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  1. Tiger Hobbies have had delivery of a large 40 foot container with the following brands on. Hobby Master including the HA6901 U2 and BoB 1/48 Spitfires RYR FIELD including new release RM5045, RM5050, RM5053 RM5055 and RM5072 Great Wall Hobby Re-stocks and new release GWH 1008 1/144 B52 limited number not many traders ordered this one Very Fire Ships including new release USS Birmingham Due to the size of the load model should be at sale points not later than Wednesday next week 23rd This has been stuck in the Shipping syst
  2. We will be publishing a list of Tiger Hobbies approved retailers (active accounts who buy regular) over the next few weeks
  3. Hi Yes £49.99 is our RRP, but remember the last time the UK importer for Hasegawa imported these they were a jolly £69.99 so the Hobby 2000 one is a bargin
  4. If you have already placed a pre-orders with Tiger Hobbies for other products, these will be sorted and you will be contacted when goods arrive. So from now on Tiger Hobbies will no longer accept retail pre-orders, on our imported products in fact all products. Tiger Hobbies is not a retail model store, but an importer and distributor of models, who's primary mission is to supply UK Hobby stores and the hobby trade. We use our retail site at full RRP ( for our imported products) as promotion to get new trade customers, which is working. It is the
  5. AMK Avantgarde Models for Tiger Hobbies Distribution In late September 2021 Tiger Hobbies will import of first AMK Avantgarde Models plus SIO associated Models https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/shop/?filter_brand=amk-avantgarde Tiger Hobbies now do not do retail pre-orders, but you will be able soon to place an interest and you will be emailed when they arrive, so you can then buy off our website or from your normal Tiger Hobbies approved retailer. This will have to fit in with our far east logistic system, but the new F-14 Tomcat will retail via T
  6. The famous Ice Cold in Alex markings coming in the box, why would it not. We have been give no indications of the price and it will be more expensive than the Airfix version, so you takes your choice
  7. NEW FROM GECKO 1/35 AUSTIN K2 AMBULANCE AND PRINCESS FIGURE Coming sometime later in 2021 and possibly before the AIrfix version, going to be more expensive but higher detail https://www.facebook.com/TigerHobbiesLimited/photos/pcb.4472528189446756/4472527129446862/ https://www.facebook.com/TigerHobbiesLimited/photos/pcb.4472528189446756/4472527566113485/ https://www.facebook.com/TigerHobbiesLimited/photos/pcb.4472528189446756/4472528029446772/ detail specs Gecko Models 1/35th Scale Austin K2/Y Heavy Ambulance Katy and
  8. Yes you need the right type of Distributors, there are some good ones in the UK who are not greedy and some that are Greedy Piggy's or could not distribute themselves out of a paper bag. Not blowing our own trumpet but, all the distributors buy at the same price ( may be a discount for buying in bigger numbers), so we try to keep the UK RRP same as the USA and Far East, if you take off the UK Vat at 20% If you buy our products generally from overseas what we import, you generally save sod all after shipping and importing cost, ours comes a little late but are just as c
  9. Distribution Distribution Distribution when will they ever learn, going though a retailer in a country and not a distributor who's mission is to get as many kits into the stores at a reasonable price is how it works. Good Brands poor distribution. Like a poster states who next,
  10. Could be some un happy folks if what I am hearing is true, that like the Beaufort it could be a Corporal Jones ( rationing his meat) and stores not getting what they ordered. I have been told already it could be split between June and August ( we do not get ours direct but from a wholesaler (sub distribution) But we will have enough to clear our pre-orders.
