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  1. Ok. Erm.

    A lot happened.

    34,000 km.

    Starvation. I went a bit bonkers;

    129 continuous days alone.

    I ended up on the ABC National news as the second news story at peak time on a Saturday at 7pm on the 7/11.

    Any numerologists out there?

    it was the first time that I had seen my wife in 7 Months.

    Way before and during, @JOCKNEYliterally helped keep me alive as always has @AlexNand treated my very stressed and overwhelmed wife like the 15/16 Scottish Princess she is. I think that he may not be here; I was dreadfully torn as a friend that I care about a lot; a better friend, I assure you, a person like me could not imagine, had popped over onto another forum. I had and still have mental health issues. 
    I am Compus Mentis. Not the hardwiring, the data.

    Some stuff needs filing away or to be deleted; taking up too much space on the hard drive.
    We must start talking about this fella me lads; the ladies are often better at it than us.

    I tried to hide my weaknesses and pride led to a big fall.

    Anyway, sadly I can’t promise anything apart from; give the forum masses of publicity as other media sources, on your island, well I don’t know yet.

    However, Mike may not wish for that, it could create too many hits and we don’t want server meltdown.

    Not blowing the trumpet here. I’m ashamed by the 2 and a half minute piece. I had been advised to make it about me, but I don’t like doing that; so I just really don’t like it.

    Now 22 Million people know me as the bloke that arrived in a wheelchair, sounds like a Pom and laid in his own 💩  for three weeks 😔 .

    Being recognised in public (and hospital) for this, is not fun.

    I was 129 continuous days in agony, haemorrhaging, liver playing  an unfair game and starving in the end. Lost about 4 stones; 124 kg. I’m out a bit there because I’m still a bit out of it here, now back in Australia.

    Modelling wise; I’m in need of the help of you people to help get me going again.

    It’s thanks to @Mike that I am alive. That my stepkids have had a Stepdad and still do. That my wife was able to see the home of her ancestors.

    You should have seen her smile. You must know how good it feels when you just know that the love of your life is happy? Really happy?

    Model making, learning how to write again, use computers again, even commmunicate, take photos;,This forum honestly saved my life.

    The fact that some rifts have happened whilst I was sick; it was awkward as the bloke in the other place; a whole load there saved my life too.

    What an awful few years it has been for so many; and now Covid-19 has thrown everything, even my marriage, into touch.

    Alone, in the bath, looking for my old mates; see if I can learn from you again to get on my Own Two Feet and get model making; give back.

    I have missed my mates here. Very concerned that you’re all safe.




    I can email a link to @Mike of the video, phone going flat in the bath 🛀 too hot today 🥵 cold water 😃🤣.


    Love and peace and all that xx

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    2. Biggles87


      Good to hear from you Tony, and glad that you seems to be ‘ coming out the other side ‘ as they say. 

      You are probably in the best place as far as Covid-19 is concerned so stay safe and keep in touch.



    3. Mike


      Dunno what I did, but glad to see you again :)


      Stay safe,



    4. The Spadgent

      The Spadgent

      Tony T. Well butter my crumpets. 😀 Glad you’re fighting the good fight dear sir. Hope you find your feet (paws?) soon. If I can help in any way I (us all on BM I’m sure) are here for you. Take care dear tiger. 


  2. and many more. I have missed you all a lot. Just been too ‘crook’ as they say in that land now far away, to be of any use at all.

    I’m trying to catch up with Jerzy-Wojtchek but feel he may have changed his moniker. Hello @Mike and those that make this great place work.

    I will now have a little look at all the great builds that I have missed.

    Its lovely to be back in the U.K.. Just wonderful to be in Scotland too.

    Just miss the wife. We do get very, very attached to them as we get older don’t we?

    All the best and I would have mentioned everyone that I have missed, but my phone went a bit wibbly on me.

    Best to all


    1. The Spadgent

      The Spadgent

      Mr Tiger sir. 🐯It has been a while. your story makes me feel happy and sad in equal measure. Happy that you are getting things sorted out and that you are home but sad that you are away from your loved ones at such a time where we need our loved ones around the most. I only just saw these updates as I have been busy and not hanging around BM or the bench as much as I would like. Life and Christmas has taken a huge chunk out of my time but listening to your woes makes me feel blessed that at least I have my health and I should be thankful for that. I hope you had a good Christmas Day kid. We had both sets of family around so it’s been hectic. My brother and his family however are visiting friends in Australia so that’s been weird as we have spent the last fourty odd years together over this time. Not a patch on your disconnect but you know what I’m getting at.  Take care of yourself and I hope you have a more stable new year.

      I’m going to try and get this bloody robot suit finished (silly model kit I can’t seem to finish) so I can get back to things with wings. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you brother.


      John. 😀

  3. Hello everyone,

    It was tricky, but I made it. Back in the U.K.. Attended the infected blood hearings in October.

    Persuaded SingaporeAir not to charge me £600 to bring a wheelchair over.

    Managed to pick up the by now ancient Volvo 940 Estate, get it through the MOT, taxed, tested.

    Insurance was a monumental faff.

    One that matched the rather Nordic long story telling name of the company I used.


    Now settled in a nice spot in Dunoon.

    A little bird told me that @Scimitar may live here too. I’m not sure if there are any other Scot or adopted Scot  Britmodellers nearby?


    Please get in touch if so.


    It literally nearly had me pushing up the daisies, the relocation, but recovering now.


    No tools, paints, brushes nothing.

    My wife and family over in Oz for.  Christmas. Like many of us; I will most likely be alone and mainly bedbound.


