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  1. I've bought the first 3 issues but cannot find issue 4 locally. I am having lots of fun painting these mini's and usually have an hour or so each night to help me unwind. I had already bought the Intercessors and paint set and more recently First Strike starter set, so plenty to keep me going for a while.
  2. Lovely work Would you mind sharing what you are using for the backdrop & base please? Would love to take some photos like that myself, of course my models don't compare Kind regards Nige.
  3. OK so heres my effort, doesn't look too bad from a distance but lots of rookie errors
  4. Hi, Just finished decaling my BF109 and would like to know how long I need to wait before I can give it a coat of Klear? Many thanks Nigel.
  5. Not forgotten about this group build but I have had a bit of a nightmare with this kit Think I have made every mistake possible but the worst problem for me has been the wing struts, they line up ok but trying to trim the centre sprue I snapped the struts, tried another pair from another kit and these had come away from the sprue in transit making it impossible to line up as they are so flimsy. In the end I have hacked away at some match sticks and come up with something vaguely similar
  6. Hi, Just completed final acrylic coat (Tamiya) how long do I need to wait before I can start to apply my first coat of Klear (Pledge multi surface wax) prior to decaling? Many thanks Nigel.
  7. Very nice work Sir I must persuade the Mrs that I can't live without this kit
  8. Well I've made a start Not much to see really, just painted interior green (Humbrol 78) and then gave a wash of diluted black. Must admit never would of thought about using washes but noticed a lot of people here do and it does look quite good in daylight . I'm not going to even attempt to get too clever with the detailing on this kit and it all very much new to me. Any hints/tips greatly appreciated
  9. Thanks for the welcome all. Don't expect too much from my effort as it is rather a long time since I've had a go at this. In my youth the models were bigger my eyesight better and my hand steadier but thats enough excuses for now This is the plane I am basing my model on: Nigel.
  10. Hi, I have only just started modelling again after a 30 year break, due to health reasons I needed a relaxing hobby (so why did I start modelling?) Anyway I have recently fell in love with the Tiger Moth and have purchased 3 1:72 Airfix kits. My plan is to build one in the silver RAF scheme, one in the much loved yellow and one in the half camo scheme. For this group build I will concentrate on the silver RAF scheme which I am basing on the Classic Wings Moth which I was fortunate enough to have a fly in at the Flying Legends show at Duxford. I also got some spare decals so I can hopefully get the markings right and a painting mask for the camo version. Time to get started! Nigel.
  11. Many thanks. I have placed an order for the Sparmax 610 & a Harder & Steenbeck Ultra 2 in 1
  12. Thanks for your reply. I was previously looking at the TC-610H but I was thinking the 620x being able to have 2 connected brushes would be very handy especially for camo work. Decisions, descisions.
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