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  1. Wow! I love working with 3d printers and laser engravers. You must have spent hours on that firetruck! Are you going to paint them? Always loved 1/100 kits too. Seens like an underrated scale, IMO. RJ
  2. Great work on all models. Detail IS lacking on the F117, but I still think it looks pretty good. The super Sabre is truly Beautiful RJ
  3. Here is my 1/72 BI-1. Built in 27 hours. Could've been much faster, but hey I'm 16, so it was good learning. And 3 hours short of Blitzbuild Glory! Dang!
  4. Finally done, after about 27 hours. I know its not as good as most people here's models, but I'm 16 and am still learning. I personally am pretty happy with it, it was actually a bit of a tough kit in terms of fitting. Thank you Charlie from Charlie's plastic models for having such a cool old kit available! RJ
  5. Decals are on the first piece. Ill try and get done by 3:16 EST. So, 25 hours.... Canopy is on too.
  6. Wings done, time for painting of landing gears, decals, and final assembly.
  7. All painted and camouflaged. Time to move onto the wings
  8. Finally got a good mix for the soviet light blue. This was a royal PITA. Basically, I forgot to buy white paint to mix in, so I ended up having to experiment. In the end, I ended up using Rock Tumbler polish containing Tin Oxide, a type of white pigment, to get my desired color.
  9. Now I have sanded the super glue and its very smooth, with minor imperfections that don't bother me. About 5 minutes ago I painted it. I'll let it sit for a minimum of 30-45 minutes near a fan, so I can quickly get the bicolor camouflage going. While I'm at it, I'll mix up some paints and get a "Soviet light blue" mixed. RJ
  10. Putty dried. I'll try to have the model finished by 2:16 today. (EST) Now I gave it a quick rough sand. I also took a tiny drill bit and drilled 1mm portholes for the cannon armament. The kit had places to fit them, but they weren't deep enough. After this I put a very light coat of superglue over any remaining gaps, after this cures I'll sand it with 1500 grit to 2000 grit. Now off to paint the cannons....
  11. Paint dried, putty added. Sorry for the blurry image. The peg sticking out is just something I'm using to attach the model to. RJ
  12. Now that the two parts are fully conjoined, I can see there is a gap. I thought the gap wasn't wide enough to be visible when painted. In other words, I thought the paint would fill it in. Well, even after coating it with another coat of green, the gap still exists. So I'll let this paint dry and then get the putty out. Time to pull weeds for an hour while the paint dries..... RJ
  13. Decided I'm going to leave the windows faded, as there's no other option. On the brightside, the canopy is painted the way I wanted it. Downside is, when I was removing masking tape from the camo on the fuselage, the tail cracked. Easy fix though. Canopy is mock fitted. Seems to be an OK fit. I'm going to add another coat of camo since I did something stupid - that is, put the camo on both sides of the plane before putting it together. (Dum dum, I am ! )
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