    The latter part may start to change in the new year; the Involuntary separation from my very loved wife; a challenge.


    She did send a couple of nice little Dekno resin kits over. Modern, lovely quality Dekno.


    I will need a razor saw, knife, cutting mat, all the essentials. So close to Christmas and after the vast expense of the move; a bit tricky.


    However; I will have a look in the boxes and online and consider the most economical and rapid way to get modelling. It will help beat the “missing my wife and step kids at Christmas” blues.


    Hello @TheBaron, @Beard, @Beardie

    @CedB @Procopius @perdu @Nigel Heath @Pin @Romeo Alpha Yankee @thespadgent

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    2. Beard


      Welcome (back?) to the UK. If you need any kits, drop me a PM and I'll arrange a care package.

    3. corsaircorp



      Hello Tony !

      glad to know that you are in Scotland ! And back at the desk even in "no tools" mode !

      Best wishes for all that legal issues.



    4. Biggles87


      I did reply to your status update a couple of days ago Tony but it seems ta have got lost in the ether.

      I repeat:

      Good to hear from you against Tony,I hope you’re settling in and that your enforced separation won’t last too long. I also wish you as pleasant a Christmas possible in the present circumstances.

      Best Wishes.




      EDIT. It didn’t disappear, it was me being a Luddite and not being able to find it!!

  4. Thank you for the kind messages back in August.

    You’re a great bunch and BM is superb. Thank you Mike.

    Absolutely the best community on the Internet.

    Two months have flown by. Another short stay in hospital. Then my wife and stepdaughter did amazing work packing books for study, inspiration, to help my own writing, masses of medication.

    Clearance letters for vast quantities of very valuable clotting medication arrived just 3 days prior to departure.

    a380’s on the two Long hauls. 
    Perhaps the civil aviation modellers and staff here can tell me why the older A380 was far more comfortable than the newer one?

    Cheap seats on both, but utterly agonising on the second one. I have a fracture in my right elbow and Spinal work that cannot be effectively addressed in my remaining practical working lifespan (unless I win the lottery or crowdfunded *a lot*) in Australia, so in many ways, this was a civilian medevac.

    These Osteo issues are regular NHS work here. 
    I have never been so happy to hear British trains and be drenched by British rain, to breathe in the cool air, full of Carbon Monoxide or not.

    Suit  and symbolic yellow tie provided for the hearings by the lovely people at Haemophilia ACT.
    My first new nice pair of shoes in 13 years provided by careful saving.


    Entire flight paid for myself by extremely mindfully collecting 90,000 Virgin Velocity points over an 8 year period and $85 in cash.

    Quite proud of my tenacity there :angel:!

    Currently in London recovering from the long haul.


    Off to the hearings on Monday. Fleetwood house. I’ll be the portly chap in charcoal suit, tan Oxford style Hush puppies 👞 and a yellow toe, in a wheelchair sometimes, walking stick other times.


    We had to concentrate on books and medication (30Kg of books). 

    Thetefore, sadly, not *one* single kit, paintbrush, knife, pot of paint here with me 😢.


    I tried to bring some vintage Shuco clockwork cars to refurbish, but they have apparently been posted back to Australia, in the same box as my old computers. ‘Too many batteries’ apparently. All dead as dodos; I just wanted to keep the moulded shells to try and re-cell. If anyone has any ancient PowerBook 500 series batteries, please let me know. I need to get data off of those machines. Only place my Masters degree and one old book I started in 1991 (transferred from Amiga) exist.


    Oxford  next to meet a valued good friend, then the midlands to pick up the trusty Volvo 920 Estate.


    The AA wouldn’t insure it as they say it’s too old and a ‘Classic’. A classic car company rep almost died Laughing when I tried to insure my life beloved brick through them

    as a classic. Still don’t know where to go to get it insured. Got to get it done very fast.


    Flew through its test after years of inactivity. Winscteen wipers, a battery, handbrake adjustment. Job done.

    They don’t make them

    like that anymore (stop sniggering you at the back, it may be ugly but I love it).


    Im off North of the border to live near Dunoon for a bit after the hearings. Would love to hear from nearby Britmodellers. Any advice on good local GP’s most welcome.

    I’ll be mainly reading and writing and having my body repaired bit by bit, but a Britmodeller is a Britmodeller.

    Nothing. To. Build. Alone, A bit skint 😔 

    If anyone has anything unwanted in 1/72, let me know. I will buy or send swaps. I mainly like aircraft pre 1970. Above all 1930’s to 1960’s.  I like submarines and WWII Arctic Convoy ship is too.


    Vac form, resin, plastic, any old thing. Unwanted paints, brushes, scalpels etc also welcome.


    I’ll be as skint as a skint thing until late November, so all unwanted/second hand stuff welcome and will be lovingly built.


    Look after yourselves. Keep muddling.  Can’t wait to get to Dunoon 😊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⛰.

    All the best


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    2. corsaircorp


      Hello Tony !

      The only 1/72 I have is a EF-111 Sparvark monogram. I'll take it with me to get in Telford !!

      I really hope that you can made it to Telford and have a great meet with some Britmodeloonies, me the first !!

      Then if you are interested, PM me !! 

      I wish you the best of luck for your hearings and above all, best wishes for your health !! That's the most important thing in my point of view.

      I really hope and look forward to see you at SMW !! That must be done at least once in a modeller life ! Oh ! one more incentive, I'll bring some rocket fuel with me !!

      When you'll be in Scotland, take care to the orange moving Hedges, and do not forget to pay a visit to Percy's family !!

