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  1. This weeks open evening is cancelled other than pre-booked visits, due to our monthly Hong Kong Container arrival.
  2. This weeks open evening as usual from 3pm to 7pm. Mega deals this week for those visiting are. EDK1198 - Eduard LTD EDT 1:48 - Spitfire Mk.XVI (Dual Combo) £25.00 Normal RRP £39.99 TRU03708 - Trumpeter 1:200 - HMS Nelson 1944 £169.99 RRP £224.99 TRU03706 – Trumpeter 1:200 – U.S.S. Iowa BB-61 US Late WW2 Battleship £174..99 RRP £279.99
  3. We are continuing with the Offer on the Tamiya Mossie. If picked up from our warehouse £110.00. Off our website £115.00 if England Wales and Lowland Scotland. Other UK Outer Areas will have a £5.00 surcharge. Channel Islands will have a £12.00 surcharge. http://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/Tamiya-60326-Mosquito-1:32?search=60326
  4. The Valom Voodoo will arrive in the UK first week in October or may be very end of September 2015. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234987936-new-from-valom-via-tiger-hobbies-early-oct-2015/
  5. The following models will arrive very early October 2015 imported by Tiger Hobbies Limited VAL14413 1/144 Nieuport 11 Bébé (double set) Four markings -French, Russian, Belgian, Italian RRP £9.99 VAL14414 1/144 Fokker E.III Eindecker (double set) Four German markings RRP 9.99 VAL72093 1/72 RF-101C Voodoo USAF RRP £29.99 VAL72095 1/72 F-101C Voodoo USAF RRP £29.99 VAL72100 1/72 Heinkel He 119V4 (prototyp of medium bomber and long-distance reconnaissance aircraft RRP £21.99 VAL72106 1/72 North American L-17A Navion (Korean War) Two markings 79th i
  6. This week open evening offer is the Tamiya Mossie for just £110.00 if picked up from our warehouse. We have managed to get some more so we will have 17 for sale. Odd and strange the Hong Kong model which according to some is not as good is going for much more money, but far fewer retailers have this model.
  7. Hi Well we will see how far these Tamiya Mossie will go down to. Buy direct off our website. £115.00 http://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/Tamiya-60326-Mosquito-1:32
  8. The Website is now sorted and the items in correct category's www.tigerhobbies.co.uk
  9. Addition to our offer of the Week. I have 5 of these to let go at a cracking price of £119.99. This includes delivery in England, Wales and Lowland Scotland only. Tamiya 60326 1/32 De Havilland Mosquito FB Mk VI Please email sales@tigerhobbies.co.uk if you want one. We will then send you a paypal invoice or you can ring 01709 890940 for card payments, Office Hours only apart from Wednesday up till 7pm use PROMO CODE TIGER03 when you contact us. You will not find this listed on our ebay, Amazon or main website.
  10. Hi the new website has gone live but not full sorted as far as category. If you look at our ebay site and find something you like, then use the search button on the new website to find by item cat number you will find it on the new website and you can claim 10% by contact us on sales@tigerhobbies.co.uk Over the next two weeks we will sort out the category's and the auto promo code.
  11. Tiger Hobbies Offer of the week, a couple of Meng Models Meng Model MNGTS-017 1/35 German A7V Tank (Krupp) 1:35 (Meng Models TS-017) Normal RRP £49.99 this weeks offer including shipping (most parts of the UK) is £36.99. Meng Model MNGSS-005 1/35 US Cougar 6 x 6 MRAP Vehicle Normal RRP £49.99 this weeks offer including shipping (most parts of the UK) is £36.99. We have only 6 each for sale. Please email sales@tigerhobbies.co.uk if you want one. We will then send you a paypal invoice or you can ring 01709 890940 for card payments, Office Hours only apart from Wednesday up till 7pm u
  12. We have noticed that our HKM Mossie's come with two very nice Crewmen in Resin, not sure if this is standard
  13. 1/32 Plastic Toy Soldiers sold in the hundreds of thousands in the hay day in the late 1960s and early 1970s, makes such as Airfix, Britain's, Timpo, Marx, and Crescent, being the popular brands. Not only the soldiers but Tanks trucks and Forts could be bought in play ready format. By the late 80s it was almost gone with only bags of cheap copies usually found at the seaside or markets being the only ones to buy. In the late 90's specialist Plastic soldier companies started to pop back up, but aimed at the adult collector. The main market was the USA where there is a very healthy 1/32
  14. We its a start we had a number of folks who came down from a local War Game club, so it is getting out there. Next Open Evening Wednesday 12 Aug 2015 3pm until 7pm
  15. Hi The HKM Mossie are now relisted on our retail site http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/291532986187?
  16. Tiger Hobbies have invested in a new open port system that will show all our stock on Ebay, Amazon and the new Website. www.tigerhobbies.co.uk The site should go live in the next 48 hours. The best deals will be direct on the website once we have sorted out prices, at first it will mirror our ebay listings.
  17. Once our open evening is over this week we will re-list the 1/32 Mossie from HKM back on ebay.
  18. Tiger Hobbies in conjunction with Coastal Kits have produced two Aircraft bases for display with Plastic kits or diecast aircraft. These are exclusive to Tiger Hobbies distribution. 23cm x 23cm x 5mm thick Two types have been done. CKBASE001 Full Grass Artwork Link http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tiger-Hobbies-Aircraft-Bases-1-48-WW2-Fighters-Full-Grass-Art-Work-CKBASE001-/291532176040 CKBASE002 Half Grass and Half Hardstand Link http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tiger-Hobbies-Bases-1-48-WW2-Fighters-Half-Grass-and-hardstand-CKBASE002-/291532177585 Cost including delivery all UK Areas £7.49 fo
  19. Tiger Hobbies Limited Offer of the week. ICM 1/48 C-45F/UC-45F, WWII USAAF Passenger Aircraft # 48181 Normal RRP £23.99 We have this kit on offer this week including free shipping all areas of the UK £16.99 Please email sales@tigerhobbies.co.uk if you want one. We will then send you a paypal invoice or you can ring 01709 890940 for card payments, Office Hours only. use PROMO CODE TIGER01.
  20. We have about 10 of these on sale at £118.99 inc postage in most part of the UK Come to our open evening and pick one up for £105.99 and the first issue HKM DO335 for same price. link to our ebay sites as the website is still in re-org. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Tiger-Hobbies-Limited
  21. Hi Yes but its only for those who can come to the warehouse, not on line
  22. Tiger Hobbies started to import Valom Models about 6 months ago and the range has done very well for us. We have asked a new issue of the RAF B26A Marauder VLM72020 that we issued sometime ago. The model will again feature the original 14 Sqn Decals, with extra RAF Versions and new parts to make the aircraft a Torpedo Bomber. We have a picture of a 14 Sqn aircraft armed with a Torpedo. The model will be limited to 500 and will only be issued through Tiger Hobbies or Tiger Hobbies authorised Valom Dealers. As we are not the only UK Valom importer, so not all models shops will carry this
  23. Tiger Hobbies Limited will have a weekly open evening on Wednesday. The first one is 5th of August 2015 running every Wednesday until late September 2015. We are open from 3pm until 7pm or 8pm if you ring up. We are a warehouse so normally not open to the public, so why not visit if you are in the Yorkshire Area. You will get a 10% discount off our current retail prices even if they are already on offer. Even though we import SMER, ICM and Valom we hold many more items including Tamiya, and Eduard. Ring the number below in normal office hours or send an email to if your are interest
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