really complain about the price either. Carl
  16. I read several reviews where they said the newer Revell Spitfire II kit was closer to a V so that's what I did mine as. I used the AML VB conversion set for the wing cannon bulges. The hardest part of the conversion was I swapped the canopy for one from the Tamiya kit as I had a spare one. . If you want to see the WIP, I think it's on LSM. Carl
  17. My two sons have been raiding my stash over the last couple years. They're 7 and 9 and have been helping me keep the stash in check quantity wise. I've been primarily a 1/32 aircraft modeler which isn't conducive to living in a small house. The armour has been a great distraction as I can fit so much more int he same space.
  18. In that case, I won't mention the B-24 or B-17 to go with the Lancs. I really have no idea where to put them all when they're done.
  19. Thanks Daryl! On the Meng Jagdpanther, I used Vallejo plastic putty and grooved it by hand. As for the Lancs, yeah they're going to be quite the space hogs. I'm thinking of maybe a shelf for them in the basement when I finally get to them.
  20. Thanks Bob! That's would have be fantastic to see. My wife would probably veto the idea. I did manage to get her to agree to a pair of 1/32 Lancs though. That would be crazy. Just need a Dora to finish it off. Thanks Stix! Thanks Simon! Takom did a really great job on the zimmerit.
  21. Well, I finally got a piece of wood for the base. I gave it a quick varnish and then glued the rail tracks to it. I then used Woodland Scenics gravel as a bed. I put down a thin layer of PVA glue down between the ties, poured the gravel and then dripped watered down PVA glue over top to saturate the gravel. With the railcar and Jagdpanther in place. So that's this all finished. Now to dive into the Stratos.
  22. It was going to be next. Except I pulled out and started on a 1/12 Stratos for some reason.
  23. I just say they're for the boys. Works some of the time.
  24. Beautiful work on the ladder, nevermind the rest of your build.
  25. Yup! It's the Bronco 1/35 Type XXIII U-boat kit. Just picked it up recently and trying to decide if I want to start it next.
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