      Glad to hear from you Man !!



    3. rob85


      Tony! It sounds like you have been having quite the journey! Good luck with the hearing, and with getting treatment etc. Scotland is lovely so I hope you get to settle down and enjoy yourself.


      PM me your address I think it’s time I returned the favour and sent you some bit! More than happy to get stuff post up there.



    4. Biggles87


      Good to hear from you again Tony.

      I hope the hearing goes well for you and you and all the others affected get what you deserve, it’s about time.

      I don’t do 1/72 any more so I doubt that I have anything that will be of any use to you, but I’ll have a rummage around in a few days just in case.

      All the best.




  5. Hello friends 👋 

    It has been some time. I hope that you are all well, or at the very least getting along fairly tolerably well.

    I have missed you all.


    I think maybe most of my followers/friends here know that my recent almost annual attempts to get back into modelling, into regular posts, have not worked. 

    Short spell of normality: silence.


    The Internet is a place where one’s data and words are harvested and used in the strangest and most mystical ways, therefore I was previously reluctant to explain a lot.


    However, now a person involved in what is being referred to as the largest scandal in NHS history, I have waived my rights to privacy via my lawyers, for the class action. This was my choice. I’m no spring chicken any more, there aren’t that many of us old bleeders left (I’m not swearing here), so I feel fine writing about it here.


    Around 40 years ago, along with around 2500 or so other Haemophiliacs, other recipients of blood based products; I copped for a couple of very nasty infections. Ones that can kill and have killed many.


    I’m one of the U.K. ‘survivors’.


    I have been sort of ‘stuck’ in Australia. Following what was intended to be a far shorter trip; my health, related to my Haemophilia and liver infection declined and I ended up stuck here.


    There are far worse places to be stuck. I have been very kindly looked after, especially following my move to the lovely and friendly, very civilised city of Canberra. The capital city.


    A couple of years ago the U.K. government finally opened an inquiry into the way so many became infected by blood products. Shortly after that I asked a U.K. lawyer to represent me in the class action currently underway.


    Writing a witness statement spanning almost 40 years has been a harrowing and demanding task. At over 10,000 words, thanks to the help of my kind and supportive wife, to the help and support of some members of Britmodeller past and present, to a wonderful team of lawyers and a wonderful team of Haemophilia and liver nurses, doctors, support workers, counsellors and a superb GP, the support and help of my home MP in Argyll in Scotland and more; I am almost there. Also with many thanks to the support and kind words of an old academic friend of mine; Prof. Danny Dorling, currently of Oxford University.


    Reading thought provoking books by Danny and others, researching all kinds of things, from conflict history to geopolitics and social geography (I’m a geographer by the way, it probably shows 😉), Audiobooks, encouraging emails and text messages have kept me (fairly 😉 ) sane and determined.


    I went on a kind of targeted chemo/anti viral medication last November and that appeared to be the point at which my get up and go for model making, for most leisure pursuits, got up and went.


    However, it appears to be working 😊.


    Moreover, I saved enough Virgin Velocity points (92,000) make the journey to the U.K. in a few weeks time, at the end of October.


    This will be in time to attend a few days of Inquiry hearings in London, ponder whatever the B word throws at us on Haloween and to enjoy Guy Fawkes night too.


    In model making terms, I appear to have branched out into restoring old die cast and tin plate toys; trains, aeroplanes, automobiles, motorcycles and so on. My plastic modelling interests have really narrowed down to ‘Golden Age’ aviation and most things from the 1920’s to the 1950’s.


    I also appear to have acquired a piano, another guitar and number of classic cars in need of a little love and attention; all British or European, although my Australian built 1973 Ford Cortina Mk III with a 200 cubic inch engine and three speed manual gearbox doesn’t quite fit the classifications. The others are Audi, Rover, Mercedes. SAAB, Volvo, Peugeot, Simca and so on.


    I will need a few quite large shipping containers and an old barn to move this lot to the U.K., hopefully Scotland, and keep them

    safe, protected from the elements.


    Should anyone wish to meet up for a chat, cup of tea and so on; I will be in London the last week of October, Oxford the first week

    of November, then Birmingham, then Glasgow and Argyll.


    Please send a message if interested, it would be lovely to meet up with anyone.


    I hope to more carefully heed the advice of a friend from my last attempt, and slowly ease myself back into some model making and sharing of experiences; rejoining the good people on this great forum again.


    Have a great weekend



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    2. JOCKNEY


      Hi mate

      First of all wonderful to hear from you, and delighted you are looking at a return to Blighty.

      Your description of your health issues sounds like the script from a horror movie, and I'm so sorry to hear what you have been through and continue to have to deal with.

      As a fellow classic car owner and resident of Argyll. There is always a garage available for you to play in and a collection of single malts that won't drink themselves !

      So take care mate and hope to hear from you again soon.

      Cheers Pat 

    3. Biggles87


      Hi Tony, it’s always good to hear from you.  I was very sorry and not a little angry, to hear what’s happened to you and hope that your present treatment will continue to work.

      I would have been delighted to come to meet you but do not have ant trips to the UK planned at the moment, we’re also waiting to see what the B word will throw at us on Haloween, everything is ( still ) very much uncertain at the moment for those of us living outside the UK.

      Hope you settle well in Argyll.

      All the best.



    4. CedB



      Good to hear things are getting better after all this time. 

      As CC says why not try to make SMW? PC, Cookie and Navy Bird are over and we’ll be there on the Saturday. 

