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  1. Agreed; David Bowie is an absolute legend; his influence can be heard in many bands; like the vocals in this one:
  2. I love Nick Drake, lovely photograph
  3. Good to hear from you Rog Hoping that you are not still in lockdown One of my stepsons is at MIT; suffered the vast lockdown last year, brief reprise in this tiny island of relative safety, known as ACT; then went back to Vic; into lockdowns Stay safe, you and yours; I hope that you can get some modelling done to pass away the indoor hours. Long recovery for me, so model building and music will be the therapeutic measures employed; once discharged from this fine Hospital. All the best Remember; wear a flask TonyT
  4. Hi! I am also in Canberra. Northside in my case. Welcome on board! This is a great community, lots of fun and a better group of people; you will struggle to find. I used to be on here a lot more, but my health took a dive. Hoping to be here more soon. Currently in The Canberra Hospital. My poor health means I have never been able to meet up with e.g. @Romeo Alpha Yankee, however, hospital visitors are currently very welcome, hint hint Looking forward to seeing your builds. As soon as I am home; I will be starting a build. Possibly a Gulf War Tornado. All the best TonyT
  5. Had no idea that there was a 1/24 kit of the Alpine. It looks fantastic. Great start with primer and colour. Watching with enthusiasm, Rally number plates? Good luck with the build Anthony
  6. Yes Count me in with a Seversky SEV-3 in Spanish Civil War colours. Its a resin kit in 1/72 by Kora Models. Hope we get to do this Anthony
  7. Looking good Adrian. The Magna kits have a lot of resin, heavy, but interesting subjects. Im searching my memory for the correct name; but it also reminds me of a Polish Pre war prototype. in fact, one that may have flown right at the start of the war. PZL P-50 Jastrzeb maybe. Have a vac form of that by Broplan stuck with a friend in the UK… One day Keep up the good work Adrian; I see sanding sticks in your future…
  8. Thank you for the kind welcome back Adrian…. Its a long story but all going ok for now. Your Letov looks great with the paint and decals on. Such a big span on these birds. I hunted out the ‘AB Model’ kit today, then went to look at his website. Lovely models. Plus he has restored real railway wagons; is clearly a real artisan. Well worth a look for the variety of Letov variants and an incredible looking Farman Goliath. The end is in sight with this one Adrian. Really nice work Best regards Anthony
  9. Looking forward to this This is a kit that I have wanted for some time; as you say, there was an HMS Ajax version. My grandfather was on Ajax at some point, I’m told: Really want that boxing. However, seeing it made by anyone will be a treat. Good luck with the build Anthony
  10. Hello J-W Thank you; it’s good to be back The NA50 looks superb; I never knew that it existed. It will look great in Peruvian colours. I’m not sure, but maybe the Peruvians used the Curtiss P-36 too? The NA 50 really looks like the Boomerang from this end of the globe. Can’t wait to see your build. I will dig out my Academy kit and the decals. If it’s not too late, I will make a bit of a start tomorrow. All the beat Great to be back, thank you for the kind words, Tony
  11. Great to see you building this kit… I made it around 17 years ago. in bed! How I ever got all those struts to line up I will never know. it looks great Adrian you are doing a lovely job. For the radiator it the front, you can make a nice feature if you go for it. Rub a little pencil graphite into it after painting it with metallics. If you would like to see a photo of my dodgy attempt from years ago; think I have one somewhere. Also an unmade ‘AB Model’ with the KP Kit as the base, but resin bits for a different engine; a prototype of some kind. Keep up the good work; it looks smashing so far; that jig is very clever. All the best Tony
  12. Hello Is it too late to enter the Group Build? I have an Academy 1/72 kit and some funky French decals. Possibly a war in Algeria subject All the best TonyT
  13. Hello This is a great idea. I love Vacforms. Please count me in if possible. The Rareplanes kits are nice, but I have lots to choose from. Possibly a Lockheed Electra. May have a chat with my pal @JOCKNEY about a cunning plan All the best TonyT
  14. Well done Dave, that really is a beautiful model that you have made. I love the Bristol information leaflets in the frame; a great way to display it. All the best from Canberra Inspired by your build. Tony
  15. Hello Pat, My sincere apologies for the lack of contact. Two years from hell. I know that my record of being in group builds is poor now. However, I have a lovely Matchbox Mosquito, right here by the side of the bed, ideal for this. Please could you consider putting me in? Also send me a message - I'm not quite myself and not very good with IT at the moment. It would be great to catch up with you. All the best TonyT
  16. Ok. Erm.

