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  1. Sorry this is not an optimistic view, just a business view, I will agree it would not be my cup of tea as it may not be viable for a company my size, Distribution comes in all shapes and sizes. In this case all it would need is a keen retailer even a small retailer with a on line presence, to contact draw decals and for Draw Decal to come up with a trade price. The retailer then buys the goods pays the Vat and shipping charges, and does the customs clearance which may cost about £35.00 a consignment. Once in the UK the modelers then have a outlet (known as
  2. FIRST TIME IN 1/72 DIECAST LOCKHEED U2 BY HOBBY MASTER Coming soon to the UK https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=HA6901
  3. A lot of Mainland European Brands need to find UK distributors. A Distributor will do all the custom clearance and pay the 20% vat on landing and then sell and distribute the product in the UK then as normal. This is good opportunity for smaller business to move up the ladder, The tax at vendor system will become more widespread to a point direct retail will be a pain in the rear.
  4. Some on other forums have sent money and are asking folks to be careful, they have had a 70% off sale. about 22 Min into the chat he finally mentions it is over
  5. SQUADRON MODELS CLOSED AFTER 53 YEARS Link to a facebook chat https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=243100640551113&ref=watch_permalink Their in house modeler talks about the History of Squadron and its long decline.
  6. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=rye field new
  7. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/ICM-32035-1:32-DH-82A-Tiger-Moth-Basic-RAF-Trainer-Aircraft ?search=ICM32035
  8. New Rye Field Just Landed Rye Field Model RM2004 1/35 T-34/85 Model 1944 No.174 Detail Set https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/-Rye-Field-Model-RM2004-1:35-T-34-85-Model-1944-No-174- Detail-Set ?search=rm2004 RYE FIELD RM2005 1/35 PzKpfw.III Ausf.J Upgrade Detail set for RM5070 https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/RYE-FIELD-RM2005-1:35-PzKpfw-III-Ausf-J-Upgrade-Detail-set-for-RM5070?search=rm2005 RYE FIELD RM5040 1/35 T-34/85 W/ WORKABLE TRACK LINKS" https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/RYE-FIELD-RM5040-1:35-T-34:85-W-WORKABLE-TRACK-LINKS?
  9. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=AIRFIX NEW 2021 Item prices under £20.00 will attract £2.00 shipping ( going up to £3.00 after 1 Apr 2021) Items over £20.00 and combined purchases over £20.00 shipping is included
  10. PRE-ORDER TAKEN FOR NEW ICM 1.32 TIGER MOTH Due about 15 Jan 2021 https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/ICM-32035-1:32-DH-82A-Tiger-Moth-Basic-RAF-Trainer-Aircraft ?search=icm32035
  11. Yes these are often spikes in prices but in this case it could go on for a while at least until the spring when natural fall off of orders from the west. Also our imports from HK/China are items that should have arrived before Xmas i,e new Gecko that has been put back by another 20 days now not arriving at port until the 24 of Jan It also not just Tiger Hobbies but every man and his dog that import. Still could be worse could try importing small number from the EU Worth looking at this Youtube chit chat.
  12. The Next Kick in the Slats for the Hobby We have just been informed by our shipping agents the cost of a Container will go up by as much as 300% yip 300% USD 2300 to 7,000 Work this one out for yourselves Still at least we are not storming parliament like our US cousins
  13. As most of you know we have now a deal that covers mainly goods imported with no tariff But there will be extra costs We must look at what went on before first While we were in the EU Any UK hobby shop/On Line Store could buy their Hobby Products from any where in EU in any qty and any brand from any distributor, with no paperwork other than a Invoice and basic shipping, with no other admin what so ever. This gave the opportunity for even the smallest UK Hobby shop to get very specialist products from the smallest suppliers any where
  14. HASEGAWA RE-STOCKS INCLUDING 1/48 HARRIER GR7 £34.99 https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=HASEGAWA
  15. The following new Kits have arrived Free shipping over £20.00 so one each of the new Airfix and it free shipping. Airfix 1/72 Spitfire Vc £8.99 https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/AIRFIX-A02108-1:72-RAF-Spitfire-MkVc?search=AIRFIX SPITFIRE Airfix 1/72 Firefly £8.99 https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/AIRFIX-A02341-1:72-British-Sherman-Firefly-MK-Vc?search=FIREFLY Airfix 1/72 Tiger £8.99 https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/AIRFIX-A02342-1:72-TIGER-1-AUSF-E-GERMAN-TANK?search=tiger IBG 1/72 RAF Bowser Bedford QL
  16. GECKO 1/35 SCIMITAR MK 2 CVE(T) (TES) WITH GECKO NUMBER AND OFFICIAL PICTURE https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/GECKO-MODLES-35GMXXXX-TEMP-1:35-SCIMITAR-MK-II- FOR-2021?search=35GM0051
  17. Tiger Hobbies will re-stock and include new versions of the L71 shell in late Feb 2021 The original Tiger 1 Shell will re-stock summer 2021 https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=PIG
  18. RYE FIELD 1/35 RM5039 and RM5062 Challenger II Tanks Ebay free AFV Crew Removed for ebay buyers. If you purchased either of the above models on ebay before this morning 01 Dec 2020 you will still receive your free gift. If you buy from our website via paypal, you will still receive Free MIN37059 with RM5062 and Free Haynes Challenger II Book with RM5039 or either free gift with either model, if you let us know which gift you want. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=RM5039 https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/RYE-FI
  19. HUSSAR AND HURRAR ZOUKIE MURA SWS48-10 F4E PHANTOM II ARRIVED After leaving the land of the Rising Sun back in September, and been shoved around various Ships and ports from Osaka to Felixstow, the bloody things have finally arrived late this morning. Any one who has pre-ordered with Tiger Hobbies will be contacted All stock will be at your Retailers by Thursday this week 03 Dec 2020 Latest https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/ZOUKIE-MURA-SWS48-10-1:48-Betty-Lou-F-4E-Phantom-II?search=sws48-10
  20. RYE FIELD CHALLENGER II RM5062 WITH FREE MINIART MODERN BRITISH AFV CREW By direct from Tiger Hobbies RM5062 at the RRP £49.99 and get free of charge MIN37059 Modern British AFV Crew https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/RYE-FIELD-RM5062-1:35-CHALLENGER-II-STANDARD-FIT-BRITISH-MAIN-BATTLE-TANK ?search=RM5062
  21. Shiver me timbers, lovers of the high seas. Very Fire Models also arrived https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=VERY FIRE
  22. RM5062 RYE FIELD 1/35 Challenger II Tank arrived at last after 25 days delay on the sea and at port. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=RM5062
  23. That's cleared that up release back on https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/GECKO-MODLES-35GMXXXX-TEMP-1:35-SCIMITAR-MK-II- FOR-2021?search=35GMXXXX This should be one of the most exciting releases and the possibility of the others in the longer chassis CVRT Family,
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