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  1. Thank you for all the positive comments guys. Much appreciated :)
  2. For a second model that is brilliant stuff! You can be super proud of that build. I can only imagine what your future models will look like if you continue like this. Museum quality stuff soon!
  3. I will be watching your Cheetah D with interest! You are right, it is not an aircraft you see that often. I have the "C" version in 1/48 waiting to be tackled as part of a conversion kit from a Mirage III. Scaleworx resin models in Cape Town does make some good conversion sets for these birds.
  4. Nice build. Crisp and clean. Looks like a great kit
  5. This is my latest from the workbench. I found the Airfix kit excellent and right up there with the best in the market at a fraction of the cost. It also gives you the option of three different "Emils" including the one flown by Adolf Galland. (This subject has probably been built to death but I still like finishing models in the colour schemes of famous aces.) For painting I used a combination of Humbrol and Revell Acrylics. Weathering was done with an oil wash of Burnt Umber as well as some grinded chalk pastel and silver pencils and paints. I know it is not 100% correct as it is missing the swastika on the tail but I am still waiting for the aftermarket decal in the post. This is basically an OOB build as it stands Kudos to Airfix for a wonderful kit, highly recommended.
  6. Stunning model! Beautiful finish you achieved there! Airfix kits have come a long way during the last couple of years, they really are up there with the best again with some of their models and this one looks like one of them. Definitely on my build list as well.
  7. That is out of this world! Brilliant model and photography.
  8. That is quite a remarkable finish you achieved there! Brilliant job on the painting and weathering. Everything is so subtle and super detailed. Makes my builds look very average.
  9. Ian that is an absolute work of art! a Model of the highest quality and a real beauty. This build of yours really inspired me to save my 747 from the shelf of doom and get cracking again. Excellent work!
  10. Hi Cliff. It's not quite as simple as just chopping the two sections, but not far off either. Everyone told me it will be a nightmare and should not be attempted and to rather get the Ozmods conversion. However with some careful planning it really is not that bad. When you chop just make sure you would be able to move the wing fairings backwards and that they are still usable after the chop. Otherwise you will just need to construct your own.
  11. Some progress made during the weekend. I managed to join all the fuselage pieces together, moved the wing fairings backwards in the correct position, filled and sanded smooth. I also got some work done on the nose. It is still not a 100% Boeing nose, but getting there slowly but surely. The wings have also been re-scribed as the kit comes with raised panel lines and I also did some work on the oval shape of the engine. (Still not 100% as well) http:// http:// http:// http://
  12. After browsing through all these wonderful builds on the group build I thought I would have a go myself as well. So the kit is the 1/144 Airfix Boeing 727-200 model which will be converted to the 100 model as SAA only operated the 100 series. I will be using the F-decal sheet and also ordered some aftermarket resin wheels from Brengun. http:// At first I thought it would be a tough task seeing that a lot of cutting and moving had to be done to make it into a 100 model. Got some side view plans of the internet and started chopping. http:// Glued the halves together and had a quick dry run of how it will look more or less. As you can see, plenty of filling and sanding required on this one. http:// More to follow shortly
  13. Beautiful model Mike! Love the colour scheme as well. Saw her sister ship ZS-BMH fly last weekend here in Pretoria, it really is a thing of beauty.
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