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  1. With a coating of mud, by the looks of the second pic....
  2. @Ex-FAAWAFU glad to hear you are repaired and on the mend. Looks like a nice relaxing build in front of you. Don
  3. Must have been, Aurora kitted it? also apologies for interruption... Good work so far Don
  4. Amazing attention to detail! Have you got your hands on Marmite Hot Cross Buns yet? Don
  5. The Arado 240 looks cool, I remember it from the William Green books!
  6. @ThreeGreens that the old Merit kit, I remember back in the 60s, my gran buying it for me on holiday in Coatbridge, then building it at her house, cant remember how I got it home Looked like a Swordfish to me. Don
  7. I have a copy of one of the few pics of a 101 Lancaster at Ludford, taken for the Illustrated London News, I believe, and given to the ground crews gathered in it, including my dad. For some reason RAF allowed them to go to a bomber station to photograph all the planes, crews, ground staff etc, before someone realised 101 was meant to be secret... Apparently a whole squadron had to be flown in to pose instead. The exception was one plane being serviced, sadly the details of the undernose aerials are masked by three sheepish erks holding an engine cover in front of it. Don
  8. Always seemed to be a Chipmunk flying over us in Fife in the sixties, now I know where they were going! Don
  9. I guess @Procopius and @stevehnz will have seen British Muzzleloaders and Forgotten Weapons on youtube? Interesting comparisons of bolt action rifles and development histories. Don
  10. Hi, great work as usual. Re the struts, could the ground crew have painted them around the Sopwith transfers, rather than over and reapply? Would they even have had spare transfers in the field? Don
  11. Nice bit of work on this kit. Call me slow, but when did the RAF go to only one roundel on top and bottom? Don
  12. MD 900 Air Ambulance (G-CIOS) flew low over us sounding rough, and then landed a couple of streets away in a school playing field. It's taken off now after about an hour, so presumably not evacuating anyone. Didn't get a pic as it was chucking it down.
  13. Nice work, definitely need good tweezers.... And thanks folks, I now have 'Double your money and take it away' as an ear Worm! Hughie Green was RAF, so there is a vague link I suppose
  14. Am I the only one who thought there was a resemblance to Biffo the Bear? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biffo_the_Bear#/media/File%3ABiffo_and_Buster.jpg
  15. You do realise kilts were discarded in the charge.....
  16. @Ex-FAAWAFU I think you will find the Welsh had a couple of kingdoms in what is now central Scotland, after the Romans left, clearly the General's roots go deep into the dark ages.....
  17. I've never heard of this giant before, although I was aware of the French ones. I'm sure you will rise to the strut challenge with the aid of brass rod and tube with a jig to align them
  18. Ced Hope you feel better, but get it checked, could be ulcers or other nasties! Don
  19. Nice formation! And just to add, plenty Poles went to Scotland, Hieronym Kwiatkovski taught me Higher English back in the sixties. Don
  20. Very nice finish, Frank, that's how I remember them in service. I managed to get my dad to drive us to Lochty to see her 'in captivity' after withdrawal. I'm glad it's been saved. Don
  21. Just seen a bit of pre war Ark Royal flying off action in an old film, 'Neutral Port', with some dodgy model flying later.
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