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  1. Lovely work! A favourite aircraft of mine.
  2. Lovely stuff. Used to work next door to the Jags at Lossiemouth. Marvellous build!
  3. Had a similar problem with some after market decals. I used Humbrol matt cote and it caused the decals to dissolve.
  4. Very nice job! You've obviously got the gift of steady hands. Very well done!
  5. Nice P3. Different aircraft than I've seen on here before. How long did she take to build?
  6. That looks great! Not an was kit to build Imo. You've done a splendid job! Group photo definitely called for.
  7. Wikipedia.... Try searching wiki for that particular squadron....
  8. Fantastic work. I have only ever done one 1/48 kit. Your Hurri has me thinking about moving up a scale.
  9. That looks great! No matter that its OOB....really nice looking build.
  10. Lovely work. All of them look great! I didn't realise the Blenheim was used as a fighter....i like it a lot!
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