      In any event, have a good trip and I hope you get the outcome you hope for. 




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    2. whitestar12chris


      Cheers Tony, good to hear from you, keep getting better, missed you lots. 


      All the very best Chris

    3. corsaircorp


      Hello Tony !

      Start a day with the world famous MP !!

      Hope that you get well

      Another quote...

      A Newt ???

      Huh ! I grew better !!

      Best wishes my friend !!

      Sincerely !!


    4. amblypygid


      Bloody good thing too, Tony!

  7. Hello everyone,


    Just a quickie.

    After my quick toe back in the water here on Britmodeller a few weeks ago, I unfortunately went AWOL again.


    As life, the universe and everything would have it; just a few days later I was put on what should be a very long term course of chemotherapy.

    I didn’t know that chemo could be administered by tablet, but it can.

    My late first wife had it administered by drip (many drips) evey two weeks or so.


    I know that there are many here on Britmodeller on chemo, and many that will know a lot more about these ‘targeted chemo’ pills than I do.

    One thing that I do now know is; by crikey they’re powerful.


    Theyve absolutely knocked me for six; I have an even more profound respect for those here (everywhere) that have been on these for years.


    Imagine the worst, mist diabolical hangover you’ve ever had, multiply it a few times, add a bit of a feeling of rampant glandular fever and a smattering of galloping hepatitis into it and that just about sums up the mornings.


    Anyway, enough whinging. Suffice to say, I’m starting to get used to it now. A big shock after it really kicked in after day 14 or so, but now the shock value is diminishing.


    Righto. It’s already 2019 here in Canberra.

    Mrs. Tiger had to fly to Auckland four days ago as her mum, my mother-in-law, was found in the kitchen. She has had a stoke.


    I’m pleased to report that this 93 year old lady is currently really very strong and stable. Trying to get out of bed and denying that she’s had a stroke. They don’t make them like this anymore. Scottish ancestry 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👍.


    Mrs. T arrived home just a few hours ago. The delayed flight touched down at 11.59pm, last year.




    We had coffee in a Thermos (expertly made by yours truly) to see in the new year, in a very deserted airport.


    Quite fun really. 


    Safely home, we will hopefully now sleep for the next day and a half. I’m sure that this will be the hope of many a new year reveller, albeit based in needs for recuperation stemming from altogether more traditional forms of annual celebration 🥴 🍻🍾 🍺👍.


    I just wanted to wish all Britmodellers a very happy new year 🥳 🎈🎉!!


    I do hope to make an appearance or two, perhaps a bit of the old ‘modelling in bed with a tray’. The latter having nothing to do with anything related to Marianne Faithful or interesting Swedish ‘art house’ movies; but more along the lines of a thirty pence Revell Brewster Buffalo, tube glue and a pot of Airfix Silver Fox G8.


    Happy modelling Britmodeller folks, have a lovely 2019, thanks for being you, thanks to Mike et al for this great forum 🥂 .



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    2. corsaircorp


      Hello Tony,

      I totally agree with Jean, Come back to models, And share with us, laugh at our bantering !! 

      That's still the best therapy !! When I was at the hospital last week, I took a Monogram F6F and my MDC riveter !

      I send you my best wishes for 2019 and the following ones, to you, your good lady and MIL.

      Thanks for sharing your experiences ! Do not hesitate !

      CC still in 2018 for 40' !!

      Sincerely :cheers:


    3. jrlx


      Hi Tony,


      I wish you a quick and full recovery and a great 2019! I look forward to seeing your future models posted and we still need to put that Spanish Civil War GB in the  Calendar 😊






    4. The Spadgent

      The Spadgent

      Happy new year to you good sir. Fingers crossed for a fair wind and a speedy recovery. Take care kid. 😎



  8. Hello chaps and ladies.

    Thank you for many very kind messages. 


    I'll reply to all, really lovely messages, very soon.

    We're fortunate to have such a dignified and kind forum. 

    Mike's ethos 👍.


    All the best (OB)



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    2. jrlx


      Hi Tony!


      Great to hear from you again! I was worried about your lack of activity in BM... Hope you're fine and can get back to building some nice models!






    3. stevehnz


      Hi Tony. lovely to see you pop up like this after fearing the worst. We've missed your up beat presence the last while.


    4. CedB


      Just seen this Tony, sorry to have missed it - and you!

      Welcome back :) 

  9. Hello all,

    This public post function is useful :thumbsup2: 


    My second attempt at this post as I can't find an 'edit' button.


    Thanks for the nice messages following the last message folks :), makes a big difference.


    Just a quickie; after a few weeks of being a 'day patient' for various clinics, right now I'm an 'in patient'.


    I have to say that this Canberra hospital is very good. I could probably write a bit of a guide on 'hospitals of the world' albeit limited to Europe, Scandinavia, the U.K. and the Commonwealth.


    I'll give this one a food rating tomorrow. It's 3.18am and I have sampled their 'pesticide free' tea, and can vouch for it.


    I personally gave up on 'Anthrax Blend' long ago, it was making my hair a little brittle :fool:.


    I just wanted to apologise for the lack of comments on the Group Build and threads I follow. I'm allowed a mobile phone in here, and there's not a lot to do, so I may be able to catch up now.


    If it goes quiet, please send me a PM, as they appear in email, and I'll scribble something back.


    My Spitfire and Jak 23 are more advanced than the threads suggest, I've just been too tired to tackle the photos and text, but it will happen.


    The Jak has suffered with Alclad black gloss coat 'crazing'. I'm sure that I put it on too thick. That product takes patience (and a good respirator :wacko:).


