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  1. Thank you all for your comments, were two jobs where I did a lot of research and documentation, the wings of the Barracuda have been a challenge, for the swordfish I used the old airfix because I had already started, instead of the beautiful new model that I'm planning to achieve it in the version of the attack on Taranto. a salute to all the hot Italian Marco
  2. for Barracuda I used photo etched the Airwaves interior scratch and redone trolleys brass
  3. This is a tribute to the two planes that participated in the attack of the two German battleships. The Barracuda is in the 72 special hobbies, swordfish at 72 is the old airfix. for Barracuda I made a piece of the deck of HMS Victorious who participated along with the HMS Furious operation Tungsten. for Swordfish I represented on the deck of HMS Ark Royal
  4. here in Italy is very hot, but as promised I made new photos sorry I must have done qualque trouble with the initial photos
  5. great work of self, I realize trains brass and welding use a liquid solution based on tin that is normally used to weld the SMD. I will follow with great interest a greeting Marco
  6. Thank you all, the model is finished I hope it was to your liking, the next hello Marco
  7. I found two interesting photos to set the model, in both there are two stands used for the maintenance of trucks and alignment arms, I found the original designs of the stands with the measures to reduce in scale, to the back I decided to reproduce the scene working with bins photos used only for discussion modeling
  8. Thanks to all, just the temperature will be more acceptable will realize new photos
  9. thanks Rob !!, now the model is finished and I have to set it
  10. ciao Renzo , gran bel lavoro , il metallizzato è molto reale e il blu è spettacolare ciao Marco
  11. engines are spectacular, beautiful choice to realize the engine mount, great job congratulations
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