  11. HOBBY MASTER DIECAST 1/72 RAF EUROFIGHTER TYPHOON HA6650 Recently arrive the new tool Hobby Master Diecast RAF Eurofighter FGR4 12 Sqn https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/product/hobby-master-1-72-eurofighter-typhoon-fgr4-zk361-12-sqn-raf-ha6650/ https://www.facebook.com/TigerHobbiesLimited/photos/pcb.4349801715052738/4349800971719479/ Also Hobby Master 1/72 F-15E Strike Eagle Mi Amigo Steel City Eagle https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/product/hobby-master-1-72-f-15e-strike-eagle-mi-amigo-sheffield-flypast-ha4522/
  12. Tiger Hobbies sent out to our retailer all the SWS48-11 F4 EJ KAI, but did not send out the free spook tin pin badge, worth about 5p So if your life is in a spin due to the fact you do not have your free tin badge, do not fret, please contact your retailer and they will send you one out. Any SWS48-11 ready to go out will have their spook badge, Hope to see some of you sporting them on face book Toodle Pip Ps in future all our traders will be informed we will not be bringing badges and trinkets, with the kits, if you are one those who
  13. ZOUKIE MURA SWS48-11 1/48 Phantom II F4EJ Kai Special Retirement Markings Finally arrived After being paid for Mid Jan 2021, leaving on a ship 02 Feb 2021, the SWS48-11 finally arrived at Tiger Hobbies on the 7 May 2021 We held back our limited retail stock until all our trade pre-orders were sorted and sent to retailers, and the chance of the retail pre-orders to take up their orders. We have 5 left for our general retail sale but these are the last we have https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/product/zoukei-mura-1-48-f-4ej-kai-phantom-ii-phantom-for
  14. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/?s=INFINITY+MODELS
  15. Ho for the plans of Mice and Men, we have just been informed that the shipping lines have cancelled every sailing from Hong Kong and China until the 01 May 2021. Not as much as a San Pan will be leaving, this is due to the problems caused by the Container ship in the Suez Canal, even though it is clear the back log is a massive problem. We will now get a full 40 foot container on or about the first week in June.
  16. Tiger Hobbies have a large number of loads waiting shipping space in Hong Kong. We have managed to consolidate all our outstanding goods into two containers so they will arrive may be a week apart. Load one will have the following RYE FIELD MODELS VERYFIRE MODELS GECKO MODELS LOAD TWO MODELCOLLECT ( WHAT THEY OWE US AT LAST) once this is in and processed we will look at new products from this company later in 2021 HOBBY MASTER (DIECAST) CENTURY WINGS (DIECAST) GREAT WALL HOBBY These loads should g
  17. Free shipping on Tiger Hobbies Website is now £30.00, under that it is £2.95 We have also looked at all items we can send by large letter such as decal sheets, small tools and smaller models, ( that can be sent under 25mm deep) these have their own shipping cat and it is £1.00
  18. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/?s=TRUMPETER+1%2F200 Scharnhorst RRP £329.99 Tiger Price £269.99 Save £60.00 Bismarck RRP £299.99 Tiger Price £249.99 Save £50.00 Enterprise RRP £299.99 Tiger Price £249.99 Save £50.00
  19. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/?s=HOBBYBOSS+INVADER
  20. TIGER HOBBIES WEBSITE CAN NOW TAKE SECURE CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS In the past we could only take Paypal payments but now you have the option for Credit Card Payments https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/product-category/plastic-kits/
  21. At this time the RAF have a total of 675 Aircraft of all types and including those in storage and reserves and includes 179 Grob Tutors, so not a lot. This number does not include AAC, RN and other Establishments including Test and Development, Link to the info https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_active_United_Kingdom_military_aircraft There are 171 Aircraft slated to be got rid of by 2025, but this Gov is strapped for cash expect them removed quicker, so this defense cut if getting rid of about 25% of all RAF Airframes, in percentage terms possible the wo
  22. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/?s=HOBBY+2000+NEW These include 2 x 1/48 Stuka's 2 x 1.72 F111 and 2 x HE-111 I will update a list of retailer once the orders come in
  23. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/?s=HOBBY+2000+1%2F48 Also the new 1/72 P47 and ARADO 234 also arrived https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/?s=HOBBY+2000+1%2F72
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