    The Spitfire is in camouflage now. Many difficulties with spraying acrylics, and big differences in shade for the sane colour, from different manufacturers. Not good if one forgets with which manufacturer's paint one sprayed on  e.g. the first coat of 'Medium Sea Grey' .


    I also resorted to a hybrid 'spray, then hairy stick' approach, to try to get a bit of depth, make it look realistic. I didn't resort to that because my airbrush work was abysmal. At all.




    Happy muddling folks and I hope to be around more soon to watch people making satellite catching aircraft, record breakers, lightnings, unusual early submarines, Spitfires, all manner of Glosters, De-Havilands and more.


    Apologies again for the absence.

    All best regards


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    2. JOCKNEY


      Hi Tony

      Thanks for the update, and really sorry you are still not back to your old self. I could make a completely inappropriate comment about keeping your End up whilst watching the nurses....but I won't :wicked:

      Instead I would say look after yourself, use the time to get back up to full strength and hit the ground running when you feel better.

      In the mean time you can nag the plants off the rest of us that have no excuse not to be getting on with things, other than our own ineptitude. 

      Go on Tony you know you want to :fight: :evil_laugh: :deadhorse:


      cheers Pat


    3. CedB


      Best wishes from me TT - get well soon :) 

    4. TonyTiger66


      Thanks chaps :):thanks: 

      Very kind and in the case of Pat's intended comment on keeping my end up, it can get a bit tricky around these parts with only flannel pyjamas on, I can tell you :o.


      What did John Noakes used to say to his sheepdog :hmmm: ?


      Feeling much better. Hospital food... very good, although the battered 'fish' tastes like battered 'dishcloth':S.


      I'm now getting busy reading all the fantastic builds here :thumbsup2: 


      Can't wait to get back muddling ;)


      Thanks again chaps; the balloons and grapes are lovely :lol:!



      All best regards 


  10. Apologies to all; I'm a little absent from BM at the moment due to a glut of routine but time consuming hospital clinic appointments at the moment. None for a while, then many all at once, reminds me of South West Trains when I lived in the U.K.


    Different clinics; rheumatology, haematology, maxillofacial etc. At least things are getting done, but it leaves me a little worn out; affects the old modelling mojo.


    Neverthless, I do like to share the odd internet find.


    I have been looking for a sturdy old Volvo. I've had many, it's an affliction. They are very good tools, nonetheless.


    This advert for one at quarter of a million dollars caught my eye, then gave me a very good chortle.


    I think the picture with the Smörgåsbord and Martini is my favourite.


    The full description is rather marvellous too.


    I feel the seller may be as tired of the usual Evilbay fare as many of us are:




    Best regards




    1. CedB


      I hope the appointments result in a good outcome TT and that your mojo returns soon.

      Best wishes


    2. whitestar12chris


      All the best Tony, keep your chin up and look forward to return of the MOJO


    3. JOCKNEY


      Thanks for the update Tony


      Hurry back to the modelling world mate, the place ain't the same without you :D


      cheers Pat

  11. It's 4.31 am on ANZAC day. I'm at the Australian War Memorial.

    The Reading of letters from those at Gallipoli has just begun.

    It's extremely moving. Of course these  men volunteered for service, to aid the wider empire.

    Many travelled for weeks, a couple of months, just to be mown down by machine gun fire in their first few steps of the landing.

    I thought it an appropriate time to leave a note here on Britmodeller.




    Best regards


    1. BIG X

      BIG X

      Was that in the park over looking Perth?  with the flame monument?

    2. TonyTiger66



      This was in Canberra, on the grass just in front of the Australian War Memorial.

      It was really very moving. In a non-controversial manner, a vet with no legs addressed the horrors of war in a way I've never seen at a memorial before.

      It's good to see that real issues are being addressed.

      All the best


  12. Hello all,

    In the absence of other 'Social' networks that I would feel happy using, I think this BM personal activity feed suits me just fine :).


    "Suits you sir"!



    This week I have been mostly unpacking boxes.


    My aim has been to try to establish a new modelling/study/Mancave area.


    As of this evening, it looks diabolically bad, but at least all the boxes are unpacked:


    Mancave mayhem


    Mancave mayhem


    Mancave mayhem


    Mancave mayhem


    I've put these pictures here as, for my own sanity, I need to build something. If I focus on that, I'll clear the bench (self psychology going on here).


    The thing is, understandably, I'm overwhelmed by all the kits.


    I had alluded to this a little before. I have a few ideas but; looking at this pile of sh... :poop: , sorry, kits, does anyone have a request for any of them?


    I'll go along with it and do a WIP. 


    My brain hurts just trying to decide.


    All the best


    1. Show previous comments  19 more
    2. rob85


      Again Tony give me a shout if you want anything, I have a fair few mk VB transfers



    3. Miggers


      For a Spit Vb Tone,how about old Clipped,Cropped and Clapped herself?


      EP120,she's a beauty.

    4. The Spadgent

      The Spadgent

      Ooh  a spit eh? Excelent. :D



  13. Hello people,

    I wasn't sure if, or where to write this, but I thought; "Be sociable, why not?" :).


    After two months of hiatus, Mrs. T and I finally moved into our new home two weeks ago.


    We were sleeping on the lounge floor until two days ago, when a very comfortable mattress was finally purchased from a certain Swedish outlet, also well known for splendid low cost meatballs with lingonberry jam and gravy :eat:.


    I normally don't like the stuff from this outlet, but my opinion is changing. Rapidly. Sleeping on the floor with sunburn and no furniture can do things to a man's psyche (and his lumbar 2/3 :o).