    A lot happened.

    34,000 km.

    Starvation. I went a bit bonkers;

    129 continuous days alone.

    I ended up on the ABC National news as the second news story at peak time on a Saturday at 7pm on the 7/11.

    Any numerologists out there?

    it was the first time that I had seen my wife in 7 Months.

    Way before and during, @JOCKNEYliterally helped keep me alive as always has @AlexNand treated my very stressed and overwhelmed wife like the 15/16 Scottish Princess she is. I think that he may not be here; I was dreadfully torn as a friend that I care about a lot; a better friend, I assure you, a person like me could not imagine, had popped over onto another forum. I had and still have mental health issues. 
    I am Compus Mentis. Not the hardwiring, the data.

    Some stuff needs filing away or to be deleted; taking up too much space on the hard drive.
    We must start talking about this fella me lads; the ladies are often better at it than us.

    I tried to hide my weaknesses and pride led to a big fall.

    Anyway, sadly I can’t promise anything apart from; give the forum masses of publicity as other media sources, on your island, well I don’t know yet.

    However, Mike may not wish for that, it could create too many hits and we don’t want server meltdown.

    Not blowing the trumpet here. I’m ashamed by the 2 and a half minute piece. I had been advised to make it about me, but I don’t like doing that; so I just really don’t like it.

    Now 22 Million people know me as the bloke that arrived in a wheelchair, sounds like a Pom and laid in his own 💩  for three weeks 😔 .

    Being recognised in public (and hospital) for this, is not fun.

    I was 129 continuous days in agony, haemorrhaging, liver playing  an unfair game and starving in the end. Lost about 4 stones; 124 kg. I’m out a bit there because I’m still a bit out of it here, now back in Australia.

    Modelling wise; I’m in need of the help of you people to help get me going again.

    It’s thanks to @Mike that I am alive. That my stepkids have had a Stepdad and still do. That my wife was able to see the home of her ancestors.

    You should have seen her smile. You must know how good it feels when you just know that the love of your life is happy? Really happy?

    Model making, learning how to write again, use computers again, even commmunicate, take photos;,This forum honestly saved my life.

    The fact that some rifts have happened whilst I was sick; it was awkward as the bloke in the other place; a whole load there saved my life too.

    What an awful few years it has been for so many; and now Covid-19 has thrown everything, even my marriage, into touch.

    Alone, in the bath, looking for my old mates; see if I can learn from you again to get on my Own Two Feet and get model making; give back.

    I have missed my mates here. Very concerned that you’re all safe.




    I can email a link to @Mike of the video, phone going flat in the bath 🛀 too hot today 🥵 cold water 😃🤣.


    Love and peace and all that xx

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    2. Biggles87


      Good to hear from you Tony, and glad that you seems to be ‘ coming out the other side ‘ as they say. 

      You are probably in the best place as far as Covid-19 is concerned so stay safe and keep in touch.



    3. Mike


      Dunno what I did, but glad to see you again :)


      Stay safe,



    4. The Spadgent

      The Spadgent

      Tony T. Well butter my crumpets. 😀 Glad you’re fighting the good fight dear sir. Hope you find your feet (paws?) soon. If I can help in any way I (us all on BM I’m sure) are here for you. Take care dear tiger. 


