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  1. Thank you Luiz!! Ah .. ok ok .. now i understand what you meant. it may be that the images do not correctly show that angle of the landing gear ... yes yes, it's not perpendicular ... there is an inclination degree. You can see that better in the first photo. Thanks for your comment!!
  2. Thank you very much!! Yes, I totally agree on the staged basis, I always try to give that touch to my work! thankssss a lot!!!
  3. Thank you very much!! RE:undercarriage ... it seems that these 190 destined in the Hungarian front eliminated that part of the landing gear so that the snow / ice does not block the wheels.
  4. Here I present my last work finished, this FW-190 F8 that fought on the Hungarian scene, at the end of 1944 or early 1945. I work especially aimed at finding a good environment, with effects of weathering according to the operating status of these aircraft . I hope you like it! As usual, more pics and info in my blog: jamiegrahamworks.com_fw-190-f8
  5. Thank you very much!! Ufff .. i've seen some really good Spad ... thanks anyway!!! Thanks a lot!!!
  6. Thank you very much!! Yes, i think so .. it's really striking!! Thanksss!!! jejeje yes, i know this feeling!! thank you very much!! Yes, like another techniques in scalemodelling ... just practice!!
  7. Thank you very much everyone for your kind comments!! I always try to do my works with a good weathering and with a little scene / vignette ... but on this occasion I did not have much time to extend myself with the setting. cduckworth ... yes, undoubtedly the rigging is a strong handicap to do this wwi models.
  8. Here I present one of my last works completed on the occasion of the Working Group of French Aviation for the Fuengirola Scale Model Contest 2019. A much more complicated model than I thought at first with a quite complex bridging. It has been a "express work" but very satisfied with the final result. A very striking decoration with five colors camu and a spider on the top of the fuselage. I hope you enjoy that. More info and pics in my blog jamiegrahamworks_spadX
  9. Thank you very much!! About to put a step by step of how I made the sea, it is complicated because I do not have many photos of the process. I only can tell you more or less the same that in the intro. I sculpted the original model in clay. Then I made a mold, that is, the negative of that model in special bicomponent silicone for molds (photo). Then, fill that mold with transparent resin lightly colored with the translucent acrylics of tamiya. It is left to dry for 24 hours and it is easily demoulded because the silicone is very flexible. Then directly i carved the resin surface
  10. Thanks a lot!! My main objective in this project was to make a "credible" marine scene, with transparent and realistic water. On other occasions I have seen marine scenes with opaque bases, very well painted, but that lose the main characteristic of water. With this work I wanted to show that you can do any kind of scene with water while maintaining its transparency.
  11. Thank you very much for your comments again ... It is always good to check that work has been liked!!
  12. What a amazing work Angel!!! (...as usual). It's very curious how i can identify your models even without seeing your name. You put your "signature" on each model ... and i think that is fabulous!!! Enhorabuena compañero!!! (By the way, I have an F8 started on my workbench ... let's see what i'll do with it).
  13. Thank you very much for yours kind words!!! I always try to do something different in this hobby. To give another vision of modeling, more dynamic, more "artistic, in which the modeler is not a slave to the model, but the other way around." I do not believe that the only way to represent a model is to make an exact replica of the original model under standard conditions. It would be very boring to always see the same models, represented in the same way, with the same colors, etc... I've received some criticism about the lack of reality of the scene. As I have already mentioned, I
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