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  1. Well I think your rather close! But look at ground level, not sky. For a small country hiding plane’s at ground level was top prior to survive and camouflage must be suitable for it . The military strategy, in case of war broke out was to move planes away from regular airports and hide on numerous secret airstrips and country places. (Also saving some money by skipping the grey paint for the bottom should have contributed to this decision, I guess). The aviation company (het Luchtvaartbedrijf, LVB) performed services for the armed aviation forces “the
  2. Ah.. still alive and well. Apologies for the mixed threads. We are still talking about the construction of a Noratlas here. Most busy with building new house and all things around it. Have patience please ..
  3. Thanks for the comments. A quick reaction on reteip9: Yes. Locally organized (and no match compared to the big Scale Model Challenge event) ca. 30 modellers, small sales and little children making models for free. But (and I bed you will be surprised) it was held in Hurdegaryp. http://www.dehuisaanhuis.nl/nieuws/64781/modelbouwers-tonen-werken-in-it-maskelyn/ http://www.plakkers-inc.nl/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=3040&start=80 I never suspected I would build a model with snow. The idea and setup was born during the actual build.
  4. Mengs 1/35 scale King tiger or Bengal tiger as the correct translation from German word Königstiger. And that animal name was the reason to start this. As “Beast of Nature” was the subject for a scale modelling show in Friesland and also for the upcoming IPMS euro scale modelling on 25 November. However my last tank build experience was over 25 years back. Thought it would be an relative easy build. I was totally wrong! By that I meant the painting and weathering job. Not the superb plastic fit. Only one intervention was needed to align the suspens
  5. Adrian, thanks for attending that to me. Otherwise I should have missed that detail completely. So many thanks. I found this example on the web. Clearly visible just before the number "1", the light switched on. Wez, I am not aware of French aftermarket transfers. But I do not use the Heller decals from this kit. If you want the Heller deals just sent me a pb. Apologise for the slow build progress here. As other stuff took time from this built away. But intended to try to finish the Nora before the start of the F-15 group build here: h
  6. Tony, Both are nice planes. But compared to Noratlas the CL-215 is some easier to build. Also the CL-215 need some weight in the nose. But I constructed it in flying position.Therefore the landing gear has to made some longer. As it is visible beside the fuselage. Again some CL 215 construction photos what will show what I try to say. Back to the Noratlas. Tonight I made some wiring on the left-main gear. But have some doubts. The copper wire I used is rather thick. I
  7. Aha! Yes Adrian that is a special one. And indeed a clever way to store some weight. In 2013 I have build a Heller CL215 and converted it into a Italian version, (Just before Italeri made their version). For the radome I used a plastic pencil. The photos will show it better (I used a red pencil in the end): But first finish your Stratojet. Regards.
  8. Thanks gentlemen for all your likes and your motivating replies. I agree with that it’s a very tough looking plane. This Heller kit needs some extra attention to build. Well perhaps the Revell or Airfix manufacturers see this and decide to develop a future model. This plane deserves it. Totally agree Adrian I will be interested in your future build of this nice plane. "Please don’t ‘forget to put extra weight in the nose, (more than the instruction says). Furthermore, it seems necessary (to me) to strengthen the main wing. Maybe even more
  9. Thx gents. A small construction update. The reconstruction of the headlight behind the glass in the nose and the strengthening of the main wing. I used a screw. The head is drilled and then a little rose painted. Then it is covered with a clear lens (from the sparebox). The pictures do not show it super clear. But I hope that after the painting of the nose section the headlamp is noticeable better. I also mounted an aluminium profile from the hardware store on the roof. Because of the l
  10. Thanks for the encouragement guys! Some people find kits with raised panel lines by definition not worth to buy. In itself, I'm not that one. In fact if you compare the overlying panel lines of the kit with photos of a real device then Heller has done it very nicely. Try comparing this: and this: With the plastic: It’s not even wrong in my opinion. However, the disadvantage of those small rivets and raised panellines is the vulnerability to filling and sanding. Restoring raised panel lines is very difficult
  11. My first “work in progress” here is the Heller 1/72 Nord 2501 “Noratlas”. The Noratlas is a French military cargo plane from the 50s, including the German and Israeli air forces had placed orders. The later version Nord-2501 Noratlas looks similar to the Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar. The Noratlas wil be build in the colors of the Luftwaffe. What attracted me were the versions with a white roof. A mix of the standard green-gray camo, orange and white panels, resulting in a striking color palette. Something like this example from FSX Flight Simulator:
  12. Very nice built! Clean paint job. Did you really use wooden propellers?
  13. Thank you all for your nice comments. It is motivating. Hopefully you will forgive my grammar mistakes. Then I also dare to post my new built in "Work in Progress - Aircraft" topic. As I just (re-)started working on a 1/72 Heller Nord Noratlas in German Luftwaffe colors.
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