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  1. Hi everyone! I didn't post here long time ago, but it doesn't mean I don't have some progress! Here are some photos, first ones made after airbrushed the primary (Humbrol #1), last two ones after the painting! But still lot to do! Thanks for watching, cheers!! Matyi from Hungary
  2. Hi there, So last weekend I've got some time for making this project. Cutting off the parts and making some scratch building Hope you like it!
  3. No words needed...unbielivable! I especially like the imaginative base! Congrats, Matyi from Hungary
  4. Hi guys! Let me show you one o my older plane. It was a really quick building out of the box, with some scratchbuilding just for fun! Hope you like it, thanks for watching! Matyi from Hungary
  5. Hi, Absolutely great job!!! Cheers, Matyi
  6. Hi Andy! Just for fun, right? One of the best P-51 I've ever seen! Great job and perfect photos! Cheers, Matyi
  7. Hi there, My next project will be a wrecked bf 108 in 1/48 scale. The originally one is owned by Jacques Strübi, a french collector in the 1980's. I'm lucky, because I contacted with him last year and sent me more photos about the plane. He had to sell it in 1983 to a person in Königswinter. We don't know too much about the future of this plane. So here it a picture about a plane: (copyrighted by Jacques Strübi) As you can see, It's not even a plane, so there will be some massacre before the building. I was thinking about to buy the detail set of the CMK, but does it neccesary? No, it's
  8. Wow, Thank you gentlemen or the kind words! I used 0.3 mm tin wire. It's really flexible and easy to use. Yes, there was a picture to use for the basic idea, but i don't find it. On the photo there was a cart with horses and some civilians, but i don't wanted too many subjects on the dio so i left them. Kecskemet is about 330 km far away from me, one o the hottest city of the country. I am living in Fonyód. But in Kecskemet there is a famous airshow beside the city. Check their website: http://airshowinfo.hu/en/index.htmlI guess the next show will be in 2016, if you or your freind in
  9. Thank you! Yes, I used the SBS's cockpit, with them painting scheme. I didn't even think about it that it can be wrong, so... I hope you understand, but i not able to repaint it. But thanks for the notice!!!
  10. Hi all, I am new on this forum and this diorama is my biggest work, so far. The basic kits were the Hasegawa's old bf 109E and the Tamiya reissued Opel Blitz. During the building I used a lot of PE and detail sets, such as Eduard, Part, Hauler, SBS Model! Hope you like it! Thanks or watching! Cheers, Matyi from Hungary
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