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  1. Hi Tom, obviously i found your "work in progress" so i'll be watching and enjoying this from now on, great great project Jack.
  2. Hi thanks, but i found it to be a different helo, because number 04422, the UN huey, is apparently the same (with additional numbering) with Eurocopter 145, which can be downloaded. It's a shame only kit numbers are shown, instead of aircraft names, so this would be a gigantic task to scan this way, but thanks for bringing it to my atttention, cheers, Jack.
  3. Gentlemen, Can anyone help me with a scan concerning the decal placements of the above Revell kit, i have the decal sheet, but no instructions. Any help is appreciated, cheers, Jack.
  4. And to top things, eight years later i found this marvelous project just by pure coincidence. Someone (Lee) at LSP brought it to attention in a thread on scratchbuilding among other items....... This Rotodyne is just awesome..... Jack.
  5. By coincidence i got to this page (being a BM member myself, go figure) after checking F105D info via google, and i have to concur with others: this is a fantastic build, and hopefully i'll be able to have the same results with my own kit(s). congratulations on your build, cheers, Jack.
  6. Lee, it looks like you've nailed it down, any news and progress on installing the cockpit tub? Jack.
  7. wow, Lee, i just discovered this one (because of our conversation at LSP) , but this is very very interesting, will follow this for sure.... Jack.
  8. It must be, anything is better than aeropoxy, i wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole, excuse my frankness......
  9. Hi Asmodai, thanks for your info on your local shop, PM inbound Jack.
  10. Dave thanks, going to dig into those. Jack.
  11. Gents, i'm looking for a whole bunch of 1/35 scale medical personnel, american to be specific, in order to dress up a MASH diorama. I've seen some examples a couple of years ago on a convention, but the guy who used the figures told me they would be OOP, can someone help me with this? TIA Jack.
  12. Hi Alex, just saw your PM, i'd sure fancy the third picture from below,.......
  13. thanks Andy, i'll dig into it contacting Tigger cheers, Jack.
  14. wow, that was quick, thanks, looking good, can use this info. thnx, J.
  15. Hi, actually i wasn't looking for any specific version, just the "most common" version in order to scratchbuild the interior. thnx J. OK, M...i'll try and find it, thanks for the info. J.
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