  17. Very much looking forward to this Wez. As time goes on I start to love these kits more and more. We appear to be passing the ‘trench line’ phase of model manufacturing and now people are *purchasing* river sets. I’m not a river counter, but Heller weren’t big culprits for boilerplate rivets and kits like e.g. their Bf-109K still look just ‘right’. One of the last kits I tried to build a few years ago, but with added detail. An AML cockpit detail set, True Details wheels and those ‘Master’ wotsit (I cant remember the name ) real metal fun barrels. AZ Models spinner swirl transfers. Its over 25% but will be finished one day. Sorry if I have asked this before, but are we allowed to use a little after market detailing on them like the above example? The Dewoitine 510 is still a nice kit with plenty of after market goodies available . TT
  18. I think that we may be making one as we go along Pat ! A P-38 would be nice. I do have quite a nice old Airfix kit of a P38F. It’s a big improvement on another Airfix issue I have. Happy to get Mrs T to post it to me in my next box of goodies from the antipodes, then send your way. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/airfix-03018-0-lockheed-p-38f-lightning--166022 I don’t think anyone makes the modern ‘Glacier Girl’ warbird Transfers in 1/72, but the original pre-crash markings would be a good way to go TonyT
  19. Hello everyone Some time ago @Mjwomack suggested an ‘Anything but Injection’ group build. This was and is very appealing to me. I love building resin and vac form kits. I haven’t done one for a long time; it was the KPM vac form Lagg-3. A kit that I actually finished, when I returned to the hobby for the second time, around 15 years ago. I didn’t know of any Internet forums, used my supply of 1970’s Airfix and Humbrol enamel paints, paintbrushes from the same, very old, childhood ‘model making’ box. My skills and hand/eye coordination were worse than those I had aged 10 and I bought a selection of very cheap kits. It was simply therapy. Relaxation, a safe place to revisit for reasons mentioned in other of my threads, sadly all unfinished, most with photographs missing. I do hope to rectify both of those issues as health and repatriation of my stash, tools, paints, drawer of doom and so on allows. I feel I owe it to the good people that run this forum, endured my often rather odd burblings and those that followed the builds. Here are some photographs of my chosen subject. More details to follow Best Regards TonyT
  20. Thank you for the kind words everyone. I have been home a few weeks, now finally ready to get on with this. All my builds will be slow at the moment. Mrs T, until we get immigration stuff sorted out, is currently normally 11,000 miles away. She is here for a little while and has told me to get cracking with modelling, but not make any promises. SWMBO really is almost always right, whereas yours truly increasingly often makes a bit of a buffoon of himself. Therefore, I will be following my good lady’s advice, whilst trying to do this lovely little kit justice. A model that I never thought any manufacturer would release. How I wish someone would release a new Avro Avian, a BA Swallow, a Comper Swift in 1/72 . All released in the past, but nothing new for some time. Still, this one has been released so: onwards and upwards . Photographs to follow. Glue and bits of wire, paints, to be ordered . Elsewhere, a vac form will be attempted of something completely different, following much kind encouragement from a certain Mr. @JOCKNEY. It is small, unusual and could be fun, even if just in terms of watching me make a complete dogs dinner of it ! Best regards TonyT
  21. Hello Dennis, I would like to also offer my condolences on losing Martin. Very upsetting. A cat that theoretically lived at a neighbour’s home when I lived down under; “Gobble” went missing the week after I left; last October. He spent most of his time with us and genuinely was a good friend. Even though I left the country, the news was saddening. Pet friends really do become just like people friends. They’re often more cuddly too. My sincere apologies for the ludicrous delay in providing info regarding the model/photographs. I will PM tomorrow. No longer in hospital, but 3 weeks of being as much use as a chocolate teapot afterwards, then a week in London at Infected Blood Inquiry. Now back home and, for the first time in a few months, with Mrs. Tiger here, not 11,000 miles away . You have done a beautiful job on this Italeri classic. Your model looks so authentic to the original subject. I too am fascinated to know your colour choices, so far I have used Agama, Life Color but these colours here look superb. . When your Ju-86 is finished; a little request: Any chance of a black and white photograph of it? Maybe with a little ‘age’ tint? I suspect it will be hard to tell from the real thing. I will message tomorrow, meanwhile, keep on keeping on; its so good to see a SCW/GCE subject done justice like this . It will help take your mind off of Martin too. Best regards TonyT
  22. https://www.forces.net/news/rare-spitfire-lost-norwegian-mountains-fly-again I must write to Mr @Beard very soon regarding a very kind message that he left for me some weeks ago. I will; it has only been delayed for the reasons outlined above. Meanwhile; thank you Mr. Beard for the warm welcome home and kind words; I hope that you are doing ok . I did not know about this Spitfire until recently. Moreover, I did not know that they flew so far north, in cases like this, unarmed. There is every possibility that you have built it already, but any information on these aircraft, their pilots and good reference books is most welcome. Brave men indeed. Best regards TonyT
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