    I have been extensively testing the mattress (behave, you at the back), for the last 48 hours, mainly studying the back of my eyelids at the same time.


    It is a wonderful thing, the 'Hyllestad'. Both firm and springy at the same time, it is only for use on one side, with no unexpected lumps and a 25 year warranty (just how I like my women, in fact :D).


    I send my wholehearted thanks to Sweden, above all to Ingvar Kamprad 🇸🇪. "Kompakt leeving" indeed . Nice :thumbsup2: .


    Modelling should soon recommence after a very long break. Here are some pictures of the current state of the 'second bedroom' aka 'The New Mancave'. I'm very pleased with this space. The iMac will be on the same desk/bench, so spray painting will have to be tackled mindfully. Polite suggestions regarding organising this set up are very welcome :).


    New mancave


    This is not "dim", the other way up it's "WIP"  :) :


    New mancave


    Glad the Starsky and Hutch mirror didn't get broken, priceless it is, priceless (and tasteful):


    New mancave


    There's s nasal hair trimmer in there somewhere. Very important :lol:.


    Here it is again,near a book with a pertinent title and a cover that may bring back memories for many of us:


    New mancave


    Here's hoping I can dream up some half decent models in this room, and get all these boxes empty asap.


    Happy modelling in whatever is your cave or space, feel free  to share pictures of it here :).


    All the best


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. TonyTiger66


      "As for the mirror; I'm not sure what you see in it. :coat:"


      Now that I found funny :D!


      Thanks folks. Very little tidying so far. Books on shelves and computer working. I'm applying for courses back in dear old Blighty for September so printer and 'puter have taken priority.


      Thanks for all the positive words; you're a fantastic bunch  :blush: .


      For my sanity I must fettle some plastic this week. For all the unfinished things from the last year or so, I can't help thinking; "fresh house, fresh start".


      Those others as still there. I'll do them one day. I need an easy, kuta, quick build.


      I've spotted some possibilities (all 1/72):


      Matchbox Me. 262 A.

      I have a book with some nice alternative  schemes and transfers, one with puttied NMF wings that I like:


      Or maybe a Tamiya Spitfire Vb? I would love to do a Tropucal one. I bought this a while back as I read good reviews, but since then I've read it's innacurate. I'm sort of stuck with it and it could be a quick build?:


      I've read that if one has modeller's block, to build something completely different. I'm a big fan of the old TV series 'Columbo'. In many of the early episodes, wealthy criminals seem to have Mercury or Lincoln cars. I bought this kit with the intention of 'de-customising' it to make a 'stock' mercury. I've yet to find a 1/24 Peugeot Cabriolet kit to enable me to make Columbo's car for a diorama:


      Then there's an AZ P40 Kittyhawk. Perhaps less of a quick build asIve tried one before and some bits, especially round the radiator were a bit tricky. The exhausts need replacing too, the kit ones look like chocks of wood :undecided:. I do like P40's a lot though, and have a lot of alternative transfers just unpacked:


      Probably a lot less of a quick build, but one I would really love to see on the shelf, this MPM Danish Fokker XXI. I like it. A lot :heart: . But I must keep it easy :frantic: .


      Then there's the AZ Klemm 35 that looks to be based on the old Huma kit. Really not many parts and some lovely colour schemes, including one based at a place I lived in, in the Netherlands, for a while; Katwijk an See. It's the box art one:


      Perhaps right out of the question is an Italeri B25G. It has some options for Darwin based aircraft in WWII that really appeal. It may go together really easily?

      :hmmm: .


      Polite requests and suggestions most welcome :).


      All best regards 


    3. TonyTiger66


      Oops! I forgot the pictures!


      Me 262:


      Which one?


      Paintwork looks tricky on all

      of then but I still like this:




      Spitfire Mk. Vb (Trop?):


      Which one?


      Kittyhawk/Warhawk P40E (Plenty of other transfer options/nationalities):


      Which one?


      Mercury Car

      Which one?


      Danish Fokker XXI:

      Which one?


      Klemm KL 35B:


      Which one?






      Suggestions on a postcard.... :shrug: ?



    4. CedB


      Hard choice, tricky... whatever, just build the Fokker (sorry, couldn't resist!)

      Have a fondle on the parts TT and see if one of them 'speaks to you'.

      Whichever you choose, go for the enjoyment and to hell with the realism!

  14. Hello everyone and a belated happy new year! 

    I hope to be lurking around on fantastic BM again. A mere 505 notifications to catch up on :frantic: !

    Yours truly still a bit 'blurgh' so if I'm type slow with replies, my apologies :sick:.

    Thoroughly looking forward to catching up.

    All my 'thread WIP's' are packed in boxes, so I may have to start something new. I only have three resin kits with me, so it looks like being one of those.

    I've not completed a resin one yet (he said, as if he has actually completed any I/m in the last decade :whistle: ), so it'll be fun trying (I hope).

    Happy modelling and here's to 2017 thoroughly kicking 2016 into oblivion for good!

    All the best

    The Frostie Muncher (thanks for that Miggers :D) 🐯 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Biggles87


      Hi Tony, just like to add my good wishes to all the rest.





    3. modelglue


      Happy new year and I hope you are feeling up to modelling!

    4. AlexN


      Good to see you back :). Happy New Year and Location!



  15. Wishing all fellow BritModellers a very happy Christmas :santa: !

    I didn't compete a model this year, but got quite close with four; two LaGG 3 an I-16 and a UTI-4.

    It was fun trying and great BM friends made the year very special, a lot more fun and really helped with modelling encouragement and advice :thanks: 


    Everything is packed now ready for a change in location South, to Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory.

    The move happens on the 27th.

    Happy Christmas, eat, drink, be merry and I hope Santa has put something special in your sock! 

    All the best

    TonyT 🐯 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. SleeperService


      Wishing You and the Family a Great 2017. 

    3. Miggers


      Wey-hey,good to know you're still at it me old Frostie Scoffer.


      A very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you too.


      Here's to 2017 being healthier and happier for 'ee.


      All the best mate.



    4. whitestar12chris


      Thanks Tony and the same to you, good luck with the move and hope your on the mend.


      All the best Chris

  16. Hello folks.

    Just a quick note. I'm afraid the old health has taken a dive again. I see the specialists on the 7th December, seems I'll be having a little liver surgery soon. Has gone really 'off' in just 3 days :mellow:. Liver functions gone to:poop:.

    Very frustrating.

    I didn't want people to think I'm being ignorant with messages, emails etc.

    Just asleep a lot. 

    Carry on muddling, back soon :) 


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. modelglue


      Feel better soon, we will miss your enthusiasm and replies.

    3. Miggers


      Chin up old sausage,we'll keep the finger cross-ed for a speedy return of our

      favorite Frosties(they're great)Scoffer.


      Best Vishes from Flick of the Gestapo(I said Flick OF the Gestapo).


      Miggs(AKA Mark)

    4. AlexN


      Best belated wishes for the surgery, Tony. I really must learn to use the new forum factlities and keep up. I hope that it all went well.


      Best wishes from Alex and family.

  17. I know a few of my BM compadres are Moon spotters, Eclipse people and skygazers, astronomers.


    The Super Moon is here tonight in the Southern Hemisphere already.


    I only have the iPhone and the moon really is ludicroudly bright.


    Here is a rough picture so those a few hours behind me know what they're looking forward to:


    Super moon


    Any advice on how I could have taken a better pic with the phone is welcome, but I hope it gives an idea of how bright it is B).


    Best regards


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. AlexN


      A tripod and the ability to stop the lens down to a narrow aperture...not easy with a phone. I tried this evening with my phone, and got the same result as you; tried again with the Canon Powershot zoomed in to 600 mm (35 mm equivalent) at f/8.0 with slightly but not much better success (no tripod, being lazy). Moon very clear tonight (15/11/16) and bright despite some cirrus high up. @Navy Bird is the one to ask, I think.

    3. AlexN


      Interesting - the '@' function doesn't work in PMs, or not on Safari on macOS Sierra at any rate...

    4. AlexN


      Which is what you'd expect. What I meant was, it doesn't work in the Single Status Update panel

  18. If any of my BM friends are at Telford tomorrow and have the time;


    Please could you visit the stand where these 1/48 Bf109 A/B/C/D will be?



    I would be interested in first impressions and price.


    I don't normally model in 1/48, but an exception could be made here :) 


    You can put the info here or PM, either is fine and thanks to anyone that can help in advance,


    Have a great day at Telford :thumbsup2: 

    All best regards


  19. I managed to get out this evening. I went with Mrs. T. to see a production of 'Wind in the Willows' at Redlands College.




    My stepdaughter, Bella, plays 'Otter'.


    I was surprised by how professional the performance was. I know there are some BM people in the area;

    There are two performances tomorrow (Saturday).


    I would strongly recommend it as a very pleasurable way to spend an afternoon or evening :) 


    All best regards


  20. I feel a little bad that there have been no updates on any of my threads :blush: . I wish to apologise for this.


    A week of hospital visits; physio, scans, x rays has for some reason completely scuppered my mojo. 


    Whinging isn't big or  clever, so I won't indulge in it. Well. I might, a bit.


    The main thing that's deflating my balloon is the lack of a diagnosis or plan of action. They have found a lump of just under 1cm in size in my liver, but beyond that aren't giving me any useful information. 


    This is after some 2-3 months of completely unrelated spinal stuff, so all in all, I just wish it would all beggar off and I could get up and about and dance a jig! :D .


    Oh well; why not have a moan, it's an 'activity' isn't it?


    In other news I bought a fairly hard to find Revell Focke-Wulf FW-200 Condor (passenger) from an Evilbayer in the US. Huge postage costs.


    It was sent thoughtfully packaged in:


    An old brown envelope.


    No bubble wrap, no card,just a flipping envelope. Much crushing.




    As a result I have a one nicely broken and warped fuselage half, one just warped:





    Examination of the rather 'not straight' lines of the bottom fuselage edge is interesting :shutup: :




    As are these cracks:








    This plane is to be done in a silver finish, so it will take a lot of work to rectify this to a good standard.


    I messaged the seller and he said in reply "the mail office must have been rough with it".


    Grrrrrr! Well a bit of bubble wrap or cardboard usually helps doesn't it you pikelet :rant: !


    Ah well.


    In other evilbay news a Matchbox kit of a Phantom from the UK has gone missing. Indeed, it is now a 'Phantom kit'. No tracking was provided, even though I paid for it.


    I could go off evilbay, I really could.


    Oh, and I finally said goodbye to the Volvo I paid $4800 for 18 months ago: :bye: :




    A nice scrap merchant took it away for me on his truck:




    How grateful I was of the $40 he gave me for the car. Less than the price of one tyre. :crying:. You see, I get the feeling it hasn't been an uplifting week overall :shrug: ?


    Tomorrow is the Halloween parade here in Manly and it's usually quite a good shebang. Being a 'pommie barsteward' I don't really 'do' Haloween, but Mrs T. and my stepdaughter have got me more enthused in this strangeness over the years.


    I usually take part and throw (yes, throw) sweets at the children lining the street, normally dressed as a vampire or some such.


    I won't be able to do that this year, but I hope to occupy a stool at my favourite local haunt 'Celtic Corner', indulge in a cool Guinness or three and take some film and/or photos. :drink::photo: .


    Lots of classic cars and motorcycles usually take part .


    Therefore, tomorrow's 'status update' may be a little more cheerful.


    Marvin signing off.




    Thanks for indulging ;) 



    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. TheBaron


      :lol: Great news bulletin Tony. A treasured possession of mine is a 'Dunny Candle' that a pal of mine brought back from Oz - it's a box of matches in a brass container that has the candle mounted on top. Eminently practical and has received use during power-cuts here!

    3. TonyTiger66


      Our real bathroom is eminently pedestrian and quite ordinary Tony, I just love perpetuating the stereotype :D .

      The dunny is still a perilous thing in the more rural areas, but here in the burbs a rare thing these days.

      As promised a couple of films.

      A terribly short and badly filmed one of a local road legal Batmobile:



      Plus 10 minutes of local madness and classic cars at the start of the Halloween parade. During this 10 mins, we go from light to night, and somewhere along the way a very heavily disguised Mrs T and daughter make an appearance. :winkgrin: .

      Enough to make anyone happy they live in dear old Blighty!

      Unedited as yet, as I don't know how to do it! Perhaps some useful shots for muscle car modellers here?



      Happy Sunday from a tiny and crazy part of the world's bottom, 


    4. TheBaron


      Even a Cyberman! :D

  21. Check out 'Name That Part'!


    The new virtual quiz where you get to look at other people's parts, and they get to look at yours 👀!



    Terrible virtual prizes include Binatone, Alba, Amstrad and Waltham electronics, Fondue sets and more. If you identify enough people's parts, you can trade in your existing :poop:

    prizes for bigger ones!


    Just keep track of their value. Lists of prizes will be inserted when I can be ars.... very soon :) !


    The ultimate virtual prize is the all singing, all dancing, all rusting (in the passenger footwell and around the petrol filler cap) Talbot Samba :o:frantic::bounce: !!!!


    Top Prize: The Talbot Samba!


    Come on down. Erm. Wrong quiz show :confused: 


    Never mind, take photos of your parts and show them to all of us at ' Name That Part' :thumbsup: .



  22. Just to thank people for the kind comments :) .


    I didn't have to stay in hospital, but it was a long and uncomfortable wait, so once home a lot of sleep ensued!


    Another scan and abdominal X-ray next Wednesday.


    Still none the wiser, the doctor is not completely fixed on a diagnosis yet.


    I'm still sure it's acute Anthrax of the Clamp :D !


    Happy modelling


    PS: The GPW GB gallery really is impressive! :thumbsup2: 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TheBaron


      Great to have you back Tony!  :grouphug: 

      Ditto on John's excellent medical advice: if there's one thing I've learned from this forum it's the importance of the regular application of pie.

      Hope you're getting a good rest....:sleep_1:


    3. whitestar12chris


      Tony glad your back with us, hope they get it sorted soon for you.

      Get plenty of rest and look forward to your return to modelling.


      All the best Chris

    4. jrlx


      Hi Tony, great having you back. Hope you get well soon. Counting on you for co-hosting the Flying Boats and Float Planes GB :)






  23. I'm off for a CT scan of me innards tomorrow morning (about 18 hours from now).


    If it shows something they don't like (e.g. an Alien 👽), I might have to go back in to the hospital. :waiting: .


    The mobile network has little coverage there. I think they blank it out for machines in some areas.


    So if I vanish for a bit, I'll be enjoying the company of pretty nurses, listening to 'Strategic Rug's Greatest Hits'. :) .


    Hope not, Hope to be back home this time tomorrow.


    May the farce be with you

    Best regards


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TonyTiger66


      Thank you chaps :) 

      I was mistaken; it's a 'USS' Ultrasound Scan.

      I haven't had one before. I hope there aren't any 'The Thing' or John Hurt 'Alien' moments :o !


      Thanks PC - I'm looking forward to making that aircraft :) 


      Best regards


    3. PlaStix


      Hi Tony. Hope all goes well. Take care.

      Kind regards,


    4. The Spadgent

      The Spadgent

      Hope everything goes well old boy.

      Take care.



  24. Been on my back for nearly 8 weeks now. Only a couple of hours modelling :S .

    Getting mighty bored and pain killers are making me a bit odd.

    Shouldnt winge. Glad the forum is here as can't stand Facebook, can't understand Twitter and Instagram is way beyond my comprehension.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TonyTiger66


      Thanks Tony :)

      I'm not the only one here with my back out; I hope you are doing ok with yours too.


      Perhaps we need a thread where all we creaking gates can grumble together :clif::D 


      All the best


    3. TheBaron


      Amen to that. Titled something appropriate like 'Backs to the Future'... :shocked:


      Mines not too bad at the moment as I'm doing lots of walking while talking at work (turning my lectures into physiotherapy..) but a wrong twist at the waist can have unpleasant repercussions.


      Take care of yourself mate.


    4. Biggles87


      So sorry you're having a bad time Tony. I used to suffer quite badly about 25 years ago and still get bad days very occasionally, but it doesn't sound anything like as severe as your problem. 

      Take care.



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